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  1. Anyone else? Still looking for possible partners.
  2. So, I've been dumped once more... Looking for someone else again.
  3. Hello @Noel Stirliing, I've been RPing with a person recently, I appreciate your reply, but I think it would be best if I stick with what I've got for now. If the this RP I'm into doesn't work, I'll give you a poke, alright? Good night!
  4. If anyone wants to talk about it... Let me know, I just want to advice that I will make a Carrd for her and add more details on her story... So I can make this long term better. Thanks!
  5. OwO, only discord connection? Sure, let's talk.
  6. Hey, I've sent you a friend request, I would like to know if cross server would be okay to you.
  7. Hello people, I'm looking for a long term partner for a generic roleplay. I'm on Crystal Data Center from Zalera. Take a moment to read and feel free to poke me here if interested! Note: I'm new to FFXIV RP, but not to RP at all. Full Name: Hollana Holyprism Nickname(s): Holly, Lana Age: 26 Sex: Female Race and sub-race: Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun Birthday: 8th of the 4th Umbral Moon Height: 64.3 inches Weight: 133 lbs Personality: Hollana is a friendly, curious and sentimental person. Appearance: Has a purple hair, a curvy face, blue eyes and an athletic body. Scars or other markings: Has a scar on her left cheek and a Miqo'te's mark over her face. Deity: Halone Marital status: Single Occupation: Adventurer, Bodyguard, Traveler, Messager and Mercenary. Hobbies and interests: A good joke, music, combat, study and friendship. Brief Bio: Trained to be as a gladiator since she was young in order to become a great mercenary, Hollana's new purpose is to discover what happened to her parents (Might add more later). RP Hooks: Ul'dah, fighting a beast, doing a job, or either learning anything that can be good or craftable. Also small groups or one person is the ideal for the rp hook. OOC Note: I hope to find someone willing to teach her almost everything. (Especially combat). Character's quote: “You learn more from failure than from success. Don't let it stop you. Failure builds character.” Preferred contact method: Discord. Ideal activity hours by region: mixed. Days available: Monday(6pm EST to midnight), Tuesday - Thrusday (9pm EST to midnight), Friday (9pm EST until whatever), Weekends (all day). Preferred RP platform: In game, but aside the time I mentioned earlier, I can rp in discord anytime. Preferred RP format: Paragraph, but I don't mind. I'm looking for: (fem pref) A dedicated Long term partner. The type of RP I'm looking for: Long term roleplay with progression among characters. I also would like to have someone as teacher. Also can be someone just like her, willing to learn with her and sharing their experiences. Romance is ideal for this long term. Brief intro of myself: Hollana is young and willing to learn everything she can, deciding to be herself a adventurer she seeks to explore the world of Eorzea along side someone. OOC Limits or Don'ts: I don't like gore, torture, excessive ERP, people emoting as my character reaction/feeling. No death and don't be disrespectful with me. https://hollanaholyprism.carrd.co/
  8. Hollana

    Hello there!

    Hey, very thanks Kaizyr! I appreciate all that, I will certainly read those soon. I'm loving the race I'm in and the quests so far, I hope to find people among my server to do some content and rp.
  9. Hello people, I'm completely (like 99%) new to FFXIV, still a f2p account. I'm new to the game and still level 8! I love doing roleplay, especially while I level up, I have a female miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun) adventuring on (Ul'dah), I prefer mostly long term rps, but since I'm very new to the game I want to see how things goes here. There is a image of her for now. :) Any other tips/advices is appreciated! Thanks!
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