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  1. I'd like to sign up for the 21st ^.^ Renaea can have some adventure.
  2. Also a quick recap of recent events! Upon seeking out the bandits who were purportedly in possession of a soul crystal, it was revealed that such crystal has already been secured by an Elezen woman and 'several gangly looking thugs'. O'rane is seeking out further information, and invites adventurers to seek him out for better equipment and supplies. Upon investigating the murder of a powerful mage, it was revealed his maid had killed him, nullifying his magic! She appears to be part of some strange order of assassins dedicated to maintaining the balance. She has been ca
  3. As the shifting sands of time fall, events proceed apace! Soon, the flames will grow and spread. For now, the time to stoke the embers has arrived! A new storyline aspect has arrived! /Rumors of Twilight./ New important NPCs have been revealed! O'rane Tia, general manager of Treon General Goods Yuki, a strange Au Ra assassin Now accepting Turn Use! Turns remaining: 20 Uses:
  4. A few new leveplates have begun circulation! Friday, 5/18/2018, 10 PM EST I need a few able bodied adventurers to scout out the hideout of some thugs. A long time ago, I sold something I should never have given up, and it made it's way into less then savory hands. This is as far as I've been able to track it thus far. Get in there, and see if you can find any trace of rare goods or crystals, or any sort of paperwork you can find. -A'lera Tristelle 1)Artoria Aldsan 2)Serys 3)Leanne Delphium 4) Reis! Reserve: Anstarra Kal Sunday, 5/20/2018,
  5. I'd like to sign up for B) as Akiko, please.
  6. A new act has appeared! Testing the Aethervore (Monday, February 12th, 2018, 7 pm CST) Akiko, assassin and former friend and foe of the Falling Stars, has turned up again with a surprising revelation. Myarf, the aethervore recovered from the Burning Wall, is alive and well, and has been in her care. In the hopes of counteracting the Nuhn, she seeks adventurers to accompany her in testing the creature's aether draining abilities... On voidsent. "With the coming confrontation, One... I believe we require every last advantage that we can acquire. A mage one was tracking has
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