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  1. Balmung hs more people, but it may be harder to make a character there! Or you can Visit other worlds now by accessing an Aetheryte in a main city!
  2. Tyonis

    I'm back!

    Hello friends old and new! It is what it says on the tin. I'm coming back! I guess my first question is: who wants to find my character crawling out of a ditch? (I have no plothooks to explain my character's absence.)
  3. I would prefer to follow through in According to Their Works, I will def take a slot in Upon White Horses.
  4. i will try to help. will probably add more later. on my phone atm. and havent slept in 36 hours lol common animals by region thanalan: dodo wolves aldgoat squirrels and toads for skin and leather snurble tufts and fur turtle skin and shells drake skin and shells peiste skin and shells twelveswood mites and diremites for silk and carapaces. wolves boar and squirrels for skin and leather la noscea dodo toads sheep buffalo and aldgoats for skin and leather.
  5. that was awesome i cant wait for more!
  6. I'm online now, if you wanna sendm e a tell and arrange something, Tyonis Magstrom
  7. Tyonis is a Dark Knight that succumbed to his Darkside, so if you wanted to go after him for going "rogue" we can set something up!
  8. If you want a good-aligned type mentor, Tyonis might not be the best choice. If you want someone to teach your character to harness the FULL POWER OF THE DARKSIDE, the Mongrel of the Bloodsands would be more than happy to throw your character into the Abyss. Aside from his experience as a fallen Dark Knight, Tyonis is also skilled in wilderness survival and sleight of hand.
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1195CN9hpbw5ks3L0zpKK5_CdJ4nEymKN5dbB7qzgHXo/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Black Desert is a very RP-friendly MMO where character customization and atmosphere rank pretty high. The gameplay itself is solid. It is a pure-action MMO, extremely fast-paced and reliant on combos that you can either macro to your hotbar or press certain buttons on your keyboard/mouse to produce. Character progression is linear, with plenty of optimized builds already out thanks to the KR, JP, and RU releases. Classes are gender locked, but there are corresponding gender versions of the classes that are related but not exactly alike. For example, Warrior and Valkyrie. Warrior is a very aggressive tank-type, sword and shield character, where as a Valkyrie is a sword and shield support-type. The Blader and the Plum are another set of male and female classes. The former is more geared to AoE type damage, where as the Plum is single-target and focuses on stunlocking. PvP is extremely satisfying and, as far as I know, the only real thing to do once you hit max level, as the PvE is relatively weak. There are some world bosses that are mildly difficult but nothing truly challenging if you have enough people and skilled players. Ultimately, Black Desert is a PvP sandbox, where mega-guilds vie for control over cities, castles, and resource nodes. Blade and Soul is a themepark MMO. The story, in my opinion, is total trash compared to FFXIV and Blade and Soul's PvE is more robust compared to Black Desert Online. Simply put, there is more to do if you like PvE in Blade and Soul. Instanced dungeons, bosses, etc. I haven't gotten a chance to RP in Blade and Soul, but from what I've seen of the game, it doesn't conduct itself very well to it. But take that with a grain of salt since I didn't actually RP. What I did do was PvP. Alot. Blade and Soul's PvP is, in no way, inferior to Black Desert Online. Rather, they focus on different aspects of it. Black Desert is more geared toward larger conflicts, where Blade and Soul focuses on small scale, structured PvP arenas. There is open world PvP in Blade and Soul, but the core of it is built around 1v1 and more recently, 3v3. Know that Blade and Soul is a popular Esport in Korea, highlighting its deep, complex, and skill-based nature. At higher-tier levels of skill, it's more like a fighting game with an MMO backdrop rather than an action MMO. Blade Masters practice for hours learning how to perfectly block every classes' major combo. Animation canceling and combo timing are essential in this sort of setting. I've seen a match go on for five minutes straight without any player taking damage then, for a single moment, someone missed their block and died in the next five seconds.
  11. Name: Tyonis Magstrom Moniker: Mongrel of the Bloodsands Nicknames: Dog, Mongrel, Streetrat. High Concept: Embrace the Darkside Trouble: Perpetually Poor Aspects: Filthy Mongrel, Sleight of Hand, Wooing Womanizer Skills: Excellent (+5): Athletics Great (+4): Dark Knight Good (+3): Physique, Provoke Fair (+2): Contacts, Monk, Wilderness Survival Average (+1): Burglary, Deceive, Notice, Will Stress Tracker: Physical Stress: 0/4 Mental Stress: 0/3 Stunts: Cornered Wolf: The Closer Tyonis or his attackers are to death, the more rabid and feral he becomes. +1 to combat rolls when Physical Stress reaches 3 or above. Blackheart: As a Dark Knight who succumbed to his Darkside, Tyonis completely enshrouds himself within the Abyss. +3 to combat rolls. -1 to Mental Stress while active. Weight of Reputation: Infamous as the Mongrel of the Bloodsands, Tyonis has cut a bloody swathe through gladiatorial history during his 30 year tenure. He is renowned for his savage and brutal fighting style and grotesque, yet crowd-pleasing deathblows. Throughout his life, this title has been a source of both great benefit and severe consequence. May use as Intimidation if applicable. Temporary Stunt: Aether Channels (Lightning) Taught to him by his ex-wife, Alona Rhys, the Aether Channels are a specialized form of Chakra release. Its effects are tied directly to the user’s elemental affinity and while not nearly as robust or versatile as conventional Chakra styles, the Aether Channels allow for potent enhancements to the user’s body at the cost of self-destruction. In Tyonis’ case, he channels Lightning Aspected Aether into his whole body, decreasing his reaction time to super-human levels and immensely boosting his kinetic vision. This heightened sense super-charges his nerves and quickly burns them out, leading to paralysis and, if pushed too far, death. +3 to Tyonis’ next two combat rolls. -2 Physical Stress after second turn.
  12. OH yeah, I could use a base character sheet and a PDF rulebook too!
  13. Tyonis Magstrom, vetted mercenary and womanizing whoreson is ready and willing to add a spice of snark and a can of whoop-ass to your party! I live in Korea, but I should be able to make this event! If you still need people, please add me!
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