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  1. Bumping this for the sole reason of wanting to transfer this character to a crystal data center server for in game RP! Currently on primal server, but due to lack of RP requests for this character I’d like to try in game for once. Please message me if interested, I know my OOC in the carrd says discord/forum only but I’d like to try in game. I will transfer if I get some potential RPs on crystal data center :)! Schedule for in game would be: After 5pm on weekdays up to 11pm and past 11pm on Fridays. Almost all day on Saturday and up to 11pm on Sunday. EST time zone.
  2. Would prefer to be long term and plot based, I tend to be a little bit busy sometimes so once a day multiple paragraph posts are preferred! DM me if interested and we can work out the details! Interested in all kinds of partners, D'hez fits in with a lot of different characters. Examples of my writing with D'hezrel can be found right here in the forums in Town Square, "To Have Lost" Also editing this post and bumping for in game RP in addition to discord RP, Id like to give it a try!
  3. The bow-thief gasped in horror at Asime's tale, ripping the bow and quiver from himself as if spiders had hatched from the strings. He threw it violently back at the Miqo'te, much to D'hezrel's annoyance. The arrows spilled from his quiver to the ground like a cruel game of pick up sticks, the Bard's tail flicked intensely with pent up irritation. These fish truly don't know how close they are to being chum--The thought echoed in his head. The group sat in awkward silence for a spell, until finally the Elder who had initially spoken turned to face them. "We have conssssidered your offer." He said frankly, casting a glance at his contorted tribesman gripped in the hands of the Au Ra. D'hez shot a look at Asime, the Sahagin's following words should be chosen very carefully, lest his tribe become an afternoon meal for the vultures. "And we accept. Please release our young one and we shall do the same with yours." --- The Bard sighed through his gag, I'm not that young. The guard near him went to cut his binds but D'hez was already standing and brushing off the dust and debris from his ordeal to the guard's awe. He released his gag and spit near the altar, the fish guard wrinkled his face in anger, "Do not disssrespect the holy altar!" D'hezrel shot him a mean glare back, walking past him to pick up several of his spilled arrows on the ground. Pointing them at the angered fish, he shouted, "Do not disssrespect my cursed bow then!" He cast a glance over the tribe while retrieving his thrown bow, pointing the tip of it at the earlier thief and narrowing his eyes, "I LIKE being a cat, I'll have you know!" The Bard smirked at Asime, he was ready to be on their way before the situation escalated further. He whistled for Layla who he had spied in the far bushes, and she came full circle around the camp, waiting at the far exit like the good little bird she occasionally was. The Sahagin reluctantly let their prize go, the Elders wisely deciding these two were a little too much for them to handle--despite what a marvelous sacrifice the Bard would have made. The fishes' disappointed gurgles and shouts of contempt could be heard as the two made their exit from the disorderly beast camp, joining their feathered lady for a hasty departure. --- They made it a safe distance from the Sahagin's camp, D'hez scolding himself nearly the entire way. "I was caught off guard, stupid, stupid, stupid! Never should have let my guard down. I sit there daydreaming for one instant, and bam! Literally on an altar waiting to be sacrificed to a fish god, what a day." His ears drooped, he was greatly disappointed in himself. The Miqo'te stroked the feathers on Layla's neck, "I owe you one, for fetching Asime." then he turned to his companion, "And I owe you for saving my arse." Wait--what was it about arse again? The thought was ringing in his head. I'm missing something. Oh gods. MY ARSE! It's going to be missing because I don't have my harp! HAUMMONT'S SPIRIT IS GOING TO KILL ME! The Miqo'te suddenly became frantic, looking around wildly, seeing that his prized instrument was not in place on the chocobo's saddle.
  4. D'hezrel's eyes immediately lit up as he saw his shadowy companion come into view, muffled happy noises emitted from his gag. He wiggled around conspicuously, as if a Miqo'te in a tribe of Sahagin wasn't already obvious enough. The guard nearby promptly butted him with a spear, but was quickly distracted with a certain Au Ra's terrifying presence within the camp. Nearly dropping his spear, the fishman took a step back, the disturbance was perfect for the Bard. He managed to wriggle one hand free of the bindings. --- 'And THAT,' he heard Asime's booming voice, D'hez froze and immediately laid back as if his hands were still bound. Fish eyes, and the intense pink eyes of the Au Ra who had witnessed his antics many a time were upon him. The innocent looking Bard stared wide-eyed at the tribe, 'Belongs to me.' Asime continued, he relaxed, their attention had turned back to the poor fishman Asimenios had now twisted like a pretzel, the Miqo'te was glad the gag would stifle his laughter as he used his now unbound hands to free his feet. Asime negotiated, D'hezrel scoured the camp, he scoured until--there you are. He had found the bickering little Sahagins who had fought over his bow, looks like the taller one had won and now wore the black bow and quiver proudly on his back, the other sulking nearby. Not for long you little thief, D'hez narrowed his eyes. He started whipping his tail hard against the altar, trying to make a specific beat but really only making hairy thumping sounds against the stone. Still, it was something he knew Asime's acute sense of hearing would catch. ---- Once he had the Au Ra's attention, the tip of his tail whipped to the direction of the Sahagin who had his bow, as well as parting his wrists in a way signifying he had already freed himself. I'm certainly not leaving without my bow, the Miqo'te thought, Haummont would haunt me for ages if I lost that precious thing...I think I'm already cursed for letting fish hands touch it... his ears drooped. One of the Sahagin Elders cautiously stepped forward, cocking his fishy head. "We will....consssssssider your offer..." The elder turned back to consult with the others, why they didn't immediately take the offer, no one could say. They didn't seem very smart, looking back on it. --- D'hezrel turned his head, marveling at the creature's stupidity. Asime had give a very generous offer. Trade the Bard for the skewered pretzel fish you dolt! The Miqo'te was getting very impatient. He looked up at Asime, his hands motioning, "Can you believe this?" while rolling his eyes.
