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  1. Well, what got me thinking about it was creative uses of aether. I've been interacting with a DRK who uses aether in ways I don't believe are justified by the lore. This has included being able to hear aether, and shape it into functional appendages that serve support roles when faced with issues that otherwise would involve teamwork or risk. It's such a frequent occurrence I'm debating how to address it with them, because in function, it seems that they have a solution to every problem, often at the expense of allowing other members their time to shine.
  2. I'm not too sure where to draw the line on this. How much support in the lore is needed for something to be lore bendy as opposed to breaky?
  3. So I'm in a dark/mature FC and most of us are essentially specialists and contract killers. It's a nice group of people and I enjoy it very much. We do have two members whose characters have gotten married and are now both expecting children. In my experience RPing, I had always avoided having kids IC since it was always difficult for me to roleplay knowing that I would virtually always have a new very high priority in everything. For some people, getting married and having a family is a big achievement and I understand that! That being said, I think these characters in my FC do still want to RP, but just aren't seeing how when in theory they would need to be around their infant fairly constantly. Both of them seem fairly sparse now that their characters are well along. I'd be happy to throw situations at them to keep things interesting, but I'm just not sure how to really help them want to keep playing their characters. I'm also a little new to RP over video games with this many characters and don't know much about this topic. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or experience in this that can help in making sure these players don't feel trapped by their decision. Thanks in advance! Edit: Thanks for the responses! I should clarify, I am an officer of our FC and addressing the issue of two separate couples feeling stalled in their RP due to their pregnancies. All four of these members do still want to play, but are in a lull. Anything I would bring in to change things up and give them fresh content would of course be discussed with them OOC beforehand! I understand this is not my responsibility, but as long term members and friends I don't mind helping them brainstorm possible routes for their characters going forward.
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