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  1. V'aleera

    Hearts of Glass [HQE, IC Thread]

    Aftermath: Stone-Cold on the Cold Stones In the days following the hushed collection of Bastienne Laffitte, the "distraught" veteran of the common Ishgardian soldiery, Dominic Cheron observed a notable decline in one aspect of his business and a notable rise in the other: the mood of Grispierre Lane had driven off many his usual boarding clientele (who now opted for lodgings less mired in the palpable dread that had fallen upon the little community) leaving half his boarding rooms empty at any given time. Conversely, with joy and joviality now flush with demand in the dour borrough, the barrels and casks of his tavern were emptied on a nearly daily basis. Few people were aware of the elderly sergeant's fall to spontaneous madness, and fewer still understood the circumstances that had lead to its dark happening. But they understood the presence of at least one soldier or constable on every block corner, and they understood that every three days (or roughly so, the grey mists and glum moods making time blend and distort) the cries of another neighbor in the throes of distress would ring out like a clarion, and be brought to a cease by powerful men with chain-mail hands and binding linens. For his part, Dominic tried to keep spirits high among his family, and through them and their business keep high the spirits of those who sought the relief of community within his little tavern. He kept an open, hopeful ear as well, listening upon the hushed talk of soldiery, adventurers, and the odd inquisitor who came in search of the root of Grispierre Lane's troubles (though all inevitably left disenchanted of the notion that they would be the ones to beat to the heart of the Lane's grim mystery). Cedric Calvet, the midlander gumshoe whose demeanor and profession marked him as eccentric and outcast among the community, remained somehow unchanged by the dour mood of the borrough; some days Dominic thought the detective looked just the least bit energetic. Everyone else, though? Everyone else seemed to be waiting for the invisible blade hanging above their heads to come crashing down once more; and wondering who it would fall upon next.
  2. V'aleera

    [HQE] Hearts of Glass

    Lines in the Sand An eccentric archaeologist has requested the aid of any willing able-bodied adventurers to venture with him into the sands of Thanalan in search of old glories beneath the dunes. Fearless explorers, students of eld times, or anyone in possession of a shovel and the derring-do to use it is welcome to join the expedition. Time: Saturday, February 2, 8 PM EST 1. Jana 2. Leanne 3. Virara 4. Khira 5. Stone-Cold on the Cold Stones Bleak tidings on the streets of the Brume; a series of regrettable events have the commonfolk of one burrough fearing for their safety, believing a rash of tragic deaths to be of far more sinister origin. Dismissed by the Temple Knights, a meeting among the residents is scheduled in the tavern of the Coppersole Boarding House and invitations extended to anyone of any rank or ability who can offer reassurances or solutions. But will this ragtag gathering produce any such persons able to find the heart of the matter, or shall the tragedies remain shrouded and forgotten behind the veil of urban myth? Time: Saturday, February 9, 8 PM EST 1. Simba 2. Anstarra 3. Orrin 4. Reis 5. Spahro
  3. Any IC posts relevant to the Hearts of Glass campaign storyline may be posted here. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Fragment: A World of Thieves It breaks my heart; it really does. That in a world so vast in its landscape and so deep in its wonders, a full accounting of the intelligent beings who walk on its surface can nonetheless be filtered into two distinct (but not wholly separate) groups: people who will disappoint you and people who will steal from you. Oh there are a wealth of endearing, if not redeeming, factors to be found if you look hard enough (and to their credit, sometimes you don't even need to look that hard). But beneath the surface of every person there is a creature. A covetous beast. An animal consciousness that will always err on the side of self-preservation and gratification. And when you find yourself at an hour of weakness, the beast will be made manifest in all those who surround you: in some it will stir a craving, driving them to prey upon you and take what you cannot defend. In others it will conjure apathy, and even your most trusted and beloved will shy away, fearful of being contaminated by the miasma of foul circumstance. But in the end time takes it all away. All the covetous thefts, all the fearful denials, and all the suffering inflicted are rendered forgotten and meaningless. I don't hate them for it, of course. Not most of them at least. They don't understand what they are, and most wouldn't know how to help themselves if they did. But there are some, a vile few, who acknowledge this state of affairs. And they revel in it; they worship it. Like a hideous ouraboric god. These are the worst thieves of all. For they would look upon a great wealth such as mine, and not only seek to steal it, but scatter its bounty to the wind or seal its infinite potential into the prison of their limited and primitive perspective. I was born among thieves such as this. I have spent the greater part of my life evading their selfish grasp. And even with these ravenous hounds nipping ever at my heels I have nonetheless managed to find a contentment and satisfaction that will forever be denied to them by the jealous beast prowling within. And that is why they hate me: I have rejected their god, I have spit upon his virtues, and for it I have flourished beyond their petty imagining. To them there can be no greater insult than that. I have until now been willing to tolerate their ignorant thrashing, swatting them away when necessary as one swats a gnat; but their latest offense has gone beyond the pale, beyond tolerance. They have, in blind tandem, struck a blow at that which I hold singularly precious, that which I have labored so long to build. And so they will be delivered a reckoning; their twisted dreams will be cast to oblivion and the altars of their wretched god will be crushed into dust. Let them find strength in their perverted faith and their fetid ignorance. I have all the time in the world.
  4. V'aleera