  5. How I imagine Flora


  6. Flora was bewildered. In the middle of her private brooding session, two men had descended upon her table like wolves and were now sitting in front of her. She snatched her Gil purse and immediately shoved it back into her pocket. The Au Ra paid no attention to them, turning herself in the chair to get a better view of the sea outside. She put her hand to her bottom lip, the worn texture of the gloves grounded her in times like this. What the hell do they want from me, she thought, her blue eye was strained hard in their direction. They must want something. The tension in the air rose more as the time passed, with no words spoken between any of them. Oh how badly she wanted to tell them off, but causing a scene here would be a bad idea. She finally looked back to steal a quick glance at the pair, and did a double take. How confident and pompous they seemed! God damn bastards, are they taunting me? --- Her eye twitched, but she noticed a third man approaching, and Elezen. This was the make or break point. The woman turned her head again, resting her blinded side on her fist as her elbow laid on the table. Silence ensued for a short while, until the man had spoken. Flora hesitated for a moment, but finally turned her gaze to meet his. An icy blue eye met his with an unbroken stare. Leaning back and crossing her arms, she spoke for the first time. "I'm listening, Liore. What's the job and how much does it pay?" She had a confident tone, one with no fear behind it. The Au Ra was also curious to his knowledge of her, but assumed that if he intended to arrest her she'd already be in shackles.
  7. It wasn't necessarily that she was disinterested in the busy scene around her, it's just that she was tired and frustrated. The Au'ra sat quietly in her seat, fiddling with her half empty mug of ale. Can't believe it was just another dead end, she thought to herself. Flora Scarlett had traveled to Limsa Lominsa all the way from Ul'dah on a lead she received of a famed traveling minstrel, an older Elezen man who would be visiting the seaside city. 'Where the HELL are you, Haummont Tuipiere?' Crossing her arms, the Au'ra was noticeably disconcerted. --- She was dressed all in black, a cloth was across her left eye. Her boots came up to her thighs, and the heels of them were very sharp. She wore a simple shirt, with a mid chest jacket with pouches on both sleeves. Thick leather gloves covered her hands. Her ice blue eye followed some gulls outside the open archway of The Drowning Wench as they quickly disappeared from view. Tendrils of her light pink hair fell from her shoulders as she shifted, resting her hand on her cheek and as she sighed loudly. She crossed her legs and drained the rest of the contents of her mug, setting the cup on the edge of the table and fingering the meager remains of her gil purse. --- Flora narrowed her eyes, she knew she'd have to get some more money soon and how she'd do that was still up in the air. Most of her damn money was spent just getting here chasing a blasted ghost. She clenched the fist resting on the table, her glove squeaked with the force. She released her grip, calming herself. Her last job didn't end too well. She looked at the last pieces of gil she had remaining, her intense blue limbal ring glowed in the dark shadows of the coins looking up at her from the purse. She smiled, a menacing little grin. I remember where I last got you, I wonder if that Hyur is rotting in Hell where he belongs, little gils, hmm?
