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  1. I may try that, not sure anyone really sits down to making and recording emote videos heh so borrowing someone would be a faster/better bet anyway haha. Thank you very much~ ^^
  2. Oh shoot I forgot about the benchmark heh. I know I watched the Viera clips out, but the whole tease on if they could be male or not (not personally attached to the race but if my husband want's to be a amazon bunny girl. Eh I'm in heavy armor all the time anyway so a race change isn't effecting my cosmetics over all xP). I didn't think the trial would have all of the races? Unless they changed it or I just assumed wrong. I figured the Au Ra wouldn't be in the trial.But yeah emotes were a bit of a factor.. I know all of the elezen males cause.. well playing one for beta and the following year I'm pretty sure I remember most of them haha.
  3. So I've been away from the game for a fair bit. The urge usually shows up to return to FFXIV when I find myself without a MMO. My husband is even on board for re-subbing to the game with the enticement of blue mage and the talk of Vera around the corner. So with that thought in mind he was debating on swapping over to a viera female for his character (we don't have a lot of time to worry about multiple characters so before someone suggests make a new one). not to mention that during my time away .. where I was in the middle of revamping my wiki back when I was active.. well we'll just say a drive crash and most if not all of my character history was gone.. so swapping to a new name/race/gender isn't as painful as it would have been in the past.. Given I have every intention to get back into art again I figured I could go back to playing a male character for the 100% legit excuse of drawing couple art again.. heh. I only did that for a year when FF re-released so why not. My biggest halt in the idea is how attached I am to my current model being a elezen duskwight female.. I presently don't have a sub to the game but I wanted to look into some things while I waited to see what exactly my husband wanted to re-sub (he's been busy with work so I can understand waiting). My first go to was just swapping back to a male elezen duskie.. cause honest my character in all of these years has never been anything but a duskie save that one time I had a 2nd character that was a lala. My second thought was on a male Au Ra. My husband plays one of these now but being a caster the animations are pretty different from what I would end up seeing more often then not (I mainly play tank/melee). So I was curious if anyone had links to visual guides for combat animations, I'm sure finding customization videos are easy enough. Not that this swap is set in stone but eh.. may as well be prepared instead of sitting there for hours trying to debate something only to hate it. (sorry if this is in the wrong place.. I've been gone a heck of a while and the whole forum changed in layout haha, I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the character workshop as I don't really need lore help or writing help..)
  4. Not sure Duskwights still live in the caverns. Not going off of some recent information someone managed to ask about Duskies in the recent PAX. From the sounds of it the underground city went into disrepair not too long after most of the city returned to the surface. I'm not sure on the details but if I find where I heard this from I'll be sure to link it here for you. Also not sure where at on the time line this is but going off of the state of the ruins in the Palace of the dead.. i would assume they have been gone a while. Again I'm not going to even begin to say I know everything about lore but this is something I heard recently. Feel free to take it or leave it as even in the race's wiki they say they live underground. *shrugs* who knows, just felt like giving you a heads up but I doubt anyone would question it to be honest. But on another note... I can't give you the pirate character you are after but if you are seeking other connections by all means. Always looking for other Duskie connections. ^^
  5. Rosekitten

    mateus Looking for an RP Partner on Mateus!

    Can offer up a connection for sure. If you stick with the idea of your character using blades or some other metal based weapon/armor I can offer my character's smithing services if you are interested. If not maybe we can figure out something else. ^^ I tend to be on at random times, whenever the chitlins allow it.
  6. Rosekitten

    discussion Where does your mount go?

    Generally I just assume the mount being used is near-by. Normally if I'm rp'ing out in the world my chocobo is near the character. If he's not near-by than odds are in favor he's annoying the local wildlife and getting into trouble. As far as something like the Zu.. I'd assume it just perches near-by or flies around the area. Drakes could probably roost near-by as well or find some shaded spot to rest for a while.
  7. Rosekitten

    Need a bit of brainstorming for a dragon's name

    Not much input but this is something I've been thinking of too with my fc's growing interest in some dragon plot lines. The best idea i could suggest is to go over all the in game dragon names and just take notes of them and work from there. I mean some of the more lore heavy dragons have well known names (while they may very well have a dragonspeak name too) and others are named like the little whelpling. That or maybe the above post is right in that some were given names later while others were not.
  8. Rosekitten

    Every FC is a front for something?

    I've seen a lot of cafe' and spa front type FCs but I think it's a good thing to try and include a wide range. If you narrow your Fc's idea too far tan you'll find yourself with very little rp or being in a corner where you can't really rp any of the Fc aspect outside of the Fc itself. I know my fc's idea currently is a sort of trade front but past that there is a lot of room for various other types of characters to interact or join the company. General rule of thumb with my Fc is we don't ask too many questions so long as you don't bring your troubles to our doorstep. It's suppose to be a place for folks to get back on their feet or to try to get a new leash on life so to say. The trade front is to give our craftsmen a place to rp their crafts, merchants to deal with and so on and so forth, we have a few Fc's who are allies to us that are more military or sell-sword based but it works well for both groups in the end with our set up.
  9. Rosekitten

    balmung Duskwight LS?

