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  1. Hello! I'm Vindoodles, and I draw avatars for use on social media accounts. Here's some of my recent work! Turnaround ≈ 1 week, payment (25 USD) expected up-front. Venmo/Paypal accepted! Doodling: All FF/WoW races (except hrothgar) OCs/non-FF characters Furries (can't draw, sorry!) Want me to do some work for you? Feel free to contact me! Discord: Vindoodles#0735 Twitter: @rurunima Or drop a PM! Let's talk!
  2. Still around though more likely to be interested in discord RP due to busy school life.
  3. I've got a lala that could use some friends and long-term storylines to grab onto! Rerenima Rurunima is a nobleman from Northern Thanalan who's recently returned to Ul'dah in search of answers for his father's untimely demise. A murderer is still at large, and Re's inheritance was far more than what meets the eye. He's claimed what was rightfully his, and all of the trouble that came with it! Carrd: https://renima.carrd.co Some things that would be fun to RP with: Other nobility. Has someone come from a similar background to Re? It would be great fo
  4. Updated. Still active, still searching!
  5. Phew, BIG edits on this thing, a lot has happened since it was posted! Both lalas always available for shenanigans with all races!
  6. TBH exactly the way you've already done it. Drop posts on the forums, in the RP community discords.. and wait. I would prepare to wait for a while, since the more specific your RP wants tend to be, the harder the person you're looking for may end up being to find. But you might get lucky, who knows! Alternatively, search through the LF ads that already exist and start reaching out to people who look like they might fit. You may have better luck being the first person to speak, if you've got the nerves for it. On the other side, you may find that "boring bar RP" isn't ne
  7. Love these guys. If you're in need of high-octane adventures and a laugh-until-you-cry comedy, they're the SPOT.
  8. So happy to see so many lalas running around. Brings my tiny heart such joy! Lemme know if you ever need a hand with anything.
  9. Former WoW-er here as well, been here for about a year now and wouldn't go back for anything. If you need a hand with anything I love doing dungeons and showing people around. ^-^
  10. H-How DARE you!! *FLAILS*
  11. I'm okay with RPing in discord, but greatly prefer the game itself, since it's more likely that a scene is going to finish in a timely manner. I got this thing about time continuity- regardless of where I'm roleplaying, things are happening when they're happening. So something that happens in discord will effect my character in the game, same as something in the game will carry over to any discord RP. So when a discord RP drags on for days, it gets in the way of the game's continuity, and ends up becoming a problem for me to sort out time-wise when interacting with other players, if that makes
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