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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! Honestly thinking it over in terms of time zones and my messy as heck schedule, its gonna be a challenge no matter which server I go to. So its challenge accepted! I will stay in Omega and make my alt on Mateus cause who doesn't like more characters? And I'll be able to see what sever I like best.
  2. Okay so the gist of it is that I live in the worst time zone possible coming from Western Australia (GMT +8) and was looking at gaining some advice on the best RP server for my timezone. I already tried the japanese severs like Tonberry and such but really didn't enjoy my time there due to the lack of rp community and the focus mainly being on raids and level grinding. I have very recently moved to Omega and was wondering if I made the right choice or if one of the other RP severs would be a better choice? Overall my connection to all the data centres appears to be of high connectivity so I'm not fussed which data centre I am in. So if anyone could clear up my confusion and doubt, I will be forever grateful! Thank you!
  3. Hi all! Firstly I go by my pen name Mia but you can also call me by my characters name Kamilli, really I am not fussed what you call me haha. Anyway I am semi-new to MMORPG's, I have played them in the past but none of them have stuck to me like FFXIV. I used to play this with friends but they have long since moved on to other games unlike me who decided to stick around. Overall, I am still a VERY new player so I am still figuring things out as I go along and learning the lore as I go along as well. Although Final Fantasy is not an unknown to me, I have been a bit fan of the franchise for as long as I can remember. As for my RP experience, I have been roleplaying on forums for over a decade and am continuing to do so with my group of friends, privately and publicly. However, when it comes to roleplaying on a MMORPG, I have never done that before so I would love to learn any tricks and tips that you guys have! One that interests me the most is how you guys implement to emote system since that is always interesting to see and watch. And, as you have probably guessed by now my main is Kamilli Highgarden and is so far my only character, and while she is still a work in progress I do have quite a lot planned for her in terms of her backstory and how she became the wanderer and occasional high stakes thief that she is. And of course if you are curious, feel free to message me or reply to this thread and I'll give you as much information as you want while I build her wiki page. Overall the type of role-player I view myself as is flexible. If I rp on discord or ffxiv I try and stop myself from exceeding the word limit as there is nothing worse than pressing enter and realising you have to re-type half your post. However, over forums and google documents my writing is usually between 1000-2000 words, paragraph formatted and in third person. But as much as I would love to share more about my life I do have to run and get ready for work now! I am excited to meet you all and try out the rp scene and what its like on FFXIV.
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