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  1. I didn't realize there was an examine option! I'll look into that and customize my own!
  2. So I've given my character an rp name since asking about that, thx! I'm also reviving my Mateus character, and I notice there is substantially more rp on that server instead in terms of people flagging themselves as rp in character search. However, I'm used to walk-up rp like in World of Warcraft when in a place full of roleplayers, and I'm unsure if this is an acceptable method in FFXIV? I'll just stand in The Quicksand in Ul'dah and see all these people chatting, but don't see any chance of joining in without possibly being intrusive...
  3. With the whole server visiting thing I'm considering using my main to rp instead of a lalafell alt and just visit the rp server for the data center he's on (which is Aether), but uh...his name is a joke name so it isn't lore compliant. Does anyone have any tips on naming my fella something more lore related? And do I need to rename him if I want to rp? x_X
  4. Is there an official discord for this website by any chance? I think that might be helpful for me so I can ask questions there. Anyways, jumping back into the game and wanting to attempt to rp again. In the process of creating a male lalafell arcanist, so I gots ta look into their lore. I didn't get far at all before so I didn't give the experience a fair chance.
  5. Hello hello! Before the template thingy, I'd like to ask two things to help me get started with RP on Mateus One: I saw that white mages aren't suggested to RP for lore reasons, what about scholars? <wants to RP scholar, but doesn't want to be super special or powerful) Two: When it comes to actual ingame progression I've only made it as far as right before the fight with Ravana in HW. What are some lore tidbits, spoilers or otherwise, that would be common knowledge among citizens of Eorzea up to the end of Stormblood? If we can't mention spoilers casually in the thread the
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