  8. 'Where is this place?' It felt so familiar as the Miqo'te walked down the hallway, his steps echoing as he went down the stairs. Everything was hazy, it felt like looking through a tunnel. Was any of this real, or not? He reached the bottom. Looking over, he saw a woman with her back to him standing over a quaint little bar counter, worn from many years of service. "Mother?" He called out. She did not answer. An elezen with silver hair, falling in a neat little bob around her shoulders, it looked so much like her just then. "Mother?" He called again, louder this time. She began to turn, painfully slow. She faced him, there was no light in her crystal blue eyes, a sliver of blood dripped from the edge of her mouth as she began to fall, there was a giant wound in her belly where a weapon had torn. He screamed, he screamed as she fell in slow motion before his eyes and he ran towards her as his limbs were weighed with what felt like bags of iron sand. Suddenly, a blur, looking over he saw his father rush like a mad man to catch his mother before she hit the ground. He was heavily wounded, and bleeding all over. The floor space separating them began to stretch, the more he ran towards them the further they fell away. He reached his arms out and screamed, "WAIT--MOTHER, FATHER, LET ME SAVE YOU!" The echo of his footsteps were deafening, his limbs were screaming louder than he was. "Please, wait for me.." his last, desperate plea was heard by no one. --- D'hezrel startled awake, his body was covered with sweat after an intense nightmare. He laid for a few minutes, taking deep breaths and reflecting on his horrible dream. Best not dwell on it, he thought to himself, or I'll be depressed for an age. He finally groaned and sat up, stretched, and yawned several times before getting up to check on Layla. She was still half asleep, it was only a little past dawn and the chocobo absolutely refused to acknowledge anything or anyone right then. D'hez had his hands firmly on his hips as he looked at her, "You get thirty more minutes alright, I'm being generous!" --- The Bard went about doing various things around camp, he got the fire blazing again, warmed himself, and went into the immediate area to see if he could find them some food other than smashed butt-bread and cheese that they'd rather sculpt than eat. The Miqo'te scanned the forest--perfect. He spotted the cutest little squirrel hopping across the foliage, and soon it was shot, cleaned, skinned, and roasting over their campfire. He glanced over to his companion, unsure if still asleep, but decided to call to him, "Asime, sorry to wake you, but I have food other than smashed leftovers and I'd like you to have some." He placed the roasted squirrel bits on tree bark he had fashioned into a makeshift plate and laid it by the fire. D'hezrel stood up, and continued, "Also, we need to find the best path around the lake, I'd like to scout ahead and see what I find, before we go wandering. I'm taking Layla and will be back shortly!" The Miqo'te smiled, he placed his harp on Layla's saddle hook, and grabbed his bow. He mounted her. Before trotting out of camp, he turned her to face him. "Oh, feel free to eat the rest of that. I've squirreled away plenty for myself." He patted his stomach, laughed, and the duo disappeared into the woods before the minstrel could be properly chastised for his horrible joke. --- They hadn't traveled too far from camp, the lake waters sloshed against the shore as the chocobo and her Master scanned the area. D'hezrel was talking quietly to himself and planning their next course, a formation of rocks was coming up and Layla was becoming uneasy. The Bard stopped. Something didn't feel right, he took out his bow, he listened carefully...but not carefully enough. He was taken by surprise as a huge fish-like beast leapt from the waters and pounced on him, knocking him straight off of Layla, who screeched in panic and began flapping wildly. In almost an instant, he was surrounded by Sahagin with spears pointing in his face, his bow had been knocked out of his reach. Layla instantly charged towards him, but more spears swung around to face her and she reared up, shrieking in anger. The chocobo looked desperately for an opening, she snapped her beak at the creatures closing in on her, spears in hand, D'hezrel panicked as the creatures took hold of him and began to drag him away, "ASIME!! Layla, A-SI-ME!!! Ugh!" One of the Sahagin smashed the butt of their spear into his gut, "Ssssssilence, land walker!" The bird cocked her head at him. That word. A command, by his tone. Asime. She associated that word with the dark mass they traveled with, her Master was always saying that word to the dark blob with shiny feet. Layla only knew to go back to camp, to "Asime". One of the creatures lunged their spears at her, but she leaped out of its reach and into the forest. Wildly she ran, back to their camp. Layla came back to the camp, her saddle off-kilter, reins loose by her head and--most concerning--D'hezrel's small harp still hooked in place on the saddle. The bird screeched loudly searching for the companion they had traveled so far with, Asime. --- D'hezrel fought the entire way back to the Sahagin camp, much to the creatures' displeasure. They butted him many times with their spears, but still, he fought. They had tied his hands and feet, and ended up gagging him as well, due to his yelling. Luckily, the creatures weren't covering their tracks, as they dragged him the entire way to their camp. It left distinct marks in the soil, directly to their location, north of their little campsite on the shore. Please Layla, the Bard begged in his mind, just this once have listened to me and followed through. I will SHOWER you with krakka roots. They tied him to a post, where the Elders of the tribe began discussing their plans for sacrificing him to their god. There would need to be a ritual first, an intricate one. He looked over, two of the tribe's marksman were currently fighting over his bow, much to his annoyance. He began yelling at them through his gag, but only muffled noises came out. The guard watching him noticed, and began kicking him for fun. Many of the fish-beasts were laughing at this. The Miqo'te scowled, I prefered the brainless Skeleplasms, I think.
