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  1. I want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to give me their opinions on this particular subject. I realize that it's a rather tricky thing to deal with and having all these different viewpoints will no doubt help in the long run of trying to make this event a better and more enjoyable place for people to show off their characters. Again, I can't thank you all enough for the contribution.
  2. Hello everyone! Due to some of the feedback that we've gotten, alongside some of the responses ICly that have occurred, a question has popped up inside of my head. When it comes to tournaments of magic, at what point would you draw the line? To put it bluntly: And what point do you tell someone "No, you can't do that. It's not normal. People won't like you." As some of you may or may not know, I help to run the current magic tournament: "The Magus Invitational" where the original Runestone used to be. I won't lie to you and say that we're not a copy. Yes, to a degree we are. We have our similarities due to the structure in which it operates, but we also have our differences as well. However, that's not the discussion I was hoping for nor the question I was hoping you'd all be kind enough to answer for me. I've watched people, ICly, berate the tournament and what is allowed in it. (The type of magic) Already magic tournaments are not nearly as popular as melee ones. Why that is? Honestly, I wish I knew. Hopefully someone might be able to pop up with an answer for that? Pretty please? Now, I understand that IC does not immediately translate to OOC. Please do not misunderstand me as to think that I'm treating them as one and the same. I say this because I have been told by multiple people that they enjoy the magic tournament and want to see it continued simply because this type of fighting is so rarely seen. They want a place where their magic characters can go and show off, but those same people have to run the risk of being ICly degraded or becoming the center of a witch hunt just because they are trying to be expressive, imaginative, and creative with the magic they display. Before I start to just ramble on: Please, I'd like to know your thoughts about magic and magic tournaments in this game. The point at which you begin to say "No, that isn't right" to an idea about magic that is, by its very nature, boundless in its possibilities.
  3. I suddenly like my free company and I were just giving away things for free when we ran our bar. Since the average drink was only ever like 6 gil. >.
  4. [align=center]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/179257278308810752/409199714840608768/NeruFeatherstride.w1.png?width=377&height=450[/img][/align] [align=center]Neru Featherstride has retained her place as champion for the second week in a row![/align]
  5. [align=center]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/179257278308810752/409199714840608768/NeruFeatherstride.w1.png?width=377&height=450[/img][/align] [align=center]Meet Neru Featherstride, a somewhat mysterious woman capable of great feats and the Week One Victor of the Magus Invitational![/align]
  6. The event starts in one hour! We are looking forward to all who take part!
  7. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you to everyone who came out tonight! We really can't thank you enough! We hope you all had a wonderful time and hope to see you all again next time for our Halloween celebration!
  8. The masquerade is tomorrow night! 7 P.M. EST Looking forward to see all of you who attend!
  9. Just a week away, everyone! Hope to see you all there!
  10. Thank you! Sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it but, hopefully you'll be able to make it to our next event!
  11. 2nd Update: The awesome artist Wanderpus will be hosting her stream during the event as well! So feel free to attend to have the chance to win a free sketch done of your character! Also, a small adjustment to the day that it will be happening. It will now take place on the 1st of September to avoid any conflict of schedules for people and the Grindstone or other events.
  12. Bump for updated information! More to come in the future!
  13. It does not! ^.^ You're welcome to come dressed in anything you like!
  14. [align=center]~~~ The cool sea air drifts in from the Rhotano Sea and washes over the many houses that decorate The Mists. Lanterns and fireworks decorate the sky above the ivory sand as laughter and music fills everyone's ears. ~~~ [align=left]The Obsidian Vanguard is hosting its first realm wide event! All are welcome and we hope that you come to join in on the festivities! A wonderful and mysterious masquerade hosted by an unknown group for the benefit of the masses! (ICly, The O. V. will not the hosts of the event. We simply want everyone to come meet up and have fun. ^.^) When: September 1st, 2017 at 7 P.M. EST Where: The beach in ward 9 Anyone and everyone is welcome to come! if there's anyone who would like to perform or to promote their own FC, please, feel free to let me know and I'll glad update this post to reflect that. We're hoping to make it a lovely memory for all those who attend! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message on here or contact me in-game on Cynric Chafer. If I'm not available: Akeno Asukai or Bibinji Bubunji can be asked as well! P.S. ---We're also recruiting! So if there's anyone out there who's looking for an FC with a focus on RP, feel free to message me about that as well! [align=center]~~~Update!~~~[/align] We'll be raffling off items from the Mogstation throughout the event. Every hour on the hour we'll be holding a raffle for the following items: The Go Go Ranger Posing emote set [align=center] https://secure.square-enix.com/account/content/mogstation/imgs/content/common/shop/item/3956fc8cb393885b4105124048edf2914389c796.png[/img][/align] The Legacy Warrior Attire [align=center] https://secure.square-enix.com/account/content/mogstation/imgs/content/common/shop/item/709b19a090a1ea06eb13e7ab56b478b4d306c5a6.png[/img][/align] The Fuga Attire [align=center] https://secure.square-enix.com/account/content/mogstation/imgs/content/common/shop/item/3933de999d753ed0b164ab34ea553161b4eab2b9.png[/img][/align] The Angel Barding [align=center] https://secure.square-enix.com/account/content/mogstation/imgs/content/common/shop/item/c00f805d62733fc610ceb55c5f828583981f909b.png[/img][/align] The Demon Barding [align=center] https://secure.square-enix.com/account/content/mogstation/imgs/content/common/shop/item/1238fa26b3d5da766dceaf7d8f87f0ec3cc79f7d.png[/img][/align] ♦♦And finally a winner's choice of any one thing they wish!♦♦ [/align] ~~~2nd Update!~~~ We'll be having the wonderful artist, Wanderpus, attending as well! She'll be holding a raffle of her own where you can win a free sketch of your character done by her on her live stream! Below is a link to her Tumblr and her Twitch stream for anyone who would love to take part in that. If you have any questions about this, please let me know! Tumblr: http://wanderpus.tumblr.com/ Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/wanderpus[/align]
  15. Updated! I no longer have the characters I had before and I am now starting anew! So, by all means, message me. ^.^ I'd love to build a story with you!
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