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  1. You're quite welcome, if I end up liking how your character is and think they'll get along well with Lihya then I'll probably be one of the people poking you on said post . Good luck, I hope your spectating goes well! \o/
  2. It's my pleasure! I think the best source of RP is to find contacts outside of walk-ups. A lot of people here will make looking for contact posts and I definitely think the highest quality RP comes from people seeing your LF Contact posts here, your character's RP tumblr page, your carrd, etc etc. But if you want to be a fly on the wall to some more general RP in-game before making any plans or commitments, I'd recommend the public events on the "Upcoming Events" section on this site. The Quicksand is the big main walk-up RP hub unfortunately, even if it's not representative of RP in other places. So instead, I'd say look at the times and places those events happen at, pick one, and just hang around and be a wallflower to see how the other people interact. Just my two cents! It should be a different flavor than the Quicksand while still being public and easily viewed by yourself ^^
  3. Well, there are job boosts and story skips you can buy from the mogstation, depending on how much you value your time/money ! It's worth considering . I do think Crystal is the overwhelmingly large "RP datacenter", but I dont know if the others compare, hopefully you'll get someone with experience in both? Maybe it's a big enough difference for you to want to level through the msq again if the skip isn't an option. Though the MSQ really sucks... Anyway! If your experience with Balmung was scoping out the Quicksand, I'm suddenly starting to see why you thought there was such a heavy ERP influence on the scene though aha. If you come here it might be good to look into finding contacts outside of the Quicksand and engaging in regular RP with them that way. Lihya here has helped a lot of new RPers get their feet wet As well as anyone else on here who might be looking for contacts could be good for you to contact in advance as well! The few times I've stepped into the Quicksand and looked at profiles, I just felt like I was seeing a really disproportionate amount of ERP characters, tbh.
  4. Hi! Welcome! 1) Personally have no experience outside of Crystal, sorry! ;-; 2) I've RPed for about 2 years on ffxiv and that scenario has yet to happen to me. Granted, I've done random walk-up RP extremely sparingly, I usually meet RP contacts, make friends, and will have a group of roughly a dozen contacts at any given time where I routinely engage in scenes, RP, and storylines with them. I think at least in my experience on Crystal it might be possible to happen more if you were to, say, engage in random walk-up RP in the Quicksand on a regular basis, always meeting new RPers all the time. I've seen and known people more ERP oriented here who I don't RP with, and my closest instance to what you described was someone I met in a walk-up. We did a private scene the day after and their character was very handsy in a way that made me realize what they were going for. I shot it down politely, they finished the scene with me, and then proceeded to flake out every other time in the future until I stopped trying to get non-erotic scenes with them and just stopped contact all together. That's only happened with one person to me. Overall I think your odds are pretty good that you'll be fine, just letting you know a lot of random walk-ups is kind of an unknown wildcard that might swing in a bad ERP-y direction on occasion. You can add some text in your search info in-game! A lot of people put little acronyms or statements about RP preferences. Example: "Walk-ups encouraged! Dark and mature RP loved." or "Para RPer, M+M ERP", stuff like that. Personally, I just have a "Hey I'm looking for contacts!" in mine, and a link to a character profile I made, but you could throw in a "No ERP" into your search info if you want to give a heads up.
  5. Lihya Zharipoh


    Hi! There are some RP hubs you could go to just for some random surprise walk-up RP! Mainly the Quicksand. I've never RPed there though and I get lots of RP nowadays. Finding contacts on here is a good place to start I think. Do you have any idea of what your character might be like? Maybe them and my own character might get along and we could set up a scene to see how it works in-game? I wouldn't mind! Besides that, there are public events always going on if you check the calenders here. Its not -my- main source of rp, but I imagine for some others they might be. I generally just do 1 on 1s with my contacts. If any restaurants, clubs, tournaments, etc seem enjoyable to you when checking the weekly rp events, you could get your feet wet that way too!
  6. I can't speak to the amount of RP on other data centers, but what I do know is that Crystal (Where Balmung and Mateus are), is more or less the 'main' data center for RP. Other centers might have large scenes as well and I'm sure someone who plays in one of them could paint you an accurate picture! If you have no attachments to Gilgamesh in particular, I'd recommend maybe switching to a server like Zalera or Brynhildr, or Mateus if you're able to get into that? Something on Crystal. They've added a world visit system not too long ago, you can go to one of the three city state's aetherytes and visit other worlds on your datacenter. That means you can visit Balmung and Mateus whenever you want for RP! I have several contacts from servers like Goblin and Zalera, and the world visit doesn't hinder us at all. It tacks about a minute onto us getting a scene started, and you'd be free to hang around in the RP hubs and meet other roleplayers. So your dream of existing in Balmung isn't so fleeting, you'd just have to world visit to it.
