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  1. So I finally decided to get off my lazy bum and start looking for rp again. Sadly I can't make any promises to join any FCs or swap servers as I am gaming with family/friends on Hyperion. I have several years of rp experience spanning various mmos and forums. So I'm fine with a in game or even discord or forum based style. Not really picky in that regard. I have found myself to be a little out of my element on Hyperion as my original server was Balmung and then my last home in FF was on the Mateus server. I am not seeking relationship rp of any sort. Friends, comrades and along that line is perfectly fine with me but I'm not really interested in going past that point. My previous character (if anyone remembers her as I never redid her wiki page and it's been a hot minute when I last played or even rped...) was a female duskwight. I ran around from the moment I started ARR with her story as a ishgardian blacksmith. That being said.. I am happy to brainstorm ideas for my new character. I am in the process of fleshing him out so I'm pretty open to most ideas .. sorry can't really provide any hooks past being a Au ra. That being said any questions or what not feel free to ask or message me. um.. I'm not sure what else to add here.. ^^; (guess I'll just add more information here as I think of it or questions come up) (I'm not 1000% sure how the whole server shard thing works but I'm open to at least visiting other servers on my shard if that helps..? )
  2. This time around.. probably focus on the MSQ first and unlocking /gearing. Swapped to a lower pop server as far as rp goes so no real rush on my end to detail out anything. after getting to level cap I'll likely focus my gathering classes and then worry about any rp plans I may end up with. I know this time around I'm swapping my character's race and gender so least once I get to a point where I can work on rp details I'll have a fresh slate too work with.
  3. I don't have any official lore dumps or links here but I can share my experience as I main rp'ed a blacksmith all the way till a year ago. When I was rp'ing my smithy all these years I had her be a master of her craft with a lot to learn still as she traveled. I went to small rp events throughout the years even where other people were rp'ing various craftsmen or even fellow smithys and learned from them if they were willing to teach it. Over all I avoided crafting anything too magical so to say due to wanting to avoid trying to explain how it was crafted or made in too much detail.. as I progressed in her story though I did find various ways to work in why certain materials were needed and how they went into the craft of a weapon. This is a pretty vague area of the game where they don't really explain how valuable or rare things are that the player can pretty easily get a hold of. Plus you can even take into consideration how the smithing or crafting of said thing is taking place.. Like is it standard medieval times style or more Japanese style like they do for making their blades? I still would assume it takes time to craft/repair anything. Maybe not quite real life days and if you are rp'ing something like this out you may very well want to agree to a time skip or something with whoever is involved. I'd say the sky is kind of the limit so long as it's written to be somewhat believable? You could very well detail out this crystal is to speed the process, or a fire crystal keeps the heat or what have you at the right temp or makes the leather easier to tan. *shrugs*
  4. I may try to shoot them a message. I 'm not really looking to run a tribe sadly. As fun as the idea sounds of forming one and giving it a bit of flair.. it's not in the cards. The server I moved to has rp on it but it's pretty spread out at best. ^^; I just wanted to make sure I was keeping the names at least close to lore or the theme behind the race as I could. I probably worry far too much as more then likely it won't be brought up in conversation much if at all heh. I know I had seen some things here and there but I can't seem to find most of my old bookmarks anymore (granted they are a few years old now soo.. heh)
  5. Oh I know it's a Xaela thing (excuse to keep the coal blue skin still heh). I should have mentioned that was part of my plan to start with. I was just curious if there was some sort of naming rule for the clan. I know they were based off of the Mongolian tribes..? I think I heard that somewhere anyway. I wasn't sure if there was some sort of naming convection for the clans just like the names. I have several months yet to iron out what exactly I'm doing.. I won't end up changing anything till after the expansion release I don't think..
  6. thanks a bunch. The only real specific question I can think of as of the moment is dealing with clan naming. Odds were I was going to favor the route of just being the last left in the clan due to the clan conflicts.. (I know they have a name for them but presently I can't think of it off the top of my head). I hate thinking I'm doing the probably done to death route for the clan back story but at the same time I know very well if I went into full detail where the clan was alive (I can't really bring myself nor am I feeling brave enough to adopt one of the lore clans as my character's clan.. I'd rather not step on toes if I can help it..) then I'd be detailing out quite a few characters just to satisfy my own story telling.. >_< (though typing that out. that does sound like fun .. to me at least haha).
