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  1. I'd really like to know what you mean by this? I honestly find myself hard at making connections since there's so many good allied players and the fact that I just can't tell them directly that "hey I'm a thief! Let's do some rp!" It removes any genuine reaction to the unveiling imo and well just defeats the purpose. I'd really like to know if I'm in the right in doing this.
  2. Looking to do some crime stories with my character. Any LS or FC out there that does such things? Pref, thieving.
  3. I've asked this question to myself, many times. But how exactly do you roleplay as a burglar that breaks in and steals a prize possession? Because letting someone know that you stole X thing kinda defeats the entire purpose. I mean this like /em took Player's trophy and placed it in her bag without being seen isn't really what I call thieving. So how do you actually roleplay as a thief or a burglar? More over, I guess you can just go into another person's mansion and steal an item from there but how will they know it's missing? Forgive my english. Im not adept at it.
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