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  1. Oof. My friends were right about this place. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. The point wasn’t to ask if it was currently possible in lore, but to speculate on the possibility. Discuss the “what ifs” within the lore and spark a discussion. Anyone can just read the lore and say “this is what it says” but that sparks nobody’s curiosity to look deeper and theorize around that lore. But thanks for clarifying the established facts.
  3. So I was chatting with my FC about the First and the topic came up how cool it would be to rp in those areas, and we had a discussion about the plausibility of getting to go there. Someone brought up an interesting premise that I wanted to get some opinions on. So, to state the basic idea, the first is explained as a reflection that was splintered off from the world first. However, it is not the only reflection we interact with regularly in lore- The Void is revealed to be the last of the splintered reflections and was consumed by darkness. And beings from that world do come over with regulari
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