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  1. Sign Garrett up for the archery contest! He'd love to join in. ^^
  2. I can throw my Midlander at you for practice. ^^ I don't have any art of him but it'll be awesome to see how you sketch him out. Might be a little boring for you, though, since his look is pretty simple.
  3. Hello RPC! While I'm certain there is no shortage or recruitment going on both in game and here on the forums, my RP partner and I are hoping to throw our characters into a fresh group of active RPers, after being caught in a bit of an RP lapse for a while now. While our characters are versatile, and can fit in almost any setting, we're searching for an active group that would allow us to establish ourselves within the RP and involve us in plots, adventure, and exploration! ^^ While most FCs already have an emphasis on this sort of thing, the biggest hurdle to our involvement is the unfortunate issue of time, and timezones. Due to my RP partners busy work schedule, and the limitations that come from living in Australia, activity during the twilight hours of NA is a must. We're ordinarily available from 7pm EST to around 2 am EST on weekdays, with more flexibility on weekends, but if events and the majority of RP are held during the day or late -late- night, we won't be able to participate, and we'd like to be able to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into RP with a new group of friends. ^^ So if you're a group with a linkshell, or even an RP-oriented Free Company with some room for two newcomers, and you enjoy getting out and about into the world for travel and adventure; and you're active during the American evening, we'd be grateful to hear from you. You can message me here on the RPC, or my RP partner as well (Qoi is her username), or contact us in game on Garrett Khard or O'piqoi Tenbe. ^^ As far as our characters go, my Hyur is an adventurer, mostly based out of Limsa Lominsa. He enjoys challenging work, and is always eager to throw himself into the thick of things. While Garrett has learned to use a multitude of conventional weapons, he is most comfortable with his fists, and hides a Monk's soul crystal within his attire at all times. Qoi is a learning, but eager, Red Mage from La Noscea who has thrown herself whole heartedly into the act of helping others and warding off imminent tides of destruction by adventuring. She's a kind girl who prefers to see the good in things before the bad. Please let us know if there's room for us and we can see if we might be a good addition! ^^
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