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  1. Thank you for the welcome ^^
  2. Hello hello! I'm Tai, a college student not new to RP but new to FFXIV style stuff. On my Leviathan account, I'm a lvl 64 WHM so I'm not COMPLETELY a newbie. I play a xaela on that account, and through quarantine and finishing finals, I felt an urge to get back into RP. In my teenage years I spent some time roleplaying on tumblr, so I'm used to longer paragraphs but I'm getting into some of the styles I've seen thus far! I wanted to wait until I had a better grasp of Xaela culture and lore before making this post, because there are still some things I'm a little unsure of. I play on Mateus, and live in EST. However, given certain life-threatening circumstances outside I am not working (but thanks to the powers that be, my work-study money is still being sent) and I now have the sleep schedule of a bat. The earliest I'm active is around 3pm, and the latest being around 4am. I try to split my time 60/40 between this and my actual character (for story/raid things), so the easiest way to get in contact with me would probably be discord. I like all forms of RP, from light and silly to heavy with mature themes. On the lighter side of things, Manmi is a fish out of water that tries to appear more dignified than she is so as not to seem weak; if one were to, say, regale her with tales of Eorzean culture that weren't exactly true, she'd have no choice but to take them as fact...even if the dance she's obliged to do seems silly. When her lack of knowledge on something comes to light, she's easily flustered. Regarding the heavier side of her character, she is absolutely alone save for her chocobo she got after settling in Gridania. Her clan, the Avagnar, have been all but swallowed by the larger Adarkim clan, and going by one's ancestral name publicly has dire consequences. For some, the trauma of fighting for land and resources to no end results in them coming out stronger; for her, already born smaller than most, it served to damage her confidence even further. She still secretly holds to the belief that those who are strongest are most important, and can get a little mopey if her studies continue as easily as she'd wish. I'm pretty much down for any length of RP, whether it's short tavern shenanigans or longer storylines. Really I'd just like to get experience RPing in XIV, making some friends along the way. I'll admit, I still get nervous because it's been a few years since I've done this last, and I don't want to make mistakes. However, I'm very open to criticism, lore correction, or any suggestions at all. Finally, I'm also thinking about joining a LS or FC! I understand that many have long, branching storylines already, but if there's one out there willing to take me in I'd be honored. Thank you and hello again :^)
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