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  1. Hello!! I was hoping to reach out to the community at large to discuss resolution to tasks/combat. More specifically, I was seeking different perspectives on what has and has not worked, and what has and has not proven to be more fun in the grand scheme of things. I don't, personally, want to deal with complex character sheets/point buy because if I wanted to do tabletop RP, I would do tabletop RP. However, I also recognize the merit in having a system to assist when you have two people who want different things in an interaction and it would come down to some form of roll off. I know that flat rolls can be employed in this, but it can also be frustrating for someone who, ICly, specializes in this field getting a 50/50 chance against someone who's kind of a novice. What methods do you employ? What have you enjoyed historically and what systems have you seen that have and haven't worked for you and why?
  2. Hey there! I would be delighted to get in touch and possibly work on getting you both ties and some RP! I have a couple characters I'm currently working up, though will be delighted to try my luck at catching you ingame! Welcome to the community and server!
  3. I keep odd odd hours and am generally available whenever. I'm trying to get my hubby and roommates to play again, but eh... we'll see. The FC I created lost its steam with RL buddies, cuz RL happens. Makes it a bit lonely on this end, too. Le sad. I'm also primarily a healer, but leveling other classes with alt characters. Yes, characters. Yeah... I know that it's not practical. I... have so many character voices in my head. I really really adore RPing and do prefer to focus on one or two at most. The rest are mostly flavor/npc types. Anyway! I'm in PST and, as I said, keep odd hours. Hope to catch you ingame!
  4. I am very interested in joining this LS. I've been around for a couple of months and have been desperately seeking like-minded heavy RPers.
  5. Hello! Welcome! Sadly, I don't have an LS to offer but I did want to give a shout!
  6. I should also add, thank you very much for the advice! I am greatly appreciative.
  7. I wasn't entirely sure about the viability of white mage ICly. I had assumed that as a class it was viable enough to play. But if there's a stigma, I'm pretty sure I don't want to deal with that the moment I start playing. Given its close ties to Conjurer I may just go ahead and stick with that.
  8. Thank you very much for the warm welcome! Mercurias, thank you very much for the tips! And indeed, I'll just pull out my fine plum wine and lament ^_~ You're very welcome to join me. I was wondering if you had any resources I should look into to make sure I am able to pull WHM off accurately. I've been reading what resources I can and following my questline. Zarek, I will absolutely look into the Character Development area for the aforementioned desire to be accurate. Nice to see another VP refugee! I haven't seen very many folks since Halsoft went to paid services x_x. See you in game!
  9. Hello! Fresh blood. Sprout. Newb. Whatever you'd like to call me, that's me! I've been staring at this forum since my friend gave me the link and have finally decided to take that leap of faith. Provided all goes well, my tale will not end with me being little more than an hors d'oeures. The template seems a great way to present myself, so here goes! MMORPG background: I started playing MMOs about 10 years ago. Prior to that, my life was primarily on chat mediums like Halsoft (AKA: VP - Virtual Places, Excite chat). World of Warcraft since vanilla beta. I started on Kargath when the game went live. Moved several servers around. It took a couple years for me to actually find RP and wasn't just griefed off the RP servers. City of Heroes since launch. I played on Virtue, the official-unoffical RP server. Lord of the Rings Online - I started playing about 3 years ago on Landroval. I miss the accommodations it made for RPers such as instruments, player housing, and I LOVE the cosmetic system. I love it. It is perhaps the best system in existence. The cosmetics were fantastic. Despite being an outdated game, it's BEAUTIFUL. Sadly, the community kind of imploded. I touched Wild Star. I got bored and left. FFXI - I made it to 20. There wasn't much RP easily found at that point on the Fairy server. FFXIV - The newest addition. I am thinking I'll probably end up staying at least a while. RP Experience: I have been RPing on text based mediums for 17 years. Over half my life now. I started when I was twelve on ICQ. It evolved when I was introduced to Halsoft/VP/Excite Chat, a chat program which was out of this world for the time.
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