  7. Bumping due to some small updates to my carrd, but more importantly to let people know I'm still looking! \o/
  8. I'm still looking for more people for Lihya to meet! I've met a few great RPers through this so far, but I'd love more
  9. Name: Lihya Zharipoh Server: Balmung (Crystal) Timezone: EST Here's a link to my carrd, if you'd rather look at that!: https://lihya.carrd.co/ Contact Info: Discord: Natty#5120 In-game Name: Lihya Zharipoh Plus, you can message me on this site directly, as well! I'll see it :). Personality Overview Lihya is a childish and gullible blue mage Keeper who's filled with enthusiasm and energy. She's made a habit of utilizing her magical talents to make a living for herself, whether those jobs be mercenary work, healing services, enchanting items, or even fighting for her few fans in the Masked Carnivale. Lihya is highly sociable and is always eagerly searching for new friends. While she can be unusually callous, and even a little sadistic towards people she doesn't like, she goes to great lengths to spoil those friends she's so fond of. Especially with her cooking, which she takes great pride in. Lihya is a walking dichotomy, expressing great empathy and care towards those she deems worthy of it, and the opposite towards those she does not. Her friends are truly her world, and she has a tendency to be far too selfless and trusting towards them at times. Potential RP Hooks - She's a Masked Carnivale performer Lihya participates regularly in the Masked Carnivale. Perhaps you've seen her perform? Though she’s not known there as "Lihya," but as "The Blue Moon". A dramatic, smug, and condescending magician who looks down her nose at the lowly creatures she’s pitted up against. - She owns a shop that sells relaxing healing services, magical items, and mercenary services If your character has a wound or ailment they need looked at, just needs something to help them relax a bit, desires magical items, or requires someone with combat expertise, Lihya has them covered. Just drop on by to "Blue Moon's Magic Parlour"! - Oddly enough, the placard outside of her house has "All guests get free food!" written on it A strange invitation for a private home to have, but one who's particularly frugal, in need of food, or perhaps simply curious could have good reason for knocking and inviting themselves in! - She teaches Blue Magic Lihya will eagerly boast; she's been practicing blue magic for much longer than when it took off in Eorzea. If your character has an interest in learning blue magic, feel free to have them come to Lihya for it! Her stage persona is known for taking on students. - Other Ideas Lihya's work takes her all over the place, and she could realistically show up just about anywhere. Being the social sort, she would definitely be the type to approach your character to simply chat if given the right circumstances. If the other hooks don't appeal or apply to you, we can always discuss alternatives! About Me and my RP preferences Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read . I've been looking for more RP contacts recently, don't be shy in contacting me if you're interested in interacting with Lihya! A few things about me that might be relevant to you: - I'm pretty laid back, even when it comes to lore adherence. There are gaps in the written lore, as well as gaps in our own individual knowledge of what IS shown to us. So a lot of things require headcanon to be explained, and that's okay. If you roleplay something that stretches the lore a little bit, I'll think nothing of it. - I'm an experienced RPer in general. I started in WoW and have been RPing in fantasy settings for several years now. FFXIV's setting specifically for about two years. I love RPing with people from all experience ranges though. - I have a preference for RP in smaller groups. 4 players total is an okay number. 1:1s are the most ideal for me, but not a necessity at all. Bringing a friend along with you, or even two of them can still be fun for me! As can public events (Restaurants and taverns are kind of fun to go to!). I don't enjoy events very much where there's going to be back and forth interactions between me and 5+ people, though. It feels like it can be hard to give everyone equal attention, you know? Some people inevitably get left behind, and that's no fun. - I like in-game RP a lot more than discord RP. I might be able to do discord RP here and there, or if you have no other options. I've tried getting both types of contacts recently and it made me realize I almost universally I resonate a lot more with my in-game contacts. - You might have noticed that I haven't included my availability. Frankly, my schedule is extremely sporadic. On one hand, it means we can RP regardless of your hours! On the other, being able to RP with you at the same hard-scheduled time of day all the time might be hard. My ability to sleep is extremely poor and my sleeping schedule can mess up at the drop of a dime x: . - While I prefer long-term contacts, I'm also totally open to just having a scene or two. Maybe your character just requires a one-time service, and ours don't particularly click well. That's okay! - I'm not at all sensitive to dark or violent themes. Lihya is a character who can easily explore friendly, carefree RP. At the same time, she has some quirks that can manifest in said violent and dark things. She could steal a man's soul for some of her magical purposes in one scene, and cheerfully teach a friend how to bake a cake in the next. So! How often this shows up in our RP is largely up to you as she's a rather flexible character. Want something strictly limited to fun and carefree? Just say so, OOC communication is cool. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you!
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