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  1. So, I'm Q-Bit, hello! I'm not certain how far down this rabbit hole I'm going, but, if nothing else, I love talking lore and character building, so I should have a decent time here. I'm not really huge into MMOs, unless like, Xenoblade counts??? But I have played a few and FFXIV is a good time. As for RP experience, that really depends on what you're willing to count. Back in high school I did a bunch of RP on deviantArt (dark times), but nowadays I mostly draw comics and the like. My primary character, Law, is supposed to be a former Garlean. I'll probably be posting about him in the Character Workshop soon. I found the site pretty easily, I think I was searching for info on the different ethnic groups of Hydaelyn or something. As for how much I'll be RPing, depends how well it goes, I guess. Oh, my character's on Jenova, because I created him ages ago without RP in mind. I doubt it'll be a problem given World Visit, though.
  2. Hello everyone reading this I've been playing FFXIV for quite some time now, and I've always been interested in the RP aspect of the game. I haven't roleplayed very much, but I would like to dive right into it and meet some people as well. I play a male Raen Au'a, called Rino. I'm open for Linkshells or Discord, also I'm open to any kinds of rp. Hope to hear from you guys
  3. Hi all! Im SqeeGee, my character is usually Millicent. I've been searching EVERYWHERE for a place to RP on FFXIV. Every place they say to go is shut down, so my character is in Jenova right now. I'm always looking for RP in there, I would love to try it out. So a few pointers, or guidance in the right direction would be great! Nice to meet you all!
  4. Feel free to ask questions if there is anything about him you'd want to know that I dont have listed below Full Name: Apollo Brynhilder Nickname(s): "That Idiot" Age: 24 Sex: Male Race:Vierra* * Male Vierra have been confirmed by the creators but they will not show up in any cutscenes in their plans, As it is this means in game Apollo will appear as a female, obviously, but when I make personal art of him or manage to get refs, he will be male 100% in body and mind. Birthday: 10th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon Height: 5'10" Weight: 201 lbs Personality: Quiet and compasionate but always 100% ready to punch a primal in the face, cannot turn down a dare and you would never guess with his blank face but he loves to cause trouble and instigate shit Appearance: Generally short pink or blonde hair, he changes it so often, tan skin and amber eyes (things are subject to changes when I get the Vierra accessed but in general these attributes are staying) Scars or other markings:Scar across his nose and right cheek Deity: Menphina Orientation: Homosexual Marital status: Single Occupation: Traveling Trouble Maker and Primal Fighter, really he just likes to stick his nose into Garlean business Hobbies and interests: Collecting masks and accesories, sewing Brief Bio: I am keeping it vague right now as I do plan to flesh it out more when the Shadowbringers content drops and I get more in game lore about the Vierra, as It is i'll likely have it be that while being vierra he is native to one of the three main cities for ease, either because he was taken or his parents simply traveled to that place and settled down, as it is he is currently an only child, I do not mind adding in family if anyone is ever interested, his parents are dead and he travels on his own right now, simply going place to place and doing what he can to make it a bad day for bad people. Character's quote: “Sometimes there is nothing more soul healing than punching a Primal or a Garlean in the face, go out and do it today, healers orders~”
  5. Hello, I'm not 100% sure how a really proper introduction goes but I'm giving this a shot. I'm God Snack and don't mind being called Snack or Red. This is my first time trying to do something like this but I really want it to work. Since starting FFXIV i've loved the lore and the world and my dumb character that gets to run around and just mess it all up. I'm hoping I can make good friends here and find new rp partners for my latest obsession, also really hoping I make too much of a fool of myself. My first MMORPG was Tera and while I do still enjoy the game FFXIV has taken a big art of my life and time, I've not played any other Final Fantasy game up until now and since getting XIV i've started trying Zodiac Age since that just came out I've been solo 1 on 1 rp's and large group based ones for almost 10 years now and will admit I have a lot more comfort in 1 on 1. I will admit I would prefer to rp off game and on a website like this or better through discord but I would not cmpletely turn down an rp over that My main Character that I've semi worked up a bckstory for is Apollo Brynhildr, a Astrologian who can't help but fight like a front line DPS idiot and loves to just mess up a Primal for fun in his off hours (I think I've fantasia'd him like 3 times already and right now his in game body is a female au'ra because Vierra will be female only and when I spend money on costume and cosmetics I'd rather 'he' already be able to wear them. No matter his in game