  9. "I see..." D'hezrel's gaze slowly crawled to the ground and his ears drooped. He felt bad for asking, but his curiosity had been immense. The Bard dared not prod any more, the intense seething coming from the Au'ra could be felt in the air. Even Layla kept her distance as they walked, and walked, and walked. The forest loomed before them, seeming to stretch further than it was in some wicked illusion, imagination only. It had been many miles, the air began to become crisp with the scent of a large lake nearby. --- Aside from the melody of the forest, and the sounds of their footsteps, the journey was silent, until the Miqo'te finally broke the stillness with a low sigh, "We've made it to the coast, the first mark of our journey." Exhaustion did not allow him too much enthusiasm in his statement, but he was relieved. It had been a tremendous effort to get to this place, which lay many miles from the tavern they departed this morning. He expected no reply from his stoic companion, D'hez motioned for Asime to sit and rest while he prepared their camp for the night. It was a little spot near a rock formation, close enough to the water to hear it lapping the shores as he went around finding wood for a fire. Soon enough, the darkness that was engulfing them was replaced instead by the light of the fire made by D'hezrel. --- The Bard reached into one of his belt bags, fishing for something, he dug out a linen package he had wrapped at the very beginning of their journey. Bread and cheese from the tavern, still wrapped in the neat little leaf it had come to the table on. 'Though...it looked a lot better back then...' He thought quietly to himself, stealing a glance at Asime and wondering if offering it would be insulting at this point. During the many fights he had been on since that delicious feast, the bread and cheese had taken on an interesting shape having been tossed and smashed in his bag, but food was food. Debating within himself, he hatched a plan. He set his portion aside, and, arranging Asime's in a special way, brought the leaf over and set it beside the Au'ra. "Eat whenever you're able, you don't have to, but I thought I'd offer." He quickly shuffled away, settling back at the campfire to enjoy his own squished bread and cheese, he certainly gave Asime the more undamaged pieces to enjoy. On the leaf set beside Asime, a slightly flattened bread lay curled down, in a frowning, mouth-like shape, with two wedges of cheese above it almost as if representing grumpy eyes. D'hezrel was naturally trying to cheer his comrade up, or get himself killed, whichever came first, it was his only hope. --- He finished his small ration and washed it down with some water from his flask, avoiding eye contact with Asime at all costs. "Well, I'm going to sleep now. I'm a light sleeper and the slightest noise will wake me so we shouldn't fear any beasts of the night." He was true to his word, and kept his weapons close to his side as he lay down to rest. A light cloak and a thin bedroll from his camping supplies sufficed for his exhaustion to take him almost immediately. The stars circled endlessly in the sky over the adventurers; Their dreams haunted by different demons, yet their fates intertwined.
  10. They sat in silence for a moment then. D'hezrel looked to the side, sighing a little. It was a dreary, pitiful little sigh--thwack. "Ouch!" The Miqo'te flinched as a pine cone knocked him square in the head. Nodding, he understood. He smoothed his hair where it had hit while he listened to his companion's lecture. He always couldn't help but see some of Haummont in the brooding Au'ra, he would have chuckled if the moment hadn't been so serious. But really, he thought, they are similar in ways, I'm certain Master Haummont would have pelted me with something even harder if he saw me moping. He did deeply appreciate Asime's words. The Au'ra approached him. He felt the prod of the man's finger in his chest, a single pointy reminder of who he was, or rather who he was to those around him. D'hezrel couldn't help but feel a slight pang of guilt, for what Asime had said was true, but there were deep pits of hatred entrenched somewhere within him. They were hidden and he did his best to overcome it. Yet, he feared the day when he might face Wiltgybal again and feel it boil to the surface. "Thank you, Asime. Truly. It means a lot to hear that from you." The Bard met the intense gaze of his comrade for a second, but it was torn away as Asime began to survey the forest around them. ‘If not for your self-actualization and steadiness in the face of danger, then for your talent of archery and pathfinding. Of which we’d best be employing the latter, sir. I am no astrologian but I judge some hours left to this day, and I am certain there will be diversions aplenty ahead. We needn’t tarry here much longer.’ D'hezrel nodded in response, it would be best for them to leave this place, stained with apprehension at this point. He whistled for Layla who trotted over, eager to leave this place at last. In a quiet manner, he rose after his companion and followed suit. Bow in hand and harp in tow, with Layla not far behind, they set off. He held Asimenios in great respect at this point, though they had only traveled together for short while. He was silent for a time, much like his solemn companion. He stepped ahead to guide them through the brush and examine trees, moss, or anything to help guide them to their destination. Eventually the Miqo'te began to tire a little, he slowed his pace, coming to an abrupt stop. His eyes trailed up to the towering Au'ra, then suddenly, he spoke. "Asime, what happened to your hands, if I may be so bold to ask?"
