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  1. I'delia is alright, I guess. I've only RP'ed with her for the last 10 months, though. Eh.
  2. Hey y'all! I'm looking to build out connections for my Raen girl. The tl;dr: she's a fairly mundane inventor, military grease monkey and medic. She’s just a sergeant and serves under an NPC unit whose primary mission is monitoring Garlean refugees and countering Garlean agitators on the home front. She is fairly heavy on the storylines. Easy connection ideas: Garlean characters (friendly and hostile) Fellow soldiers, mechanics, medics, and whiskey lovers Squadmates or affiliate squads Merchants selling various parts (scrap, aether, black powder, medical,
  3. The situation you describe is unfortunate, to say the least. I know the personality types you're talking about. You are, most likely, already sitting on a powder keg that will eventually blow up into drama sooner or later, simply because of the personalities involved being inherently incompatible with the direction you want to go. Obviously, you're serious about wanting to DM and write storylines, but when your player base isn't taking it as seriously, it'll leave you feeling naturally dissatisfied. There is a clear disconnect in the expectations on both sides, and that's a recipe for a fuse t
  4. I've had this same problem many times over the years, particularly when DM'ing for guilds, as the issue of "scope creep" tends to crop up as groups with sustained activity from an actively contributing DM tend to continue growing. Content generators in any RP community are a rare commodity, but overtaxing them results in burnout. I'll start with the hard truth up front: you as a DM need to decide what's the most fun for you, because if you turn it into a job, you'll suck the fun out of it and burn yourself out. You have the option of doing one-size-fits-all campaigns that are tailo
  5. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ Hope you enjoy your time over here in 14- the tone is significantly better than WoW RP circles, I think. Gardevoir for the win.
  6. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/
  7. Hey there Tai, and welcome aboard to the RPC! Manmi sounds like she'd be fun to interact with.
  8. Walk-up RP is very much open in FFXIV as well as it was in WoW. You can right-click and Examine any RP player and you'll see a small speech bubble you can hover over in the upper left corner of the equipment screen for the other character. That usually has a brief list or even a Carrd URL on it for RP preferences and protocol. Generally, if they're RP'ing out in the open, it's open game for anyone else to dive into, so don't sweat the details too much!
  9. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/
  10. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ The best place to "lamp" (eavesdrop on RP- like a street lamp) is in Ul'dah on Balmung. There's typically tons of roleplayers in and around the city, and you can easily get within listening distance just to get familiar with the whole deal.
  11. Hey man- welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ Based on what you've described for your specific circumstance, it sounds like you encountered a bunch of green roleplayers who didn't have any idea on how to proceed. At worst, they were trolling for some laughs potentially, at least up until the two that remained who actually made some effort, who might be toying with the idea of actually trying roleplay out for the first time. Sometimes that's how people get started! But on the larger topic... if it were a legit situation with genuine RP'ers? Sometimes you're going t
  12. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ No, there's not really any holds against it. With server guesting having become a very big thing lately, it's not uncommon to have a single character be present across multiple servers and/or datacenters, and keep a single, monolithic "canon" to them that simply assumes all servers and datacenters constitute a singular world IC. In essence, that means that your character on Balmung would talk about characters or events having taken place on Primal, just the same way that a character on Mateus treats characters on Balmung the same way.
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