look he will always be male though, since the creators have confirmed there ARE male vierra, they just will not be showing up in any scenes) Not gonna lie, I pretty much googled FFXIC oc template and it blessedly led me to this site, I really hope this works for me and I can make new connections and friends I am a medium to heavy roleplayer, at most given times I have 2-3 rp's continuing on daily, mainly in discord since group sights have kind of made me nervous, I will r anything from light fluff to heavy smut and violence but if it involves a pairing it's always 100% Homosexual, i'm sorry if that bothers anyone in any way In my real life I am going on 26, I don't want to hide my age and have it be a surprise for younger rpers, I work at a local gas station in the morning hours so from 6 am to 3-4 i'm offline and cannot respond. I tend to be online every night unless im on a trip out of town or spending the night out, i do try to give my rp partners heads up for this so they don't think i'm flaking I'm not sure what else to put, feel free to respond here or anything, I would love some feedback and suggestions for getting started. I am part of a free company already and do not plan to join any new ones Also my refs of my main character will be slightly older screenshots of when he was an Elezen and as of right now that is his base look until the vierra are playable and I can officially edit some things, for the most part his traits are always, tan, pinkish hair, gold/ember eyes, facial scars. I do like to draw so even with his in game look coming up to a change I'll make a fully official pic of him soon My discord is God-Snack #8544 feel free to add me but please let me know your user name and that you are adding me from this site
  6. Hey everyone! So I'm not that new to FF14 (off and on since Heavensward) but I am 100% new to roleplaying. My wife got me interested in the glamour game not too long ago and one thing lead to another so here I am. I'm an old WoW refugee and big on adventuring but I haven't roleplayed in a very, very, very long time. I'm hoping I can find some resources on how to properly do it or someone I can talk to. I'm on Jenova and am 100% ready and willing to learn this side of the game, it looks really cool!
  7. Realm: Jenova FC Name: Golden Arcana Tag: <Gold> Leader: Orianna Chant Type: Heavy RP FC Active Times: 4PM - 3 AM EST Headquarters: Ward 32, Plot 7 Mist Application: Discord or In-Game Discord: DM for Discord information Introduction Home to the Eorzean socialites, monetarists, and upper echelons of the great cities, The Golden Arcana provides a place of luxury, entertainment, and cover for the wealthy and their illicit activities. Within the mist perched high above the Seagaze markets, the ritzy nightclub can be found bustling with activity. One can find the place with ease following the sound of music and and ebb and flow of patrons that flock to the venue. To the people who work the Arcana, this place is family. A home to those who have none, where the excitement never dies out. It’s early morning closing just a pause in the rhythm but never the end to their endless charade. One seeking business in the arcane, procurement in mage stones, illegal relics, arcane learning and alchemy can find their needs met here by the varied members who call this place home. OOC Golden Arcana is run by adults. It's a casual RP heavy FC. We're newly formed, and while our members do participate in content, we're more focused on story telling than content. Our story telling tends to take a darker route, we touch upon topics of a darker nature. At the same time, we also have plenty of light-hearted and bonding moments, but as an FC who's premise is operating at times on the other side of the law. Our company is filled with characters that tend to be on the medium to low power end spectrum. We are not gods, we are not an unstoppable force and we more than likely would not be a good home for characters of that nature. All members have a say and place in advancing our FC's story. We make an effort to include and take into account what everyone can bring to the table for plots both fc wide and personal. Also to note is we do not having a "ranking system" all roles that are not Lead or Adviser share the exact same rank privileges. They are separated by 'jobs' within the Arcana. RULES The Golden Rule: Be kind, be patient, be considerate. Remember that behind the characters are real people. Not everyone will get along, but arguments must be handled gracefully. No harassment or racial slurs will be tolerated within the company. Do not share other member's personal information and do not harass members for personal information. Remember to have fun and it is alright to say no if you are no longer having fun. This is a community and our goal is to enjoy what we do! This FC allows mature discussion topics but please remember to take all NSFW writing and chat to private channels. What are we looking for in characters? The Arcana is open to most types of characters however here is a brief rundown of roles we would love to see characters take on within our FC, Performers, Mages (Of all specialties), alchemists, void specialists, scholars, enchanters, dungeon delvers, and transporters.
