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  1. Been going through a rough patch this week! Due to that, I have sadly forgotten about my own event. I'll be rescheduling for the next scheduled date, and apologize for any inconveniences!
  2. Bumping up! Tournament this Friday, same time same place!
  3. Bump! Looking forward to testing out our elimination style for next tournament!
  4. Name of establishment: The White Lion's Respite Type of place: A Tavern in the basement of a large estate. Home to fine cooking and drinks! Location: The Goblet, Ward 9, Plot 35 Date/Days/Time open (if there is one): Every other Friday, 8 PM EST in accordance with the White Lion's Gamble. Otherwise, message anytime to see if we're around! Contact person: Mhaya Bajihri, Bianca Sylvestre, Vieli Ehvira
  5. Hey guys! Title says it all. I recently picked up Pokemon Sun and have begun breeding Alolan Vulpix! For those who may not know, Alolan Vulpix is now an -ice- type. I have plenty of level 1 babies with Modest Nature, Snow Cloak ability, Moonblast & Freeze-Dry Egg Moves. The cost? Nada; I've got plenty and I'm willing to provide for those who have Pokemon Moon and cannot catch their own! Feel free to PM me if you want to exchange friend codes, meet up and trade!
  6. Due to some IRL things, I'm going to have to postpone the next tournament until next time! I am sorry for the short notice, and will be bringing some amazing surprises to enhance the event by then!
  7. Mhaya's Starlight wish is for all of her friends to be safe and join her at the various events!
  8. Mhaya would definitely want to lend a hand given her history regarding Ul'dah and its people. If you need another pair of hands, feel free to shoot me a PM; I can assist where you need it most!
  9. My Starlight wish is for more people to RP with and hang out with.
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