  11. The Miqo'te watched as Asime shuffled around in his pack, finally taking out an ornate pipe with which he began smoking shortly after. He offered the pipe to D'hezrel, something the Bard did not expect but very eagerly accepted. It has been ages since I've last enjoyed something like this, D'hez thought to himself as he puffed on the pipe, handing it back to his companion and nodding his head in thanks. He choked a little and shook his head, looking up at Asime right as he inquired about his scar. He met the pink jewels of eyes staring at him, and sighed. "Ah, well yes. This? Not sure if I could ever call it much of a laurel at all." He rubbed the scar slightly with his fingers, remembering that night. It, of course, was as vivid as if it was happening in front of him again. Horrors he could never forget. ---- That day he had been out in the stables, tending to Layla, she was acting a bit more flighty than usual but it didn't raise too much concern in the Miqo'te, who was only about twenty years of age at the time. The quaint little Inn his parents owned was nearby, and he had trotted up to it as he would have any other day unconcerned of any danger that would be inside. He opened the door and walked in, only to be greeted by a horrendous, unspeakable sight that haunted him in nightmares both waking and asleep. No sounds emitted from the young Miqo'te, frozen in terror after seeing his murdered parents as they laid silently on the floor before him. A hyur bandit came from the side and grabbed him, laughing maliciously as he began to scream and fight the grip of the man. The bandit grabbed D'hezrel by the back of the head and slammed him into the edge of a table, slicing open part of his cheek and brow and nearly missing his eye by a hair. His right eye burned and his vision blurred red from the blood. "Do I get to kill this one too, boss? He's a fighter!" The cruel hyur swung D'hezrel around and pressed a knife to his throat, threatening to end his life in an instant. D'hez began looking around, only to see the slaughter this group had committed all around him, some of their regulars lay dead around the tables, then he looked over to see a bulky Roegadyn this bandit had referred to as their "boss". When he turned around and moved aside, D'hezrel gasped and felt more hot tears slide down his face as he saw Haummont, barely alive slumped on the ground. "Leave the boy." Haummont choked through a raspy voice, "You've spilled enough blood this day, Wiltgybal. I'll tell you what you want to know. In exchange for the boy's life." The Roe raised his eyebrows and laughed, a barbarous, cold-blooded laugh. "Oh, we've finally found the bargaining chip for you, eh? Don't kill the boy, yet, Elstan." His crew of misfits roared with laughter. Wiltgybal turned back to the Elezen, a seething tone in his voice, "Now, where is the amulet I seek, Minstrel. Lie to me and I'll hunt every damn innocent this side of the woods, including your precious boy over there." Haummont Tuipiere sighed, a heavy raspy sigh that threatened to be his last. His face was bloodied and near unrecognizable from the beatings he had received, he told the Roegadyn the location of the amulet he so desired. "Let the boy go, I'm feeling generous today." Wiltgybal looked back and told his crew. Elstan, the hyur bandit flung D'hezrel to the ground and kicked him. "You're a lucky little shit, better get out before the boss changes his mind!" The Miqo'te was dazed, he felt the blood from his face dripping onto the hard wood floor. Looking up, he saw the Roegadyn raise his axe in the air above his Master. The Elezen looked up, smiled, and told him to run. "Run, far away from here boy. You have much to learn and I'm sorry I won't be there to teach you. Please go now" With tears stinging his eyes, he swung around and dashed out of the Inn, running and stumbling as fast as his legs would take him. It felt as if the world was crashing around him, as if nothing was real anymore. He fell into Layla's feathers in the stables, sobbing heavily, she shifted uncomfortably not understanding fully what was going on, but definitely knowing she wanted to get out of there. He grabbed his bow, quiver, and harp which were laying nearby and they were off. The wound on his face, still fresh, stung as his hair matted in the drying blood on the spot. He did not know how far they traveled, but he knew he never wanted to go back. ---- He told this story in detail to Asime, recounting everything he could in passionate detail, occasionally stopping when it became painful for him. He assured the Au'ra that he was okay, and would continue. It felt important to him to be able to retell what happened on that horrific day. At the end, he clarified. "My parents were actually my adopted parents. They were Elezen as well, just as Master Haummont was. They took me in after my real parents abandoned me at the Inn. Mother and Father...they treated me as their own even though I wasn't." He then found the strength to smile, "So, it's not much of a brave scar with a heroic tale to it. Kind of an appalling story to go behind it, but I've healed much as this scar has over the years. I've trained relentlessly to become better, to become stronger. To never let any brute take away my loved ones like they were that day. You'll never find me far from my bow and harp for that very reason." He squinted his eyes, "In fact, I'd love to meet that Roegadyn again one day. Wiltgybal. That name is burned in my memory forever." He looked over at Asimenios, "Sorry if I've dimmed the mood, my friend! Not good etiquette of a Bard to go around telling bleak, bloody tales, eh?"