  8. Hi there! My boyfriend and I are both long-time WoW RPers and we're looking to get into FFXIV RP! I've played FFXIV for quite some time now, but he's still fairly new and we were looking for recommendations regarding the least populated- but still active- RP server for NA. I've heard a lot of talk of Jenova and currently, that's where we're looking of going. We're both on Ultros and really have just struggled to connect and interact with other RPers on a more serious sort of level. Meme-y RP is fun and all but...there comes a point when I'd like to just get back to my more serious IC roots. What recommendations on Ultros do you have, if any? Are there any Linkshells/FCs/Discord(s) we should try to connect to? Is Jenova a fairly reliable source for RP? What about housing there? What does that currently look like? Much gratitude to everyone in advance!
  9. Hello there! It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm a touch new to the RPC scene, but I've been an active Role-Player for many years.~ I'm looking forward to getting to meet some new friends here! My MMORPG background I've been an active MMORPG player for many years, my first experience being in Everquest.~ Although I didn't actively start Role-Playing until I moved onto World of Warcraft, haha! That was an interesting time. Spending a few years there, I finally moved onto Tera. I was hooked, and actively got into the community there, although after a few years there it became a bit toxic, so I sadly had to leave that place. I still go back from time to time, but it's more along the lines of casual player now.~ RP experience Let's see...I've been an active role player for many years, and I mostly started with basic emoting in various games. It lead from there to typing via old Yahoo stuff (if that's even remembered), and from there I've slowly advanced forward. At this point, I'm now advanced literate multi-para (who mostly types via Facebook/Tumblr posts, primarily Facebook but I'll also do discord) out of game, and in game I'll spend plenty of time replying and enjoying the scene created by me and my role playing partners.~ Character ideas/info My only character so far (that is finished) is a Miqo'te named Alabaster D'venoese, a Red Mage main after picking up the Rapier and discovering this once Astrologian main could do more than just heal! He's a bit of an eccentric during battle, enjoying a bit of a flare and dramatics to his skills but when the sword is down and away he can be a bit of a reclusive. Named commonly as a 'Stray' of sorts, Alabaster spends his time just wandering the realm free lancing anything he can to just keep his days busy and mind occupied after a recent loss of his husband. I'll leave the rest up to the player to see more about my boy.~ How did you learn about the coalition? I learned about it through a friend! I've no idea if they are actually active here, but after spending some time saying hello and making a peek here and there, I finally got t he courage to post something here! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I'm quite comfortable at the kind of role-player I am. Of course, I'm open to all kinds of tips or any advice and expansive knowledge for new stuff! Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I'm pretty open about most stuff, if asked. I work usually on the weekends, and after that I'm just home online working on Eureka or just sitting playing with my kitten, Sweetiebelle. So feel free to give me a message, ask for my Discord or Facebook if you want to Role-Play with me! Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a lovely time!
  10. Title basically says it all, I'm in an active FC and I love all the members dearly but not a single soul role plays. Feel free to add me and send me a tell to see if we're a good RP match! Cassmerized Ai.
