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  1. Hi there! I’m absolutely in love with your character’s story! I’m primarily a discord rper, so if you’d like to make some connections I’m totally here to make new adventures with your character! ^-^ https://laviere.carrd.co/ discord: ☆Crow☆#5497
  2. I’d love to rp with ya! She sounds wonderful ^-^ send me a friend request on discord and we can talk more on there!
  3. Bump for the afternoon crowd ^^
  4. Heya! I’m new to the FFXIV roleplay community and I’m looking for some discord connections! I’ve played FFXIV for two years now, and I’ve been roleplaying since high school. My character is on Aether and is primarily used for raiding, so all my rping will be through discord. I’m on pretty often and have a lot of free time in the upcoming summer, so I’m hoping to meet some new friends and developing new stories. Basic information on my character can be found in my carrd. I’m mostly looking for people to build character relationship and stories with, so feel free to hit me up. Maybe even make new FFXIV ocs with. Thanks! https://laviere.carrd.co/
  5. crow--iv


    Heya! I’m pretty interested in world building too outside of game, since I use my character primarily for raiding But I cant seem to find you on discord! Feel free to send me a contact too! ☆Crow☆#5497
  6. Hey! What a cute Miqo’te! I’d love to make some discord connections if you’re interested ^w^
  7. crow--iv

    I'm back!

    I would be interested in interacting! But I usually do my stuff through discord ;w; o////
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