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  1. Not to speak poorly of FATE, but it seemed a little clunky for my to use, a little too long set up when yu wanted to do a on the fly scene with people who just showed up. In my FC, we have our own independent system where /random rolls either get a positive bonus or a negative bonus depending on a few stats. POWER DEFENCE HEALTH LORE MAGIC CHARISMA Every person is assigned 2 strong stats, 1 weak stat and the rest are +0. Strong is +200, and Weak is -200. Makes you feel as if you have an advantage as oppose to just base rolls and offers less 'dumb luck'. We also ha
  2. In Game Theme(s): Investigators, Adventurers, Work for Hire, Exploration, militia, Monster Hunters, Plot driven, Treasure Hunters FC/LS Name: The Crossroads : Website url: Link Contacts: (in-game names) Housing First Floor Public Offices. Rest private unless stated. Zone, Ward, Plot: Goblet, Ward 9, 55
  3. As far as I am aware, not only OOC but lore-wise being committed of a crime in any of the city states, depending what it is, is dealt with sevre consequences. So there is also that aspect of the game you have to look at too. :tonberry: In Gridania, they have some of the most severe punishments of any city state. Which, is generally why the city is so peaceful. I'd recommend summoning someone more of a lore expert of the city-state laws than myself for further information, but honestly - if you arent willing to accept the lore consequences set by city states for your actions, it's p
  4. When I first role played Gin me and a friend who I had met decided to arrange a plot where my characters father was marrying my character off to another character (another pc) for both political and monetary reasons. Not only was the roleplay very enjoyable, it was more so because the characters were forced to engage with each other when normally they might not have. Eventually these two characters formed a very strong bond based on trust rather than instant attraction and OOC me and this player have been friends ever since. From this standpoint, I can understand it. But coming back
  5. Could have a FC for you, we are small and we dont do a lot of end game content (sometimes Omega normal, extremes etc together) but we have weekly plot and welcome people from all paths of life. having someone with dubious connections could make some of these plots far more interesting!
  6. EASTWARD BLOWING BANNERS Chapter 1: Aleport The first stormblood long lasting plot of Crossroads begins in Aleport! the adventurers and clerks preparing caravans and cargo for the seabound adventure towards the near-eastern front! What troubles will arise with such simple tasks?
  7. That's just it, though. They have every right to object to you imposing yourself into their scene if they don't want you their. It's their RP - just because you can see it doesn't give you some magical dominion over it. But the game has avenues to reduce that. If they dont want anyone coming into their roleplay use those provided channels.
  8. If we go back to the coffee shop example for a moment... If you and a friend were having an in-depth conversation about something, would you take notice of a stranger listening in? Especially one who was simply listening without any indication that they might turn their attention towards your table and possibly interact with you? /tell ((hey I saw your RP, is it ok if I involve my character?)) Either way, if you are emoting nearby that you are listening to them, you should still be allowed to retain the information and not have them snap at you. Just as I, in per
  9. I'm sorry, what? Were you guys LARPing being abusive to trans characters or something and then had to change when trans people made themselves known in your circle? I really have to wonder what this "dark" RP is. Also, protip: These folks have always been in your gaming groups, but the fact that they haven't revealed themselves to you should make you think. snip Nono, I'm saying it was never a prevalent thing in the LARP community and we had to adjust to accommodate new groups of people we hadn't ever experienced being included in that community. :3 Just like anything, it was
  10. I just find it odd that i is a requirement for most people to ask them first to approach despite them already role playing in public. if my character is there, why are they invisible to someone until I ask permission? And Im sorry if this next comment sounds offensive, in regards to PC culture. In the Larp community in New Zealand we have had a very sudden and rapid growth in the community due to a big boon in members joining, all being Transgender or in the LGQT spectrum. While we've had 'Queer' (I have no idea if this word is offensive, im sorry) We had never had to deal with the comm
  11. But should you have to ask to join something. You aren't, by joining in forcing their character to do anything. You are simply approaching something else in the living world as another organism in said living world. Obviously asking can help but it really shouldn't be applicable if your search info reads "walk ups welcome"
  12. hey RPC, I have been thinking about this quite a lot in the last few weeks. What do people dictate themselves as 'public roleplay'? From my witnessing of public scenes, I personally am of the belief that anything you say and do in public should be held accountable against your character. As, it is publicly witnessable by multiple sources. However this becomes an issue for people who don't want thier 'bubble' pupped. And, creates a further issue where punishment for illegal actions (like, actual illegal actions - stealing, murder, solicitation etc) becomes negligible to the point of c
  13. You and me both. Screenshot, report their names. SE bans in waves.
  14. Scholar makes me cry, and rage. AST makes me hate my life.
  15. I already sent Garrett some information about the FC I run, but I do have a listing in the FC listings here. Its, The Crossroads. I do hope you both find a place to call home.
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