  11. With the new server segregation making it so Balmung and Mateus frands will be unable to visit the rpers on Jenova anymore. I want to throw out for people who will be remaining on Aether and looking for rp there. Also with my rp partner on Jenova splitting, I wanted to find some new connections for my characters. Message me if you're interested, the community on Jenvoa is growing and we're all very friendly and accepting of anything people want to do story wise. Orianna Chant -25, Miqo Sun Seeker [Doman Born] -Recently broken engagement -Monetarist, owns the Golden Arcana Nightclub with her Twin Arisato. -Looking for fellow Performers, security, procurers of illicit reagents/relics/magic. Arisato Masha -25, Miqo Sun Seeker [Doman born] -Ex Slave/Pit fighter -Helps run the Golden Arcana -Seer/Fortune Teller Irrion Nunh -27, Miqo Sun Seeker [Limsa born] -Ex Pirate/Slaver -Freelancer Yukiko Kahkol -23, Xaela -Lives in the steppes with the Kahkol -Helps refugees and those in need Shinjiro Kaisuiri -29, Raen [Doman] -Yakuza Brooklyn Fields -18, Midlander -Street rat, pure trash panda -Works at Cafe Carnations when not banned for insulting customers
  12. Making your way through the general tableau of dockworkers and seafarers in the Drowning Wench, one figure seems to stand out among the lot. An elezen woman of sun-baked skin sits alone at a table tucked near one of the pub's walls, wrapped in a clean and carefully fitted dark grey robe. Her short, black-brown hair is styled with tight braids to one side and tousled tresses at the other. Her gloved hands gently wrap around a small metal mug, fingertips lightly tapping out a gentle rhythm to a song that only she can hear. As you approach, her eyes don't appear to react as they stare into the middle distance. You see her lips just barely moving, sounding out words that are not quite audible. As you seat yourself, the woman's trance breaks with a blink of her eyes and a small shake of her head. Her gaze turns to you and her inward muttering stops, her lips forming into a quaint, small smile of greeting. Hello there, RPC! I am Aufiene (or Aufy for short) and I'm here to announce my arrival. The character described above is Aufiene Dechambere, an Astrologian woman who REALLY likes looking into the future and planning ahead. As you can guess, she often can get lost in her own mind of calculations, possibilities and potential outcomes as she tries to chart her way through life with maths and magic. That's kind of about the general gist of her character for now, and I'm hoping that she can make some friends to form a more cohesive story. I play on Jenova by requirement; I would have preferred Balmung but I understand that server's population has been sealed up vacuum-tight and so I'm hoping I can make some Jenovan connections. Hence why I''m here, as I mentioned before. Gameplay-wise, I am not new to XIV overall but am new to the AST class. What I have played, however, has been extremely fun and so I want to flesh Aufy here out more as well as maybe grow with friends in both ability as well as power. I have chugged the 60 and story boosts and I've still got the Stormblood stuff to work through, but I hope that won't be a deterrent. Thanks for taking the time to read this smol intro and I hope to get to know some folks in-game and otherwise.
  13. THE BASICS –––– NAME: Trishelle Kimishima AGE: 25 RACE: Lalafell ETHNICITY: Plainsfolk/Dunesfolk mix GENDER: Female SEXUALITY: Straight SERVER: Jenova PHYSICAL APPEARANCE –––– Short red hair with black highlights Caramel-colored skin Long nails that resemble claws Most noticeable by her bright red glasses PERSONAL –––– PROFESSION: Bookstore/Pharmacy owner, baker, traveling healer HOBBIES: studying, traveling, baking, gardening, knitting BIRTHPLACE: Ul’dah FEARS: insects, the dark, drowning, loneliness TRAITS–––– extroverted / introverted /in between disorganized / organized /in between close minded /open-minded/ in between calm/ anxious / in between disagreeable /agreeable/ in between cautious/ reckless/ in between patient/ impatient / in between outspoken / reserved /in between empathetic/ unemphatic / in between optimistic / pessimistic /in between traditional/ modern / in between hard-working / lazy / in between cultured / uncultured /in between loyal/ disloyal / in between faithful/ unfaithful / in between WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR–––– ■ Friends, potential business partners, fellow healers, fellow bakers, etc. OOC/Mun Stuff–––– I’m an RPer with social anxiety. Do with that what you will. I work full-time, but at least get Fridays off, with another day off that fluctuates. I’m ok with all RP that doesn’t involve permanent character dismemberment or worse, death. HOOKS–––– Traveling Healer: Have an ailment that requires a house call? Out and about