  12. D'hezrel breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the hulking Skeleplasm at last slump to the ground in defeat. The Bard smiled at his host and raised his bow in the air, "I couldn't have killed that monstrosity on my own, that was some great team work my friend! However, I'm not letting anybody--plasm or not--kill the very person I'm supposed to guide, not very good etiquette at all!" Lowering his bow, he gave a shrill whistle. Lo and behold, his chocobo came dashing out of some nearby bushes immediately after, as if she had only been standing in them and watching the fight from nearby. He made a dramatic movement to scold her immediately-- "I told you to run away, you daft bird! That means at least fifty yalms!" He pried his eyes from her to meet the eyes of his Au'ra companion, "Yes...it appears she is, thankfully. Fortunately not hit by a sway swing of that brute's club!" D'hez was catching his breath and surveying the glade when his ear twitched at Asime's question and a wide smile spread across his face. "Oh! Yes you see, it's much older than I am. That song in particular is one passed down to me by my Master Haummont. An Elezen, he was, that song was actually written entirely in Old Elezen tongue and has been passed down for generations!" He began talking excitedly when reminiscing about his mentor, fondly remembering their time together. "I didn't even get to perform the whole piece thanks to hulk-for-brains over there, sometimes you just have to shorten it to make it work." He pulled out his harp, stood up proudly and began to sing: Mélodie du vent Venez écouter mon appel! Car la force des audacieux est récompensée par des lauriers He finished and looked very satisfied with himself, singing without fear of having a stone club smash you to bits was much more appealing. "In common tongue the translation is, 'Melody of the wind, Come and heed my call, For the strength of the bold are rewarded with laurels' he recited it in a poetic tone, glancing at Asime as he set his harp back down. "Master Haummont was ten times the Bard I could ever hope to be, but I'd like to keep his legacy alive." There was a deep melancholy in D'hezrel's eyes, but as if aware of this, he quickly looked away from Asimenios and to the forest, as if to survey their surroundings. He didn't let his silence last long and let a cheery smile illuminate his features as he faced Asime again. "Ah, if you let me ramble I'll never stop."
  13. D'hezrel stood triumphantly in front of his defeated enemies, breathing heavily. "I haven't felt a rush like that in years! What about you, Layla?" He looked over at his chocobo who seemed to be glaring expectantly at him. Oh...right! He reached into his pocket and tossed the Krakka root she had been waiting for up, which she instantly devoured midair. "Right then, off to find our gutsy Au'ra companion!" He dashed in the direction that he saw Asimenios take off before his dark figure left sight in the thick forest brush. The Miqo'te scanned the thicket carefully, looking for signs of trampled leaves, footprints, any crushed foliage to suggest his friend had traveled this way. He saw the heavy impressions of Asime's boots etched into the dirt, there's a start. Looking up he saw--Ah, there we go, a satisfied grin spread across D'hezrel's face. A path of conspicuous carnage and gore of unfortunate Skeleplasms lay before him in the trees ahead, a straightforward passage to his destination. "Come now Layla, let's go find our host!" He whistled for her and she trotted up, he leapt upon her back and with a few clicks of his tongue they were at a canter through the brush, cautious to avoid the carcasses of various Skeleplasms. Their acid and ooze was splattered haphazardly on the trees that they passed, piles of their bones and slime lay on the ground in misshapen piles. D'hez began to judge ones he deemed as "artistic" along the way, perceiving shapes in some of the felled monsters. "I say, Layla, doesn't that one there look nifty? The one with the skull smashed in the tree over there. Looks like he smashed it with such force that the head looks like a snowflake, or maybe a star? How neat!" His observations earned no response from the chocobo as she trotted forward. --- They continued along their trail for a while, but then Layla's feathers began to ruffle and she suddenly became visibly agitated beneath her master. He pulled her reins immediately, petting and calming her as he perked his ears forward to listen intently to the forest. They twitched, picking up every slight noise. In the distance, a great struggle could be heard. He yelled for Layla to run, hurrying them to whatever lay ahead. The chocobo dashed full speed through the forest, following only the sounds of whatever fray was before them, the wind whipped through the minstrel's hair until finally they came to a clearing. Before the two stood a hulking, massive Skeleplasm unlike any they had faced before. It was locked in combat with Asime, and he looked rather the worse for wear. At the sight of this creature, Layla reared up and shrieked, nearly throwing D'hezrel off if he hadn't of been able to calm her, though he was just as frightened himself. He dismounted with his bow and harp in hand, his breathing was uneven as he looked at his companion in the grips of this giant monster. "Go, into the forest," he told his chocobo sternly, "I'll be back for you later you cheeky old bird." Despite her sassy nature, Layla hesitated, for deep down she truly was a loyal creature. "I said GO!" This was the first time D'hezrel had shouted at her in such a tone, she immediately disappeared into the forest. --- Turning his attention back to the Skeleplasm, it had begun to notice him, which was probably a good thing