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  1. That’d be great! I just need your discord @
  2. I’ve never been able to find someone to rp with in game and I’d love to be able to connect with anyone ! Romance is something I’m very drawn to and I’d love to see how my auri girl would develop something special for someone.
  3. Oh okay, I’ll get to work on forming that.
  4. Now that Viera has been confirmed (I’m already obsessed) as a red mage lover and main, I would love advice and help on how a Viera could possibly become a practitioner of red magic!
  5. The man stroked his aged horns and examined the woman as if she were something he could put in a wealthy family’s palms, he finally spoke when she tilted her head a bit to the side in question at the long silence. “I need compensation for another body in my travels young lady” The male paused to stare at the powder blue stone that hung from her neck, the taller pointed to the piece of jewelers and made a motion with his hand that gave the impression he wanted it. Looking down at the necklace, Ayako’s eyes widened as her hand came up to circle around the jewel “This? I can’t give this away-“ she was interrupted by the grunt of the elder “then I cannot take you back to Othard young one.” The woman looked to her feet and with shaky hands, unclasped the chain and held it out “please, take me along.” She flinched when the feeling of a gruff hand snatched the jewel from her pale palm. With a nod and a sigh as he fingered the necklace, Ayako was grabbed by the wrist and led into a small tent by a squat Xaelan woman.
  6. Once the sun had snuck behind the tall mountains and treetops of the twelveswood, the moon had creeped out from its place on the other half of the world to gaze upon the almost silent land. Stuffing a large leather satchel of Gil into her traveling pack, the short woman sighed in relief that when she lifted her head from frantically putting items into the berry colored bag, she saw only old furniture and clean tabletops. Most of the items in her bag was dry meat and fruits with a few outfits she had sewn herself during her time here in the dense forest, the small pouches on the sides were full of the treasures and trinkets she’s collected as well. Maybe the merchants wouldn’t take her along unless they were given something for the weight of another person in their caravan? She didn’t know, but taking this chance to take a not as expensive trip back home to the village under the waves in the Far East was definitely worth losing most of her goods. Only a a few moments later, the pink haired girl was already sprinting along the dirt trail that lead to the little town. Stepping past the wooden beams of the entrance to Quarrymill, the sound of familiar music and loud chatter rang through her skull, in the center of town was a large deep red colored caravan with several men and women in various styles of clothing who not so obviously lured the townspeople into their tents for a varied array of goods and consumables. It didn’t take long for Ayako to recognize the leader of the merchant group, he was adorned in jewelry and had the familiar protrusions of a Xaelan jutting from the sides of his head. Stepping forth and into the line that snaked in several directions in front of the man, the pearl skinned female sighed as she held the bag so close to the dirtied cloth of her shirt. It was her turn. It had only taken an hour or so before she stood in front of the towering male. “Is there something you desire?” His voice was gruff, as was the fine wrinkles that stretched across his pale skin. “Yes! I- uh, are you perhaps by any chance traveling to Othard once your business here is done?” The woman’s voice barely reached him but it was enough for him to process her words “How does this question concern my caravan?” He asked with a furrow of one brow. “I wish to travel home! I did not mean to come here intentionally but it was in the spur of the moment and I’ve been stuck here ever since!” She proclaimed with a stomp to the dirt floor.
  7. Rubbing the soil from out of the creases in her delicate palms, the auri wiped the water from her skin and trudged quietly over to the fireplace. The sirloin has been cooking since she had left to gather the sides and more food for the coming days, reaching in with a clothed hand the pink haired woman brought the meat out and lay it upon a piece of flat wood she used to rub seasonings into said slabs of food. Just as she brought a handful of salt up, a soft but audible knock resonated through the small hut. Wiping her hands of the mineral on the floral tablecloth, Ayako stood from her seat and opened the door to see a couple. They lived across the stream in Quarrymill and would occasionally make the trek to her humble abode to purchase the scented oils and beauty products she hand made from the memory of her mother’s instructions. Handing over the dark red vial to the pair once they gave her the gil required to get it, the Elezen woman smiled “Will you be coming to town this evening?” The pearl skinned woman furrowed her brows in question, the tall elderly woman pocketed the rose scented oil “there is a band of far eastern merchants stopping by to sell their goods and almost everyone who knows of you understands your wish to travel back home.” Ayako’s eyes widened in disbelief at the news “thank you for bringing me this news, I’d never gotten it if you never visited” bidding the pair goodbye, the Auri turned to go and finished the meal she hoped would be last in the place she and her “lover” had built not even a year ago prior to his passing.
  8. A Pearl white palm pushed against the trunk as the other free one had began to pull at the roots of the vegetable, Ayako had finally decided to leave her small hut towards the heart of the East Shroud to go and collect ingredients and items for the stew she had planned for later that evening. Brushing her pink locks to the side, the Raen gave one final tug on the leaves and gasped as the force of the pull caused the girl to tumble to the green grass below her feet and after she had stuffed the unknown plant into her satchel, she had ventured off to the small river that ran along the tavern near Quarrymill. Sitting on a small stone at the mouth of the quiet stream of water the woman watched as the fish swam quickly past her, timing when the next would come upstream Ayako had reached a hand in and grasped a rainbow scaled fish in her small hand and smiled in satisfaction at the size of the animal. After the death of the Xaela man who had brought her to live here in seclusion had passed, the Raen had to adapt quick to a life of seclusion, but a life out of the sea was something she wasn’t prepared for. It took her only two hours before she had reached her little hut that sat behind tall trees for cover, Opening the door Ayako placed the food items on the makeshift table and went to clean herself up before she would set the mats and bowls of Yanxian rice on the dining table the Xaela had made for her as a house warming gift-
  9. If you haven't made it to the Azim Steppe in stormblood, you're in for a fun treat. They're essentially Mongolian inspired and have a lot more lore to them than just being farmers/warriors. Overall, nothing's stopping you from having a civilized Xaela just as you would any other race. At the same time, the oppurtunity to be a tribal Xaela is definitely more popular given what stormblood has brought in terms of immersion. I strongly advise continuing the MSQ, talking to NPC's and maybe even doing a few quests in the Steppe when you get there. You're still free to write a Xaela just about however you want; but as far as tribal cultures go, the Steppe is an excellent source to view first hand if you meant to go that route. I just went through the MSQ as fast as I could so I should probably go back and finish side quests, I watched the Nadaam scene and that's about it sadly. Thanks for the tip!
  10. After readings a bot into their lore and such, I really got into the aspect of them being farmers but also warriors and nomads and I don't know but that really grasped me if that makes sense ??
  11. I'm ashamed to say this is my second thread in a row but I just recently switched to a Xaela and I am COMPLETELY lost in what I should draw from for her new backstory because she's a dark horned lady now.
  12. Thanks! And from what I've gathered here on Jenova after 2 years, I've never seen RP around whatsoever so maybe. Also good luck to you with your stuff!
  13. Imo, this is pretty good I like it. It leaves you with areas where you can either write stories based on your character or have the gaps filled in via rp either off of forums or in game which ever you'd wanna go with. Plenty of room to develop her more as you see fit and enough for readers to get a glimpse of her past. From what I recall from lore this would also be believable. Thank you, now all I have to do is find a group to do this with on my server.
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