traversing the land and would feel more comfortable with a capable healer by your side? Trishnova’s your gal. A Work of Heart: (This is the name of Trishnova’s business) If you happen to be in the Mists and are looking for a cozy bookstore/pharmacy combo, you might happen upon this. Can easily be spotted due to the cherry blossom trees out front. Baked goods: Trishnova loves baking, and can often be seen donating the bread she bakes to different shelters and orphanages. If your house in the Mists just so happens to be near her shop, you will also get a whiff of the sweet treats she might be cooking up next, and she’s more than willing to give food to the hungry. Wild Card: If you have a way that you would meet my character that wasn’t listed in my hooks, I’d love to hear it! YOU CAN CONTACT ME VIA –– Tumblr Messages PM on Hydaelyn Roleplayers In-game on Jenova Discord, but I normally don't give that out until I feel comfortable
  14. Hey everyone! I'm finally getting used to how it is RPing on this server, or at least getting a little bit better, and I'd really like to do a lot more RPing here! I really like it, but I'm also looking for RP partners to help me further immerse myself in the game. I'm not really into writing biographies about my character because I like when things change and adapt to the flow. A couple of things I'm looking for: 1. Romance 2. Adventure! 3. Making close connections with various other RPers! A couple of small rules!:tonberry: 1. No God moding or Power Playing. 2. Combat will be reduced to rolls or /random for fairness 3. I'm looking for an RP partner that gives me more than one sentence, something to work with. 4. Let's discuss plots together! I love planning and moving forward with a story for our characters. 5. Have fun, but be respectful, y'know! 6. I'm not one to have limits solely because I love it for the RP's sake. I like variety! It's the spice of life! I want to be open to some things that you throw at me, but if you have limits that's TOTALLY okay and I respect them 100%, you just gotta let me know first! If ever you see me on Jenova and you'd like to RP, don't be afraid to stop by! I'd love to RP with you guys and I'd love to enjoy the experience! If you have any questions, please let me know! I just hope that if you'd like to proceed with no limits that you're the appropriate age (18+). With that said, I really hope I get to hear from you guys! Asher could really use some new friends and companions along the road. You can contact me by sending me a message in game to "Asher Netherfang" or contacting me through here! Let's travel the road to the Warriors of Light together!
  15. Twice weekly at 5 PM PST, Reclamations United hosts our Open House event, inviting all newcomers, roleplayers, and observers to our estate in the Lavender Beds at Ward 4 Plot 6 for a time of revelry, socialization, and relaxation. Established in-character to encourage friendly business relations with other companies and businesses in the region, the Reclamations Open House has been running for more than two years, and aims to promote not only attention to the company for new members, but also to attract potential contracts for existing members! The Brass Knuckles Fight Club consists of Reclamations' proof-of-concept magitek field, designed to annul and simulate magical effects which occur within its area of effect. In simpler terms, any magic or aetheric manipulation will be simulated instead of actual, preventing harm from coming to those within the boundaries. And, of course, what better way to stress-test the system than to permit myriad adventurers to spar without any limits or restraint, assured that the enhanced Protect barriers of the arena will prevent any injuries more severe than those inflicted by a bare-knuckle moogle boxer. All comers are welcome so long as they remain polite and courteous, at the Reclamations Estate (Lavender W4P6) on Fridays at 5 PM PST for Open House, and at the Reserve Estate (Mist W1P59) on Sundays at 5 PM PST for the Brass Knuckles Fight Club!
  16. Greetings fellow role players of FFXIV! I represent a small but quickly growing community of role players on the Jenova(NA) world. Seeing as not many people looking for a role playing community know we even exist I thought I might come here and let people know about us. We currently have one IC tavern owned and operated be where we plan to hold events and open to public role play. We offer a Link Shell to better communicate with other role players and in the future hope to host many weekly IC and OOC events. So if you are a role player from another realm and want an alt, or if you are new and finding it hard to make a character on the larger more populated realms feel free to join our community on Jenova! Simply look me up in game (Doom Reaver) and I will get you an introduction.
