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  1. Hello and welcome to ffxiv and to mateus! Glad to hear youre enjoying it I've no regrets myself about moving to mateus, the people are nice, the rp from what I've viewed is great and the server is growing each day. I've yet to rp myself as building and FC for friends who are witches and vampires alike as well as other things that go bump in the night has kept me rather busy. But alas it's not the destination but the journey to get there that matters most. If another friend is what ya need look me up on mateus our FC is recruiting any non lala's ATM if it seems to suit your fancy just shoot me a msg here or in game Stay awesome, Taranis
  2. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, aah! Unlike you I didn't quit Raid, I'm quite content with my static and FC on my main and still progging and doing the new content, all that. But I definitely want to expand the XIV experience by dipping my toe into RP, something I love anyways. Makes your character and playing your character so much more fun!! I'd love to meet you ingame sometime, and let's be real. Who doesn't need a tank, like, all the time. Heh. AHH! sorry i didn't reply back! I thought i had replied off my ipad one night and hit send but its not actually posted here anywhere so i must've been so tired i maybe closed the window I had just said pretty much that I almost feel bad for quitting a raid team, and not being worthy enough or something along those lines But that i would love to meet you in game as well and will look for ya. but i've been so side tracked w trying to get out new fc furnished and up and running for rp purposes i havent even checked back on this site in a while anyways, I will look for ya in game for sure! maybe we can even get to rp together sometime who knows! =D and though i may not be raid worthy tank i shall all-star those dungeons for ya my bestest! Stay savvy! -Tara
  3. *puts his black leather long coat over you* HAHA Well, maybe now not so naked in the world, and you'll never be alone either in your journey's! as you'll have plenty of friends from here to aid you in your adventures if needed i'm sure oh, forgive me i've forgotten to introduce myself.. I'm Taranis Mor'rioghain. Also new ish to Mateus. About a month ago i too quit endgame raiding and pvp in order to pursue a new adventure! one of RP and fanfic tales It has honestly given me new life into a game i truly love. Though i haven't sadly had much time to test the waters with rp or story writing as i've been rather busy just being me, adventuring, lvling in game and trying to establish myself in general really so that i may enjoy rping a bit more =D anyways...I've maybe rambled on for longer than i should have heh, oops. Mainly wanted to say welcome the forums as well as welcome to Mateus! If you're in need of a tank or just need some general help please feel free to find me and msg me anytime, well so long as i'm online i suppose haha. or msg me here. I do not mind helping at all, and crafting is a side hobby for me if i'm not out an about adventuring. Now...back to reading your fascinating profile! Stay you! -Tara.
  4. Hello and welcome! Your character story seems well put Together and thought out from the times I've been on I don't think it'll be too hard to find what your looking for, best of luck though regardless, and if ya see me around come say hi! I'm usually on weekdays while youre at work but weekends you may see me about
  5. I hope you do find a group to rp with on your server! =D Goodluck! If you're ever on Mateus there's a few of us from the forums here on there that would more than likely love to RP with ya sometime there. I have yet to actually RP, as i just started like 2 weeks ago on mateus and im trying to get myself sorted out there(lvld up and able to make some gil) before i RP so i can afford to have glam's heh. Ive also never RPd in an MMO before so this will be a first, kinda nervous on it, but at the sametime looking forwards to it too =D oh and if you ever start writing stories, let me know! I will be sure i read your adventures.
  6. Imo, this is pretty good I like it. It leaves you with areas where you can either write stories based on your character or have the gaps filled in via rp either off of forums or in game which ever you'd wanna go with. Plenty of room to develop her more as you see fit and enough for readers to get a glimpse of her past. From what I recall from lore this would also be believable.
  7. I will be sure to keep an eye out for ya on Mateus! Welcome \o/ Anna Shepard my in game character is same as my profile name Taranis Mor'rioghain on Mateus. If i can be of any assistance let me know! I'm CST time and usually on in the evenings(cept now cause i took a shift for work in the very early am....)
  8. Hello there! And uh... Welcome back? I'm kinda still new around here myself, but I'll say if you have a character on Balmung it's still a great place to be. But if you are looking for another server I know myself and a few others are on mateus and I can say there is lots of rp there. It's all quite good too from what I've seen so far. Haven't RP'd yet myself as im trying to get myself sorted on that server but I am looking forwards to it! Bryn is another one and also offers the xp buff ATM for new characters leveling up. Hope this helps!
  9. While I may not be on the same server as you I wanna still welcome you to FFXIV it's definitely worth the time investing in playing it. I'm a little new to the MMO RP aspect of the game but I've been playing for almost 2 years myself so if you have any in game questions I can try and help with that. Also if youre ever on mateus or Diabolos let me know and I can tank some dungeons for us to give you better que times if youre a DPS class
  10. Don't worry about jumping right in on some RP if you're a bit nervous about it. I myself have never RP'd in an mmo before. But i have checked out a few taverns in the evenings to watch the rp's take place and its like watching a really good book unfold before you! Mateus is a great server so far. Take your time and jump in whenever you feel you are ready for RP least thats what im doing =D. Starting new on the server myself, so i havent much in ways of establishing myself just yet, so thats what ive personally been working on aside from my characters background story! =D I'm looking forward to friending you and getting to know another friend! woo! =D
  11. Hello! And welcome! I myself am new on mateus but have decided to boost a paladin there and so far I'm enjoying it. Made some good friends and can't wait to make more! If you ever find yourself in need of a tank or new friend it me up! As long as im not occupied I don't mind helping others. It's kinda nice to do so while I'm taking a break from the raid scene.
  12. Thanks, and you too if you see me first hit me with a friend request, but gently please, I tend to bruise easily. Heh, i think i just saw her standing near the markets in Limsa when i had seen her, so she was doing just fine and i will definitely be sure to look for you ingame and add ya! more friends the better
  13. hoping not in a bad way? maybe she's quite the traveller? or world explorer? btw if you would like another friend feel free to add me on Mateus! =D
  14. well better chances at housing is always a good way to look at things! =D
  15. Heh, I've seen you on mateus and thought your name looked familiar to me lol. I shrugged it off cause I thought maybe it's just something common of a name I've seen heh... Well suppose that is one mystery solved for me
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