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  1. Sometimes I'll switch jobs OOC in a way that doesn't reflect IC at all. Main example of that is when I see a BRD/MCH/DNC outfit I like the look of, but Lihya is not any of those. Lihya's job isn't changing in RP, but it's solely a mechanical change so I can get her to wear other stuff. As a blue mage RPer there's also the unique problem of not being able to RP in a lot of areas without aggroing everything to hell and back, due to the lower level cap. Sometimes I'll swap for that reason too. But she is a sole blue mage IC (and I guess culinarian, technically.) even after I do this, always. It's also important to note that we aren't solely restricted to the jobs FFXIV have given us. A prime example is I RP often with a person whose character specializes with a big two-handed sword. She's a dark knight OOC for that weapon, but IC she doesn't actually have any dark knight powers. She's just a regular martial fighter who happens to use a weapon like that. Most RPers have their character specialize in a realistic number of things. You don't really see people recognizing the ability to rapidly swap between Dragoon, White Mage, Black Mage, Ninja, Dark Knight back to back to back in a mere moment. That's treated more as a game mechanic rather than something people can actually do.
  2. Welcome! Well, different roleplayers have different opinions on the viability of RPing different jobs. I don't think what you said is a very common opinion, though. In fact, I've never heard of someone who feels that way. A lot of jobs are very accessible in the lore and very easy to justify . I'd say it depends on the job! For example, it's highly illegal to practice White Magic unless you're a Padjal, or the very specific one-time exception of the Warrior of Light. Good luck getting someone to teach you that. That being said, conjurer is almost identical in its identity and you won't really miss out on anything by RPing a conjurer instead. In my personal opinion, this is a job people should avoid unless they're specifically in a private group that has given it the go-ahead. For something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Paladins, Machinists, and Blue Mages have pretty much been just giving away their job stones to anyone who wants them. There's very little in the way of any adventurer just becoming one if they wish to. It wouldn't be unbelievable in the slightest. Most jobs fall somewhere between those two. Black magic is also highly illegal, and will literally ignite you from the inside out if you attempt it without a stone. Ninjas are quite prevalent in the East but may require certain background story details to justify a western character being one unless they're just very new at it. (Very easily doable by the way, just harder than some others imo.) My lore on dancers is spotty, or perhaps they just don't have much lore to begin with, but I see nothing wrong with your character concept. I don't think anyone would bat an eye at a Viera who was a dancer or conjurer.
  3. Thank you so much! \o/ You've been a blast to RP with yourself x). Vikohla is so wholesome and fun to interact with Just so no one else reading gets the wrong idea about this, Lihya isn't going to meow at you or lick milk from dishes or anything like that. xP. Cat-like behaviour just refers to her tendency to bully anything smaller and weaker than her that isn't something she thinks she can befriend. As well as a weakness for ear scratches :D.
  4. " (please, no 'transfer to Balmung/Mateus' suggestions unless you're looking to foot the bill! )" No need to transfer, you're on the same Data Center, you can just use the world visit system to hang out in Balmung and Mateus whenever you like . Most FCs in my experience are also willing to take off-world members into their linkshells and have them participate as members that way. Though admittedly I haven't been in a ton of FCs, so I could be wrong about 'most' doing it. Most Balmung or Mateus FCs should be open to you though.
  5. Related, but in a different manner than you intended responses to be, since others here have basically said my thoughts on it already too. What is it you like about the First that makes you want to RP in it? Is it the setting itself? Or do the areas just look like a nice place for your characters to interact in with others? Because if it's the latter, you can for sure do that without having to justify portals to the First. My character Lihya is a Blue Mage, and regularly takes on students. Sometimes a spell her students get interested in is something from the New World. I've had to use areas in the past that we could pretend were in the New World since there's no way to actually get to that area that our characters would realistically be able to go to. The Source has deserts like Ahm Arang, jungles like Raktika, and so on. So depending on why your interest is there, it can totally make sense to still RP in these places. If you're more interested in aspects of the First that are 100% not applicable to The Source (Dealing with Sin Eaters, the politics in Eulmore presently, things like that), then I think the answers above are fitting. Perhaps later on in the story an easier method to travel between the two places will be discovered by the Scions after all their hard work. All of that being said, nothing at all stops you from imagining some method of travel between you and consenting RP partners regardless. If you have a group of people, and everyone is into the idea, bending lore a little bit for the sake of everyone's enjoyment can be okay, too. It just depends on your audience.
  6. Kasi will give you lots of beef jerky, mix you drinks, and not judge all of the horrifying crimes against humanity that your miqo'te may or may not get up to in her spare time. Nine out of ten Lihyas would recommend this roleplayer to you.
  7. None taken. I think we largely agree, though the people I've run into have tended towards being a bit more accepting of such things. To the point I might not be quite willing to use the word "majority" like you did. I think a pretty sizable amount of people wouldn't approve, though. More than I might have implied now that I read over what I said. I stand by my advice, but I could have emphasized more strongly that a large chunk of people would not be okay with it. What Savona said is something you should mentally prepare yourself for, Strongth. I have a -lot- of confidence that you can find a crowd for yourself without drama, especially if you do it through sites like this and tumblr where interested people can see this aspect of your character in advance. But go into it knowing it will limit your pool of potential RP partners.