    [HQE] Hearts of Glass

    Chapter 1: Into The Light Flowers In Fall Submitted to the leve docket of the Adventurers Guild and posted on common boards for the consideration of the public: Abigail Mariana Fionne, Honorable Friend to the Throne of the Sultana, Devoted Subject of The Jewel of the Desert, and heiress to the Dionne estate, hereby requests the aid of any and all souls of good will and warm spirit to join her effort to bring about the further enrichment and prosperity of Ul'dah and the most needy among its subjects. Those who share a mind for the endeavor of common well-being are welcome to attend the maiden Abigail at her current abode within the southwest ward of St. Johanna's Hospital And Sanctuary at the date and time listed below. The efforts of all participants shall be rewarded monetarily in accordance with the fruits of their labor. Added below: NO SUITORS Time: Friday, November 9th, 8 PM EST 1. Anstarra 2. Alexander (Khira) 3. Leanne 4. Reis 5. The Crawling Dead The Immortal Flames of Ul'dah, at the behest and in partnership with multiple unspecified individuals among the Ul'dah citizenry, business consortiums, and registered home owner associations, hereby officially request the assistance of the public in the investigation, apprehension, and/or disposal of a reported nuisance to the good people of Ul'dah. A person of unidentified origin has been repeatedly sighted prowling the streets of the city at night in a manner unusual and disturbing. No injuries or confrontations have been reported at this time. No current disappearances are believed to be related to this incident at this time. No specific details regarding this person have been identified at this time. No state of emergency or official search operation has been mandated at this time. Any interested parties seeking further detail should speak with Flame Private Hihimi Himi during standard evening operating hours. Any citizen or adventurer who contributes meaningfully to the conclusion of this investigation shall be compensated accordingly. Time: Friday, November 16th, 8 PM EST 1. Spahro 2. Jana 3. 4. 5. Reserve: 1. Reis 2. Aya Notes: This will use the HQE dice system, a conversion of the HeroQuest tabletop RPG which can be used with in-game /random to resolve conflicts. Rules for this system can be found here: HeroQuest Eorzea. We will be using the "Limited Standard" rules; your character will progress through the use of XP, but this will not carry over to other plots. New players are welcome and encouraged. Contact me here or in-game if you would like to try the system and need help making an appropriate character sheet. You can also join the Roll Eorzea linkshell and Discord for more assistance.
  5. V'aleera

    balmung Wild Hunt

    I'll sign up for reserve as well
  6. That's kinda how it was though. He was very straightforward about the fact that Ascians were present and courting him, and that his plan was ultimately to be rid of them.
  7. V'aleera

    discussion Is the hate really that bad?

    Anyone who doesn't take Lalafell seriously is either ignorant of the lore or is playing a very poorly socialized character.
  8. V'aleera

    General Lore Questions

    This is a common belief, but also an incorrect one. Seeker tribes are stated to elevate the "strongest" to the position of Nunh, but when examined within the context of the lore it would be more accurate to say that they elevate the most capable; in many cases due to their hostile environment capability and fighting strength may be considered interchangeable, but ultimately every Seeker tribe has its own guidelines for what determines a Nunh and what additional functions a Nunh performs for the tribe outside his reproductive role.
  9. V'aleera

    General Lore Questions

    No idea if there is any lore regarding it, but the name suggests a relationship with Nael.
  10. V'aleera

    Roleplaying in Public, but not..in public?

    You don't really seem to understand the crux of the issue, allow me to lay it out for you: You have a right to react to any visible RP. You do not have a right to have your reaction acknowledged.
  11. V'aleera

    Roleplaying in Public, but not..in public?

    I'd think her reaction would be a little churlish and go about my day. While other people are happy to harp on the false equivalency you have drawn, I personally am more concerned about the strawman you have erected: you are presuming that in every instance of someone attempting to join a visible (not public) RP that A) the joiner does so in a manner that is polite and appropriate to the scene they are joining and B) that the roleplayers immediately respond with aggression. I find this somewhat amusing given that, anecdotally, the opposite is far more common: some boorish derp tries to shoehorn themselves into other peoples' business, and those people have to take a couple minutes to ICly or OOCly politely facilitate said boor's intrusion before A) he gets the hint OOC and leaves or B) they get tired of his shtick and politely excuse themselves to go continue their prior RP elsewhere.