  17. 2 new Players to Server looking to connect with a RP Family.new to FF14 RP but experienced to Rping.. Please message me here or on game at. Tashyu Skyspear.
  18. Having some hard times finding RP partners here on Jenova, so hopefully this helps! Orrick Kane makes a business of stealing back that of which has been unlawfully taken from people. Living in Ul'Dah, this is starting to make a tidy profit for the Hyur. I'm looking for business partners (People to patch his gear back together, create fake items, or just be an information dealer), friends to relax with, or enemies/rivals that he may have hurt or wrong on his way. Orrick is an down-to-earth, straight-faced hyur. He's 5 and a half feet tall, with raggedy green hair, and about 140 pounds. Fidgety, left-handed, and a right menace in the shadows, Orrick Kane has no shortage of customers and marks, but he could always use more allies. Feel free to contact me on here or online if you have an interest in RPing sometime!
  19. [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/YehpW6x.jpg[/img][/align] See Also: Jenova RP Corner (Linkshell) *Note, some locations may also have non-RP'ers present. As usual, ask if IC. ⦿ Games & Social at Ambers Games House. Hosting life-sized chess tournaments in the Goblet. (/tell Lucy Ambers or visit Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 10) ⦿ Bar & Workshops at Reclamation United. Teaching both youth and veterans new Life Skills & Job Training. (/tell Kazarien Zerick, Bhayaar Qestir or visit Lavender Beds Ward 4, Plot 6) ⦿ Dining & Bar at the Elixir Lounge. Hosting and catering events for all social gatherings. (/tell Kurai Ame or visit Lavender Beds Ward 2, Plot 58) ⦿ Private Investigators at Amber Investigations. Finding your missing cat, person or cat person. (/tell Crivar Amber, Lucy Ambers or visit Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 6) ⦿ Ramen Noodle Cafe at Ramuh-Chan Noodle Co. Restaurant specialising in Far Eastern dishes. (/tell D'neve Harclay or visit Mist Ward 6, Plot 6) ⦿ Mog's Realm Tavern at MunBubbles. Restaurant serving Eorzean and other meals. (/tell Maneki Sushi, see http://www.munbubbles.com or visit Lavender Beds Ward 1, Plot 10) ⦿ Library & Lounge at Talion's Tomes. Public library, browse at your leisure. (/tell Talion Baldwin or visit Mist, Ward 12, Plot 33) ⦿ Library & Bar at the Library of Mysteries. Public library. (/tell Cyrillus Invictus or visit Goblet, Ward 2, Plot 27) ⦿ Hall of the Keepers at Keepers of the Oath (/tell Ct Mcclelland or visit Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 12)
  20. Outdated Information: Please refer to The Jenova Server and the Jenova Casual Corner Linkshell, more specifically, are still active and recruiting! The community as a whole has been active and stable for close to a year and a half now, and we've got three linkshells for people to join in order to connect and communicate. We seek to promote wide and active RP on the server, and to provide a friendly environment. Our rules and regulations are fairly simple, and designed to ensure that abuse of power and infighting is limited as much as possible, to ensure that our community remains strong and civil. The Jenova Casual Corner is primarily administrated by Reclamations United, though we accept players from any company that may wish to join. We do not operate on a quota or quality system, and roleplayers of any experience level or skill are welcome. For more information, feel free to check out the links below, or simply to send a /tell to one of the listed players. Linkshell rules and additional information: http://tinyurl.com/jccrules Members to contact: Bhayaar Qestir, Kazarien Zerick (Tilla Reeve), Aliona Inna (Miah Bajhiri), Moira Xanaha. Miscellaneous Info: Active 7 days a week, nearly all times of day. Furnished Lavender Beds Manor with vendors and craft stations. RP focused, without quotas or required logins. We keep EXP boosts up. Current Recurring Events: Reclamations United Open House on Sundays at 5PM PST, at the Lavender Beds, Ward 4 Plot 6. Fight Night! At Goblet Ward 11 Plot 11 (/tell Lei Ashi for information) General open-world RP and pick-up RP whenever requested by members.
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