  8. Well, in this setting, interdimensional portals and people falling through them isn't unheard of, its been the plot for numerous things here. I'd be fine with it to a point, and I'm always happy to take on new players as RP contacts, but sadly I'm on the Crystal Datacenter in NA. I think your acceptance you find for it is mostly going to be about the company you keep, rather than any universal "Yes you can do this / No, don't RP that concept" that would apply to every contact you try to make. It's admittedly a somewhat "out-there" character concept, but don't mistake that for an unplayable one. People have varying degrees of leniency when it comes to the character concepts of others. Some you meet will think it's a cool idea, some will be neutral about it and be fine with RPing with it, and some honestly will probably shun you for it, to be blunt. Whether it be a voidsent possessed person, someone with a multidimensional family history, an actual White Mage, etc, if you ever decide to RP a character with an out-there concept behind them, you just need to find people who are cool with that. RP with them, and avoid the ones who feel differently!
  9. Hi! I roleplay actively on Balmung. Something to keep in mind is that with the new World Visit system, you don't need to make your character in Balmung or Mateus to RP on those servers. As long as you're somewhere on the Crystal datacenter you can visit both freely and all it takes is a 10 second loading screen. I have a couple regular contacts on Goblin for instance. That being said; I've roleplayed on Mateus because of this world-visit system, and there's plenty of roleplay there. I always recommend the Crystal datacenter to anyone who wants an active RP community, the actual server itself doesn't matter much, so you can't go wrong with Mateus. It and Balmung are definitely the two big RP servers on here and if you're insistent on your home server having plenty of RP without world-visiting, then I think you'll be pleased with Mateus too. While I've RPed on Mateus from time to time, I don't think I have enough personal experience to say for sure that there are or aren't differences, but my general impression from what I've seen is that RP is largely the same on both as far as quality goes. So I don't know if there are "drawbacks" to each one if we're talking RP. I guess the most concrete thing I can say is that the competition for housing is intensely fierce on Balmung compared to every other server, Mateus included. So that's a downside for Balmung, but that's the only thing I can think of.
  10. You're quite welcome, if I end up liking how your character is and think they'll get along well with Lihya then I'll probably be one of the people poking you on said post . Good luck, I hope your spectating goes well! \o/
  11. It's my pleasure! I think the best source of RP is to find contacts outside of walk-ups. A lot of people here will make looking for contact posts and I definitely think the highest quality RP comes from people seeing your LF Contact posts here, your character's RP tumblr page, your carrd, etc etc. But if you want to be a fly on the wall to some more general RP in-game before making any plans or commitments, I'd recommend the public events on the "Upcoming Events" section on this site. The Quicksand is the big main walk-up RP hub unfortunately, even if it's not representative of RP in other places. So instead, I'd say look at the times and places those events happen at, pick one, and just hang around and be a wallflower to see how the other people interact. Just my two cents! It should be a different flavor than the Quicksand while still being public and easily viewed by yourself ^^
  12. Well, there are job boosts and story skips you can buy from the mogstation, depending on how much you value your time/money ! It's worth considering . I do think Crystal is the overwhelmingly large "RP datacenter", but I dont know if the others compare, hopefully you'll get someone with experience in both? Maybe it's a big enough difference for you to want to level through the msq again if the skip isn't an option. Though the MSQ really sucks... Anyway! If your experience with Balmung was scoping out the Quicksand, I'm suddenly starting to see why you thought there was such a heavy ERP influence on the scene though aha. If you come here it might be good to look into finding contacts outside of the Quicksand and engaging in regular RP with them that way. Lihya here has helped a lot of new RPers get their feet wet As well as anyone else on here who might be looking for contacts could be good for you to contact in advance as well! The few times I've stepped into the Quicksand and looked at profiles, I just felt like I was seeing a really disproportionate amount of ERP characters, tbh.
  13. Hi! Welcome! 1) Personally have no experience outside of Crystal, sorry! ;-; 2) I've RPed for about 2 years on ffxiv and that scenario has yet to happen to me. Granted, I've done random walk-up RP extremely sparingly, I usually meet RP contacts, make friends, and will have a group of roughly a dozen contacts at any given time where I routinely engage in scenes, RP, and storylines with them. I think at least in my experience on Crystal it might be possible to happen more if you were to, say, engage in random walk-up RP in the Quicksand on a regular basis, always meeting new RPers all the time. I've seen and known people more ERP oriented here who I don't RP with, and my closest instance to what you described was someone I met in a walk-up. We did a private scene the day after and their character was very handsy in a way that made me realize what they were going for. I shot it down politely, they finished the scene with me, and then proceeded to flake out every other time in the future until I stopped trying to get non-erotic scenes with them and just stopped contact all together. That's only happened with one person to me. Overall I think your odds are pretty good that you'll be fine, just letting you know a lot of random walk-ups is kind of an unknown wildcard that might swing in a bad ERP-y direction on occasion. You can add some text in your search info in-game! A lot of people put little acronyms or statements about RP preferences. Example: "Walk-ups encouraged! Dark and mature RP loved." or "Para RPer, M+M ERP", stuff like that. Personally, I just have a "Hey I'm looking for contacts!" in mine, and a link to a character profile I made, but you could throw in a "No ERP" into your search info if you want to give a heads up.
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