as Asime was losing his strength quickly. His eyes darted over the creature, scanning for any weakness, his mind was flustered and panicked. What are you doing, boy? Master Haummont's voice suddenly rang in his mind. Remember what I taught you, lest you lose more of those closest to you. "Of course!" the Bard shouted out, bringing his harp close to him with absolute determination. He would turn his negative emotions into strength, using his music. He would have to be fast with his song, he knew the creature wouldn't give him a chance for another. He could at the very least revitalize Asime, and with the two of them together, they might have a chance at killing this monstrosity. His voice rang out, the creature had definitely turned his attention to D'hezrel, but the Bard managed to focus as he played his song, strumming vigorously on his harp as the waves of music burst out across the glade. The music this time seemed stronger, it almost laid thick in the air as the minstrel turned his pure dread and anxiety into strength and vitality for both he and Asimenios. Finishing his song, the creature had now begun to rush towards the Bard, "REND AND TEAR!" it screamed with it's stone club raised high. D'hezrel stood fast, readied two arrows almost instantly and aimed towards the left head of the Skeleplasm as it came dangerously close, he shot both arrows into the same head, the creature staggered but didn't fall. It just seemed to piss it off. "REND AND TEARRR!" it screamed again, and D'hez was nearly crushed as the club came down and he dashed to the side to avoid it. He shouted to Asime, "Shit, now I know why you looked near death when I got here. This one might prove to be a little problematic." The Miqo'te yelped as another swing from the hulking-plasm threatened to flatten him, he sprinted forwards and shot a volley of arrows back at the creature, it roared back in anger.
  14. D'hezrel watched in awe as Asime fought with ease, the quickness and effectiveness that the Au'ra felled the monsters with was frightening to say the least--frighteningly wonderful! A wide, goofy grin spread across the Bard's face as some stray ooze flew inches from his face during the carnage. Are these the type of heroes Master Haummont witnessed in his adventures, or wrote about in his legendary ballads? With his back to D'hezrel, the Miqo'te saw his towering figure looming ahead of him like an enigmatic stranger again, his left arm covered in dark dragonscales, bandages melted away by the ooze. 'Ah yes' he thought quietly to himself as his hand inadvertently trailed to the scar on his brow, 'we all have our secrets don't we, friend?' ---- His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a sharp whistle from Asime, who was pointing upwards. He shook his head, and his ears perked up to a sudden whistling sound of an object approaching at a very high speed. Looking up, he saw what looked to be, no, it definitely was, a Skeleplasm skull falling from it's long journey after Asimenios sent it on a much needed vacation. Fumbling with his bow, he aimed upwards and was taking quite a gamble as the tumbling head became larger and larger on it's decent towards him, his scanning jade eye stared at the whirling mass and CRACK. Briefly it whipped around midair with an arrow lodged between the eye sockets, nearly breaking it clean in half. "HEY! I got it!" The Miqo'te yelled in triumph. His victory celebration was short lived, the last of the ooze creatures were gathering, however their numbers were greatly decreased at this point. They gathered round the back of Layla and D'hezrel as the Miqo'te took a step back. He looked to his companion. "You go on ahead Asime, Layla and I can handle the remaining Skeleplasms, we can catch up with you. I have skills in tracking and will be able to find you easily if you leave me signs on your trail." The Bard turned his attention back to the disgusting ooze creatures as they crawled forwards, closing the distance between the trio quickly. ---- Layla was quick to jump on the lead plasm-creature and make quick work of him, it's dying belch faded as the other's came closer. "One down, six more to go! Come on girl, together now!" D'hez rushed forward, bow in hand, jumping onto Layla's back as they rushed forward towards the rest of the unholy group of creatures. He drew his arrow back and steadied his breathing, feeling his breath sync with Layla's as she leapt in the air, her talons ripped through the first Skeleplasm's skin and grabbed it's skull, smashing it to the ground as was her preferred Skele-killing method. The moment she crashed to the ground, D'hezrel had picked his target beside her, and loosened his arrow the moment her talons made contact. There were three Skeleplasms left, they stumbled a little bit behind the shattered remains of their felled comrades. He dismounted the bird, stepping towards the creatures. Roaring and spitting, they blindly came forwards towards the two, lined up quite nicely beside each other. Hmm...this should work the Bard thought to himself while readying the arrows in his bow, he glanced back to Layla. "Stand back please would you darling?" The chocobo stared at him, she had grown tired of this incessant combat and began preening herself. He rolled his eyes and stepped forward, out of her way. The three plasm-creatures were very close now, their ooze dripped and hissed as they swiped forwards towards the Miqo'te. He chuckled and drew his bow, which had many arrows now readied to be shot. "Sorry, your disgusting, oozy reign of terror ends today, my foes!" He aimed. Whizzing sounds could be heard as many arrows sliced through the creatures, their gruesome roars silenced once and for all as their arrow-pierced skeletons fell to the forest floor.