  7. I know there are the wiki pages but I was curious if there was any other reference material I could get a hold of to have a look at? I was thinking about re-rolling my character in the near future just as a bit of a change. I've only spent the last six or so years rp'ing as a duskwight Ishgardian smith.. I think it may be time for a change.. With mixed feelings of excitement and my nerves getting the better of me again.. I wanted to seek out information on a few things before I really settled on what I am going to do in the long run of things. Thank you in advanced for any information or links you may have to share ^^
  8. I will be 100% be keeping this around for future use. ^^ Thank you for sharing~!
  9. I play on hyperion personally and I was rather shocked to see how much of a rp community is here. The split isn't going to really effect this server as it's already apart from the main rp servers as it is. As far as free companies that rp on this server... They are a bit on the rare side and even fewer of them travel anywhere. Most have set locations like cafe, inns and casino styles of themes going on. I think on this data center Lamia is the more known rp server? I may be wrong about that..
  10. Sweet, I had stumbled on a older post from the Lucky Seven group so I was unsure if they were still around or not. ^^; Thank you~ totally a life saver.
  11. So I started this game back on Balmung and stayed there for most of the game's life. With the last expansion I had swapped servers to Mateus due to some friends. Once more I find myself returning to the game (well more of my husband planning to return, if it weren't for the fact Id rather play a game with him then alone I'd never leave). I now seem to be in the odd spot where we are planning to swap servers and it won't be a known budding or already budded rp server.. I'm almost at a bit of a loss as to what I really think about this. On one hand we'll be starting off in an already active raid company.. but the story teller in me is saddened by the idea of there maybe being no real rp scene on the server or in the new future the data cluster (when they do the whole world updates to be able to hop of various worlds in the same cluster..whatever they are calling that). I guess as well as reintroducing myself back to this lovely community I wanted to see if there was even a small rp group to be found on Hyperion. I'd love to have contacts before I reinstall the game and get things going again in a few weeks. ~<3
  12. I may try that, not sure anyone really sits down to making and recording emote videos heh so borrowing someone would be a faster/better bet anyway haha. Thank you very much~ ^^
  13. Oh shoot I forgot about the benchmark heh. I know I watched the Viera clips out, but the whole tease on if they could be male or not (not personally attached to the race but if my husband want's to be a amazon bunny girl. Eh I'm in heavy armor all the time anyway so a race change isn't effecting my cosmetics over all xP). I didn't think the trial would have all of the races? Unless they changed it or I just assumed wrong. I figured the Au Ra wouldn't be in the trial.But yeah emotes were a bit of a factor.. I know all of the elezen males cause.. well playing one for beta and the following year I'm pretty sure I remember most of them haha.
  14. So I've been away from the game for a fair bit. The urge usually shows up to return to FFXIV when I find myself without a MMO. My husband is even on board for re-subbing to the game with the enticement of blue mage and the talk of Vera around the corner. So with that thought in mind he was debating on swapping over to a viera female for his character (we don't have a lot of time to worry about multiple characters so before someone suggests make a new one). not to mention that during my time away .. where I was in the middle of revamping my wiki back when I was active.. well we'll just say a drive crash and most if not all of my character history was gone.. so swapping to a new name/race/gender isn't as painful as it would have been in the past.. Given I have every intention to get back into art again I figured I could go back to playing a male character for the 100% legit excuse of drawing couple art again.. heh. I only did that for a year when FF re-released so why not. My biggest halt in the idea is how attached I am to my current model being a elezen duskwight female.. I presently don't have a sub to the game but I wanted to look into some things while I waited to see what exactly my husband wanted to re-sub (he's been busy with work so I can understand waiting). My first go to was just swapping back to a male elezen duskie.. cause honest my character in all of these years has never been anything but a duskie save that one time I had a 2nd character that was a lala. My second thought was on a male Au Ra. My husband plays one of these now but being a caster the animations are pretty different from what I would end up seeing more often then not (I mainly play tank/melee). So I was curious if anyone had links to visual guides for combat animations, I'm sure finding customization videos are easy enough. Not that this swap is set in stone but eh.. may as well be prepared instead of sitting there for hours trying to debate something only to hate it. (sorry if this is in the wrong place.. I've been gone a heck of a while and the whole forum changed in layout haha, I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the character workshop as I don't really need lore help or writing help..)
  15. Not sure Duskwights still live in the caverns. Not going off of some recent information someone managed to ask about Duskies in the recent PAX. From the sounds of it the underground city went into disrepair not too long after most of the city returned to the surface. I'm not sure on the details but if I find where I heard this from I'll be sure to link it here for you. Also not sure where at on the time line this is but going off of the state of the ruins in the Palace of the dead.. i would assume they have been gone a while. Again I'm not going to even begin to say I know everything about lore but this is something I heard recently. Feel free to take it or leave it as even in the race's wiki they say they live underground. *shrugs* who knows, just felt like giving you a heads up but I doubt anyone would question it to be honest. But on another note... I can't give you the pirate character you are after but if you are seeking other connections by all means. Always looking for other Duskie connections. ^^
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