    There use to be a duskie and a elezen only ls group on balmung, no idea as I moved off the server. Best I can tell you is to ask in the major cities from time to time to see if anyone speaks up about one.
  10. Rosekitten

    FC / Dm'ing events and tips ?

    Given the Fc is still building up so to speak I on't have a main story in mind to be honest. So most of the events will be side stories or just some events as things to do. Wasn't really planning on being thrust into a leadership spot and for the leader and his wife to switch mmo's with no plans on return..Originally it was going to be 4 or 5 of us planning events so it wouldn't be nearly as bad then.
  11. Rosekitten

    discussion Imaginary items and angry men, oh my.

    I only really detail items out if I need to. Sometimes I make mention on how her axe is being carried or a note that she has at least a pair of daggers visible. Maybe small things here and there. Nothing that in most cases you have to really worry about. The details are more important is you are getting art done and it's something different from the character model or if you need to make mention of a feature or look of the character that isn't in the game more than the details of weapons and trying to explain the game graphics. Now on the note of character personalities... my own character is anti social and blunt more often than not. I do make sure to talk to most people I rp with ooc'ly so they know I'm not trying to hurt their feelings or that im just in some bad mood. Generally I'll set up encounters or events due to the fact that the character doesn't usually go out of her way to track people down. I think it's all about communication to be honest. You can play whatever type of character you want to just think about how it may come across to others and talk with people you rp with to explain some things. You'll make and keep more friends that way instead of people walking away from your rp thinking that you are just being mean just because.. (because a lot of people I have noticed over the years take ic far too seriously into their ooc thoughts and feelings).
  12. Rosekitten

    Free quick sketches for practice

    If you are still taking offers for practice. Also these sketches are amazingly cute. It makes me miss drawing now. <3 (feel free to ignore the dragon I had just finished a rp and had taken these as my own reference images.. haha...) https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/862858011066785703/A116D1810278C20100CE308641DA9DF38A771C7F/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/862858011066785782/7DCCE028B65F8E9FE4CD4C7E534B236E18B093C5/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/862858011066785877/7370B8A99DE198623C16DD710079336E8B18471D/
  13. Rosekitten

    FC / Dm'ing events and tips ?

    So I've found myself with leadership of my FC and the sudden large realization of trying to mold everything together and give some purpose of why certain characters would join forces so to speak or why my own would bother to gather these misfits together in the first place. But I came here to seek out some advice for keeping things interesting for my Fc members. The Fc story is a bit of a work in progress and after things settle in a bit I do plan some small festival events just because it would fit to the theme the company has going. I'm just not sure how to host or dm events in this game. I've been to a fair amount of events in the past but I never really sat there and took in how the event was run or how things played out with x amount of people being present. I've dm'ed before for tabletops and forums but I was more of just curious on how others tackle things. Thank you for your time~!
  14. Rosekitten

    discussion Long term plot Vs Casual RP

    I normally end up in a lot of casual plot but I also main a blacksmith character. I expect to get more of the town or common folk feel out of my story then a epic saga adventure. Not to say a common folk type of character can't get involved in such a thing. I wiped her wiki when I switched servers due to story holes and people just not being on the same server/quitting. But I actually had been dragged or involved in quite a lot of so called adventures. My character back on Balmung had tie ins with pirates, was put in charge of a group called the spiral knights for a while. Dealt with the loss of several close friends.The blood of her own brother on her hands, dragon-like folk suddenly showing up during the heath of the Ishgardians dealing with dragons. Fairly sure there was a handful of other exciting things but I've forgotten them and I don't have the notes pulled up at the moment. But generally I go with whatever story makes sense. Odds are it has nothing to do with the current main story. Thus far the closest thing I've gotten to being in line with the main story was the whole ishgardian thing and the scaled Au Ra showing up. Over the years I've gotten use to people ducking in and out and I tend to figure out the time line based on what mini plots that get completed. If something is large enough I may mention it in passing during an interaction with a smaller story point but that is mainly to cover my bases for later. If a plot gets started and doesn't go on enough to bother mentioning it.. I won't. Just like back in the day my character played bodyguard or guide to a blind traveler in the Shroud. Though the story idea only lead to one interaction so I never bothered to mention it as my character should have been and would have been stuck in the shroud and the other player never logged back in.. I'm by no means a heavy rp'er. I'm considered light at best. I have odd hours and normally if my kiddos are awake I try to avoid rp because I don't want to hold people up if I have to run afk. ^^; Also as another note to put here... if you don't know or can't find something in the lore to describe what you want to do.. make it up. The FF universe is vast, there are other lands our characters can't get to there are other magics, devices etc that could be out there. Just try to put some foundation of logic behind it if you have to go that route.
  15. Rosekitten

    mateus [ Mateus ] Sandwich food truck pulls in!

    Welcome to the RPC and keep in touch whenever you do finish Ilakha's wiki. Would love to see a veterinarian around. With all the 'bos out with adventurers I can see where one would be pretty useful.