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  1. Walk-up RP is very much open in FFXIV as well as it was in WoW. You can right-click and Examine any RP player and you'll see a small speech bubble you can hover over in the upper left corner of the equipment screen for the other character. That usually has a brief list or even a Carrd URL on it for RP preferences and protocol. Generally, if they're RP'ing out in the open, it's open game for anyone else to dive into, so don't sweat the details too much!
  2. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/
  3. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ The best place to "lamp" (eavesdrop on RP- like a street lamp) is in Ul'dah on Balmung. There's typically tons of roleplayers in and around the city, and you can easily get within listening distance just to get familiar with the whole deal.
  4. Hey man- welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ Based on what you've described for your specific circumstance, it sounds like you encountered a bunch of green roleplayers who didn't have any idea on how to proceed. At worst, they were trolling for some laughs potentially, at least up until the two that remained who actually made some effort, who might be toying with the idea of actually trying roleplay out for the first time. Sometimes that's how people get started! But on the larger topic... if it were a legit situation with genuine RP'ers? Sometimes you're going to run into a situation where a character has friends nearby that will side with them in a showdown. That's just the nature of the dynamic situation of RP: it's not always going to be fair any more than the real world. The only real "fix" to even the odds is to bring some of your character's own friends (or forge some new connections so you have that option in the future), but obviously as more people are introduced to a conflict situation, it becomes more challenging to resolve beyond leaving it as a stalemate or talking the situation down. Regardless, OOC communication is vital when trying to resolve an IC conflict: everyone involved needs to decide if they want to simply RP it out, roll dice to determine the outcome, or opt for some other means to resolve it. If the situation rubs you the wrong way or it doesn't feel right or there's something else going on, the best option is simply to walk away. All that said, most RP'ers don't travel with a posse and, if conflict does happen, are generally happy to try and work it out amicably OOC for the sake of the IC portion proceeding smoothly.
  5. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ No, there's not really any holds against it. With server guesting having become a very big thing lately, it's not uncommon to have a single character be present across multiple servers and/or datacenters, and keep a single, monolithic "canon" to them that simply assumes all servers and datacenters constitute a singular world IC. In essence, that means that your character on Balmung would talk about characters or events having taken place on Primal, just the same way that a character on Mateus treats characters on Balmung the same way. Of course, you can go the totally opposite route and have the same character in different datacenters with a unique canon for each one if you wanted. It's not like anyone would know unless you told them anyway!
  6. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/
  7. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/
  8. A ton of new updates and refinements to the Carrd to keep it current for ongoing shenanigans. In addition, I am presently working on some opportunities for more good-aligned characters seeking to meet a rival. Inquire within if this is something that interests you!
  9. For whatever reason I am totally not sure of, the Discord invite link isn't really posted anywhere formally. There's a Discord invite link for people to hand out within the server itself, which is what I do, but there's very little public presence for it otherwise. It's a bit weird considering how heavily used the Discord is, too.
  10. Hey there! Coming fresh off the welcome forum... How do you feel about direct character-against-character conflict? With as much attention as you draw to A'etalia being a goody-two-shoes (or as close to one can get to being realistically), it makes me think you're looking for drawing up long term progression through conflict either overt or shadowy. The reason I ask is that Kasi is the opposite side of the spectrum there, in that she fundamentally not a good person (but she does have charisma at least), and I am usually looking for more people to muck with her schemes. If the idea of this tickles at all, feel free to have a gander at her own carrd: https://kasi.carrd.co/
  11. Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ I can't give much in the way of direct advice for potential Free Companies as I operate "off the grid" DM'ing, but the best place to check for active groups would be the Balmung Discord under the #community-ads. Here's a Discord invite for your convenience: https://discord.gg/bnBSTeU A lot of it will depend on whatever particular niche y'all are interested in for your band of merry mavericks.
  12. Hey there and welcome aboard the RPC! o/ You may have inadvertently toggled your language there. Ahem. You're right- many of the advanced classes are difficult to RP in a lore-compliant setting without having a few hoops to jump through: white mage and black mage being a couple. Most people simply don't RP jobs or classes at all, or they just very rarely come up in RP scenes. This will vary with some groups and guilds, though.
  13. Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! o/ The other thing you'll want to look for is to join up with the Balmung Discord- it's another valuable means to make connections within the greater community. You can find an invite link here: https://discord.gg/bnBSTeU
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