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  1. Due to dropouts tonight's event has been rescheduled for later in the week. Please PM me with at least three times that would be good for you if you were in Wooden Ships and Iron Men, thank you.
  2. [align=center]IMPORTANT UPDATE[/align] [align=center]Ape Escape 2: Mammet Boogaloo[/align] [align=center]will continue under [/align] [align=center]The FATE-14 2nd Edition (v0.1)[/align] [align=center]Ruleset[/align] [align=center]THIS WILL REQUIRE ALL NEW CHARACTER SHEETS AT STARTING STATS.[/align] [align=center]Also, there will be a maximum of 8 players total involved. This is first come first served, and will be an isolated storyline.[/align] [align=center]Any advancement or items you gain from any other storylines will not be applicable to Ape Escape 2.[/align] [align=center]If you are interested in this storyline and beta testing the new rules please reply to this thread. Only the first eight players will be accepted.[/align]
  3. Yeah, sorry about this. I am changing the dates right now.
  4. Xan for Fox Hollow. I am 80% sure I can make it.
  5. The Nightmare Begins Again... A year ago the denizens of Thanalan were terrorized by the escaped creation of the mad goldsmith Madaru Dadaru. The Aetherial Personality Engine slew his master, then began a campaign of terror against all those who would enslave his clockwork brothers. Roving bands of mammets more advanced than any ever seen before sewed chaos and destruction across the desert until finally, in a climactic showdown outside of Horizon, three adventurers brought an end to the APE's revolution in a catastrophic battle. But now the gears begin to turn once more. Ambitious goldsmiths hungry for secrets scour Madaru Dadaru's work. New technologies bring forth new crimes. And in the depths of an ancient tomb, the ghost in the machine still thrives. [align=center]PREPARE YOURSELVES[/align] [align=center]APE ESCAPE 2[/align] [align=center]Mammet Boogaloo[/align] [align=center]BEGINS![/align] The Wonders of Madaru Dadaru (Sunday August 14, 5PM CST) Dear Sir or Madam, The Society for Transpokenism invites you and a guest to our annual gala ball in the Golden Court of Ul'Dah. This year's exhibit shall be the works of our late founder, Madaru Dadaru. A true visionary of clockwork and artificial life, we are proud to present to you, the public, his greatest achievements and wonders along with our own advances on his prestigious work. Prepare yourselves for technological marvels unlike any you have seen before. Sincerely, Arthur Miller, GSM 1. Shesha 2. Orrin 3. Eva 4. Ai Jaunty Python's Flying Circus (Thursday August 18 8:30PM CST) A fresh faced Roegadyn woman towers over the crowds of Limsa Lominsa's Hawker's Alley in a tophat and tails. "Come one, come all, to the greatest show on Hydaelyn! Jaunty Python's Flying Circus! For a minimum of gil enjoy an evening on our one of a kind airship flotilla. Three ships, three shows at once! Laugh with our famous flying clowns! Stare in wonder at the beast tamer R'netha Salan's mastery of nature! Gasp as the impossible Ramo twins perform acrobatic feats of wonder over a thousand fulm drop! It's like nothing you've ever seen before! Jaunty Python's Flying Circus!" 1. Nihka 2. An 3. Virara 4. Leanne Alternates: Klyn
  6. GloryRhodes

    Roll Eorzea

    We're still here and still highly active.
  7. GloryRhodes

    Roll Eorzea

    I am now in charge. I am now bumping the thread to keep it from being archived. Hello, we are very active and have tons of members!
  8. As the person currently in charge, whups. Sorry it got archived. But yeah, we're an active Linkshell using dice rolling and character sheet mechanics from the popular FATE Roleplaying system adapted for FFXIV. That Link Liadan provided should give you everything you need to know. You can contact Spahro Llorn, Xanadu Mol, Anstarra Silverain or Nihka Mioni ingame if you're interested.
  9. Tomb of Trickery 7/14 8:30PM (CST) Leve reads as follows: Puny flesh things, I challenge you to the greatest peril of your age or any other! Once have you bested me through foul trickery, but not again! I have become more advanced than you could ever imagine with your tiny meatbrains! Now you shall face MY TRICKERY! Tremble before the might of your unknown villain! Organic Adventurers, I have kidnapped a virgin princess made of solid gold, and you must rescue her from a darkest dungeon, as is your duty and profession. Dare you face THE TOMB OF TRICKERY?! Sincerely, Mysterious Villain Person of Unspeakable Power and Intellect Who Is Smarter Than You Muwahahahahahahahahahaha! PS: You are dumb and no one likes you. 1. An 2. Leanne 3. Klyn 4. Orrin
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