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  1. (Please forgive my brief hiatus. I've been very ill and one of my cats fell ill during that time and had to be put down a couple days ago. I will get to work on the much needed updates soon!)
  2. I have some real concern over this bit: Players will be permitted to own only one private and one free company estate per World per service account. For example: If you have two characters (character A and B) on one World, and A is enlisted in a free company which owns an estate, then B will not be able to purchase a free company estate. Further details will be announced on a special site which will be released later. Owning a room in an apartment won't be considered as owning an estate, so you may purchase without any concerns. Most of my FC is composed of folks' alts. Does this mean if they want an FC house on their mains that they'll have to leave? I can understand FC leaders being restricted, but just members? Also, "Owning a room in an apartment won't be considered as owning an estate" makes no sense. You can own an apartment (which doesn't have rooms) or you can own a room in an FC house (which negates the bit about being "enlisted" in an FC with a house.) Unfortunately, I can't post to the OF to request clarification. I'm aware there will be a website available soon. I just hope it makes things clearer.
  3. The FC has been completely overhauled, but is not dead. Here's an update: In Game Theme(s): A refuge for those who have lost their home FC/LS Name: Starlight Refuge : <> Website url: https://starlightfc.enjin.com (although I need to update the site) Contacts: ICly, Tyll Starr (OOCly Tyll'a Starr would also work) Housing: Shirogane, ward 11, plot 2 I know I still need to update the post on the FC listings section as well. <> has left FF14. Whether temporarily or permanently, I do not know at this point. Removed. Thanks for the update. :moogle:
  4. They as in SE... I don't think they ever have (They don't want to show this number). I use sites such as Lucky Bancho for census information.
  5. LOL. You snuck in on me. You're added in! :moogle:
  6. Cleaning is done! In case you are wondering, I remove listings completely if the website is dead and/or the contacts are no longer with the FC or no longer exist. Or, of course, if the FC is gone. I'll make minor updates such as removing one or two people from the contact list or changing the housing location. If you wish to be re-added, you'll need to send in the complete information requested in the original post. Thanks! :moogle:
  7. You're added in! Thanks! Updated! Updated! :moogle:
  8. Hmm, it's not fun to just force someone else to deal with your character successfully stealing X item from them. This is why ooc info is necessary. But why are you stealing from them in the first place? If it is because there is a plot going on (with your FC or friends), then the theft would be part of the plot and everyone knows something is going to happen and could help or hinder the theft. If it is just because you are a thief. Don't. Make up npcs that you've stolen from.
  9. I'm squinting a bit cause I know I'm older than one o' yas. Online RP was pretty much relegated to chat sites and forums from before mmos were a thing. No one in xiv that I've met in the past four years uses forums as their main RP venue. What we use it for is things like knowing to go to Mateus in the first place. Lore dumps, static communication like event notices or FC ads , as well as a place to put info about your characters to see if you can find someone who plays similarly to you in game (if you choose to) are things that a site like this are good for. Back when tabletop was it, we'd post notecards saying we were running a game on thursdays (or whenever) on the bulletin board of the local gaming store. This site and any like it are tools like the bulletin board, nothing more. I've been mulling over the discord thing. At first, the ephemeral nature of it left me scratching my head over why it was replacing a site such as the RPC. I'm still head scratching to a point, but I think the ephemeral nature is technically how it self-maintains. No one has to do any cleaning since any group who came and went has their FC info too far in the past to find. Old events are just scrolled past. It's a bit more reactive, people can post "Hey, I play during these weird hours, anyone else?" and others can respond as they see fit, instead of a proactive "Lemme check and see if there's a FC/LS for late night players". I feel the second would be more guaranteed in one sense in that you'll find the group's info while the first could just garner a bunch of "uhhh... I think I may have heard about something, not sure." BUT, if the thread isn't updated (a problem here), then it's not useful either. This is, of course, going off my own experience with different servers as I'm not on the Mateus one(s) specifically. Regarding the calendar, yeah the RPC one is... unfortunate. ; u ; I do hope the new site will resolve this issue, as you mentioned. And yes, I've heard noise since starting this thread about people avoiding the RPC either due to hating Balmung players or Balmung players having heard of/experienced drama here and just avoiding it completely. My thought about the separate sub forums was a way for players on other servers to... frankly... not have to see Balmung posts that make them irritable. ^^; As to the latter, I'm not entirely sure how you phoenix out of that. I've led an FC out of the ashes, but we didn't have to deal with any bad rep, so I'm unsure on that.
  10. I'm thinking of something along the lines of how Linkshell Hall has the subforum Chronicles and Roleplay Events has Chronicled Events. So the layout would be: Balmung (general discussion) Events LFRP FC list LS list Mateus Events LFRP FC list LS list Omega Events LFRP FC list LS list Other Servers Events LFRP FC list LS list Is something like this feasible? Or does it cause you to squint at the screen?
  11. Tomorrow is the last day for updates. I'll be removing the above groups from the theme list. If you contact me after tomorrow, please go ahead and fill out the basic form (shown on the OP) for a new listing. Thanks! :moogle:
  12. Narantu Dazkar has stepped down as an officer. Shiori Eikitaika has been retired as a character. We got tired of paying for Shivtr when none of us are really forum people, so our new FC website is our Tumblr. http://artificeofreason.tumblr.com Updated. Thanks! Updated! Thanks for seeing to this. :moogle:
  13. This was brought up in a discussion (ironically on discord) I had yesterday with some LS folks... is it possible to set up server specific sub-forums (Balmung, Mateus, Omega, Other) that would have their own fc list, event list, calendar, looking for RP, greetings, etc? It could, perhaps, give a sense of community distinct from each other and more of a sense of ownership rather than having to share space with Balmung.
  14. Unnamed Merc already wrote a lot of what I'd say! But I'll hit on a few points. How do you expect people to find the Discord except by word of mouth? This doesn't help those who are A: resistant to Discord (perhaps due to a perception that voice chat is required on it)(I've met these people); B: Starting off and want to know what server to go to for RP. Can you point me to the posts that are unpleasant towards members of other servers? I remember when the dust up over what back up server to use cropped up with Balmung's closure and one of the most vocal Mateus supporters also was the one to bring up that they dealt with a lot of drama. That was awkward. I know there were many posts, my own included, that always pointed RPers towards Balmung as the place to be, but this isn't inherently rude. Once Balmung had it's doors locked, the attitude of Balmung First disappeared because we all realized it was no longer an option for people. :idea: I wonder if it would be ideal to have server sub forums, similar to how the OF is arranged. That would keep things neat imo. (Please take this as the honest question I mean it to be.) I love RP; I am also a community organizer type, it's in my nature... I'm looking around here at the continued Balmung posts and noticing few Mateus posts (much less Omega, etc) and thinking... why aren't Mateus players invested? Plus, like pretty much everyone I know, I have alts on Mateus (and Omega).
  15. Okay, I'll admit I forget about the wiki sometimes. >..>; The babby-coding goes over my head and I've heard similar from others. But the wiki still requires player contribution like the FC list, yes? Or is there something I'm missing?
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