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  1. Oh you have no idea .. we've handled a few kegs already.. *sigh* My biggest hurdle is that some of the kegs are friends well before FF and I wasn't really planning on my joining the rp cause they never had rp'ed before. But here we are. I agree with trying to focus more on the players who are motivated and putting the effort. It's what I have been doing. Guess really all I can do to keep as much peace as possible is keep pushing for small events and folks will have to sort themselves if they want to keep going to the weekly or not. Like you said.. can lead a horse to water.. if they aren
  2. I think another issue my group has.. is we have a fair amount that are new to rp or only rp the one day a week for the event or if another event is set up.I myself rp outside of the events so over all I don't understand the left out feeling as there is always something else to be attending to or doing as far as a rp story / character is concerned. Also I had the idea at the start to have tailored events, even more for the 'casual' players.. I tried to encourage trade skill or just all around common folk. But most of them took up some form of combat role and now don't have the excuse that
  3. I have... a weird group. I have a couple of folks who get really .. on edge? Not sure how to word it .. if they get left out or skipped over. We set up a post order for most things so they don't get over looked. But I will admit it really slows anything and everything down as well as people just not really paying attention due to the long wait time. I'm just at a loss for the casual side of things. Mainly due to people not wanting to adjust or break off in groups for whatever reason. (again probably down to the whole they dont want to miss anything even though i do a summary each week).
  4. So my little FC grew a fair bit and has a fair amount of rp'ers now. I was given the suggestion to try to break our weekly event (we do raids and other events so we only do a guild event once a week for rp) into smaller groups. Some are saying it takes too long to post or get anywhere. One.. I'm not sure how to do that when most of the fc like to stick near where I am.. or without flat out DM'ing for multiple groups. I also get the feeling then some people would just break off into the same group of 2-3 every time and never form any bonds with other characters. One of my officers suggest
  5. Yeah Dacien, we've been including the members. WE're a pretty open fc as far as leadership. the leader/officers are there if a issue actually comes up but we're pretty drama free. :3 I figure no matter what i will always have some hand holding.. but I was trying to see if there was a system to make events at the very least smoother on my end to Dm to make interesting stories without having to stress (as much haha). Hrm.. I rather like the over time power idea.. but some people just can't commonly make the events but I think Ill pass the info on though .. : o mybe we can work w
  6. I do like the concept you presented in the first part.. I'm going to copy that over to my officers for food for thought as far as advancement or not. We were working on a no real advancement system. Like characters can be adjusted based on experiences but it shouldn't have any jump leaps and bounds ahead. The death/wounds.. i leave that semi in the player's hands. I warn most if they do a mission and their character isn't ready... they could be hurt. I won't kill a character off but they may very well have to play out being unable to attend the next mission if it's close enough time fram
  7. Ok .. so as my fc has grown over the months and it's been a blast the whole time. I also feel like I have to take some extra dm'ing to certain characters... like literal baby sitting certain characters to ensure they are not becoming over powered gods.. Maybe I'm just a bit too relaxed and people aren't scared enough yet that they can be wounded or even die while I am dm'ing a mission. My officers and I have been trying to hash out a way to keep everyone in check without me having to micro manage certain players as much or often (it just turns any combat or situation into a major h
  8. I don't venture out as much anymore. Have enough going on in the Fc to keep me busy for the time being. Someone has to heard the cats.. D; I use to have a ton of rp outside of taverns and all. My previous character ended up leading a group of knights and we held events in various locations to play out the missions. If people wanted to hop in they were more then welcome and we'd work them into the story. ^^ I admit my current FC is working on a speak-easy of sorts.. but that's a cover building. More then likely we'll be all over the place once we finish getting things set up. Would be
  9. As a update to this post. We're still recruiting for rp/casual sake. The company is just at the point where they obtained a large house as well as storage and side cavern for airship work.. all by 100% 'legal' means. As far as future planned events... if I can get things rolling and work out some form of fair system ... we will be hosting a small scale fighting pit. Past that we are in the process of setting up a sort of speakeasy with a front and back section to the bar (have to start bringing in funds somehow.. till other means of funding these little operations comes into play).
  10. Given I finally have my Fc under control and the rp there settled for the time being... figured I can offer my free time. Sadly not on the servers you posted on but all for the idea of adventure or even enemy stories/plots. (why not my character seems to be racking up on enemies as of late for some reason). More then happy to hash out details and all as I've been super lazy and haven't bothered to type the wiki out.. (lost that will after I was updating my retired character and deleted everything shortly after my main drive failed that held my back ups.. rip). At the worse if server
  11. Please note we are more of a casual rp group and try to keep things lore friendly and fairly open but to chime in on this... We have a transgender character in our group as well as some who use the Fantasias with side effects so to speak. As far as I see it... they aren't bothering anyone and it works with lore well enough that I'm not going to call anyone out or ruin what they want to do with their character. Just enjoy yourself and have fun. *shrug* Find or make a group that you can do this in and build a story or character. ^^
  12. I have people in my FC personally that play lalafells without them being lore names based on background life choice and everything else. Names are pretty and useless is a common thing I feel my character says to anyone XD I can't speak for a heavy rper but I have never seen or witnessed anyone turning someone down for rp due to a name. ^^ But I'm sure there is some out there that will but.. don't let them discourage you. Excuses to explain a name; adoption, raised outside of the traditional Raen areas/tribes, maybe the family yo were born to had moved away from their traditional
  13. You said your character was a Au ra? Well then we have new questions on what type (as the names vary) and where exactly they lived or held up residents at. I wouldn't be too overly concerned with names as you can detail out several reasons as to why or what caused the character to take on such a name To the question at hand here, I'm not well versed in Garlemald or Doma's history so someone else is better suited to answer this I think. I'd assume most places knew of each other despite if they appeared or how the npcs talk in the game. Just like I'm sure there were people in Limsa d
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