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  1. The sound of steel versus steel clashing against one another was music to the Miqo'te's ears. Truly, there was nothing better to him than the sounds of battle...well, aside from partaking in it, or perhaps a warm body to warm his own bed at night from time to time. Inhaling deeply of the scent of blood, sweat and clear battle high that littered the air Alabaster D'venoese would step forward when his name was called, head held high and his gaze moving over the crowd. Grinning widely he would bow in a flourish of clear prowess, his stance and posture made all the more colorful by his dual colored hair. Maroon ending with snow white, the right side having twin braids that ended with soft white feathers. Soft locks would frame a handsome face with two scars- one upon his jaw and the other across his right eye. Luckily, it hadn't caused him his loss of sight, but it did leave him with a fairly interesting story involving a Lalafell, two Au Ra, and a very unlucky cat. Sizing up his opponent was a simple matter for him- a Dark Knight it seemed that had been around for some time. Which, was a given, considering this was a man he was hunting anyways. Flashing a fanged grin the Miqo'te would bow properly in greeting to his new sparring partner, drawing his rapier. "Greetings.~ I take it you are know as the Man of the Black Sands? 'Tis said your blood has stained these sands with so much blood they turn black- tell me, is this true? I thought killing was prohibited on these grounds.~" As per usual the mans idle chatter would go on, his voice charming and gentle but still showing that he knew more than he let on. Watching the man before him scowl and set his jaw the Red Mage would laugh loudly, the sound light and cheerful. "Ah! Forgive me, I ramble too much for my own good.~ I shall see for myself if you are who t hey say. Come, then!" A twist of the wrist and ankle and he would launch forward as if lead in by a magic string, swiping his rapier swiftly at the Au Ra before him. Their blades would clash, sparks flying across the Bloodsands while people screamed and cheered loudly for the new combatant of the lands here. Every step Alabaster took was like a fluid dance, a force of constant and beautiful motion that never stopped while he moved on against the Dark Knight facing him. Honestly, Alabaster was having a grand time of things- he danced with his blade and against the mans before him, simply biding his time until the other looked to be too worn down to even lift his sword. When that time came he would thrust forward to deliver a devastating series of blows that would end up dropping the much larger man quickly. Only in battle could he feel such ease, such comfort and such a thrill like he did now. It was times like this his mind was the most cleared from all that troubled him. Although most often, it ended too soon for his liking, and now would be no different. Once downed the Red Made would flash a triumphant grin as the crowd roared its applause, giving a flourish of skill as he spun his weapon and tugged his collar confidently, crimson eyes gazing out from under the veil of feathered hair as he bowed to the crowd after and made his way out. "What a show, what a show! That truly was fun, but I fear I'll have to take my leave now.~ You have my thanks, everyone!" He spoke proudly before vanishing, going to the room beyond to gather his bags and make his way out. Only after changing his clothes and features- it was, quite a shock. The color change wasn't surprising, but the mask would be something to hide who he was. Out there, in the sands, he could be as confident and cool as could the crowd desired. But outside...well, he was far beyond that. He was worn down. A Warrior without a purpose anymore, nor a place to call home. But, perhaps that was just how it should be. The Red Mage wasn't too distressed by it- one day, he assumed, he would find a place to call 'home'. Even if that home was roaming alongside another. Shifting the bone mask over his face some he was more or less ignored by the crowds thanks to his high collared vest, and although he would stand out to a degree he would mingle well enough with most adventurers if someone wasn't looking for him specifically. His pay would get him a room for the night, that much he was sure. And really good food, if he wanted to splurge a little. But...where to for eating? He mostly spent time in Limsa, so this was new. "...Hn. Where to eat...er, rather, what place has the best food and drink?" A curious muttering to ones self as he would go to produce the map he had, checking over it for locations and hot spots for great food.
  2. Hello there! It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm a touch new to the RPC scene, but I've been an active Role-Player for many years.~ I'm looking forward to getting to meet some new friends here! My MMORPG background I've been an active MMORPG player for many years, my first experience being in Everquest.~ Although I didn't actively start Role-Playing until I moved onto World of Warcraft, haha! That was an interesting time. Spending a few years there, I finally moved onto Tera. I was hooked, and actively got into the community there, although after a few years there it became a bit toxic, so I sadly had to leave that place. I still go back from time to time, but it's more along the lines of casual player now.~ RP experience Let's see...I've been an active role player for many years, and I mostly started with basic emoting in various games. It lead from there to typing via old Yahoo stuff (if that's even remembered), and from there I've slowly advanced forward. At this point, I'm now advanced literate multi-para (who mostly types via Facebook/Tumblr posts, primarily Facebook but I'll also do discord) out of game, and in game I'll spend plenty of time replying and enjoying the scene created by me and my role playing partners.~ Character ideas/info My only character so far (that is finished) is a Miqo'te named Alabaster D'venoese, a Red Mage main after picking up the Rapier and discovering this once Astrologian main could do more than just heal! He's a bit of an eccentric during battle, enjoying a bit of a flare and dramatics to his skills but when the sword is down and away he can be a bit of a reclusive. Named commonly as a 'Stray' of sorts, Alabaster spends his time just wandering the realm free lancing anything he can to just keep his days busy and mind occupied after a recent loss of his husband. I'll leave the rest up to the player to see more about my boy.~ How did you learn about the coalition? I learned about it through a friend! I've no idea if they are actually active here, but after spending some time saying hello and making a peek here and there, I finally got t he courage to post something here! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I'm quite comfortable at the kind of role-player I am. Of course, I'm open to all kinds of tips or any advice and expansive knowledge for new stuff! Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I'm pretty open about most stuff, if asked. I work usually on the weekends, and after that I'm just home online working on Eureka or just sitting playing with my kitten, Sweetiebelle. So feel free to give me a message, ask for my Discord or Facebook if you want to Role-Play with me! Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a lovely time!
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