  15. D'hezrel trotted alongside his companions, planning their journey in his head and listening to the soft melody of the forest. The path he chose was generally safe as far as he knew, any time he traveled its winding turns the most he came across were a couple of bandits. He figured if they ran into any of those, they would be easily dealt with. There was a familiar rustling of leaves, buzzing of insects, the sounds of birds in the trees, the sound of ooze dripping on foliage as it squelched towards them--wait, what? No sooner than his ears had snapped to the direction of that sound had Asimenios stepped between he, Layla and the forest to whatever approached them while warning them of the approaching danger. Almost immediately after an absolutely repulsive figure lumbered out of the trees. --- The Miqo'te regarded Asime's bewilderment and related completely. D'hezrel meekly shrugged his shoulders, "Your guess is as good as mine friend, it's something completely unholy though and I believe whatever this...thing...used to be would want us to it out of its misery as quickly as possible" He then pondered a small moment on his companion's naming. "Skeleplasm. I like it!" His moment of trivial flattery was interrupted when some more of these wretched creatures had joined their comrade, and it seemed a dozen more behind that. The minstrel instinctively took a step forward when the first monster had reached out towards Asime, the situation was escalating quickly. D'hezrel had to think, he was taking the conditions of their situation lightly at first, but now it was becoming apparent that the tides had now turned against them. He knew Asime's glance towards them was one of faith, and he wasn't about to let his gracious host, the very person he had promised to guide, take on a small army of Skeleplasms by himself. To hells with that notion! --- "Alright Layla," D'hezrel hastily pulled out a bright orange vegetable from deep in his pocket. Plump and carrot-like, it was a Krakka root. The bird shuffled around excitedly, she immediately chomped at his hand and would have probably taken a few fingers if he had not snapped his hand away. "No, no, no!! After everything is slain you unruly fowl!" he scolded as he stuck the root back into his pocket. Pointing to the oozing creatures squirming towards them, she understood. With surprising speed, she advanced towards one of the creatures to the left side of the group, launching herself into the air she leapt upon it, her talons slicing through the Skeleplasm's jelly-like skin like butter. Her foot caught the skull of the creature through the ooze, and her weight came crashing down on it like a boulder, smashing it to the ground and shattering the skull into many pieces. The ooze dripped down her talons and she raised one up and shook it vigorously, like a cat who had just got it's paw wet in a river. She looked back at her master with ruffled feathers and seemed very displeased. You owe me for this her posture seemed to imply. Meanwhile the Skeleplasms were quickly advancing towards Asime, D'hezrel had dawdled long enough, he noticed that the Au'ra had punched his fist together in preparation for the fight, the very force had caused his cloak to blow from under him. Damn, the Bard chuckled to himself, maybe I shouldn't be so worried! D'hezrel grabbed his harp from his side and ran back towards the opposite side of the path, slightly farther from the Skeleplasms' reach. --- "You gave me dinner, I'll now give you a show!" He shouted to Asime from his position. The Bard calmed his thoughts, steadied his breathing and thought of the amazing feelings he had while at the tavern. He let the excitement of all the new experiences and adventure rush through him, and the kindness of his newfound companion Asimenios. One hand held the small harp steady against him, the other plucked across the strings numerous times and created a powerful melody that resonated through the air, a deep chord that journeyed across the breeze to his comrades and foes. He aimed to imbue his partners with slight vigor and weaken the unholy creatures, however it's effect would not last long. Readying himself, he placed his harp back to his side and reached back for his bow, it was time to prove his worth as an archer. "The strength you feel does not last very long! They are weakened! Strike while we can!" He called out to Asime. --- He drew his arrow back, he felt the soft feather of it brushing by his cheek. Closing one eye, his other marked it's target--an unfortunate, blundering ooze near Asime was closest in his sights, a heavy whooshing sound was heard and the Skeleplasm fell to the ground, a thick arrow piercing through it's skull. Meanwhile, Layla had felled two more of the creatures, and another challenged her with a horrific roar that she answered with her own squawking cry, before tackling and mauling it. "That's my girl!" D'hez cried out to her, singing various praises for her vicious enthusiasm as he shot down another plasm-creature. The path was beginning to swarm with the monsters as the trio scattered in various positions to avoid them and fell them in turn. D'hezrel had almost backed into one as he was aiming for another but he heard it's gurgling cry, quickly dashing forward, he felt a rush of air swing by his head as he was nearly grabbed by the creature. "Not today you awful, unholy thing!" He swung himself around and aimed upwards, the creature screamed and spat flecks of ooze in his face. Hrrghhh...the Miqo'te nearly lost his lunch with that. D'hez kept his senses together and pulled his arrow farther back, letting loose as jelly from the Skeleplasm's head suddenly exploded upwards and rained down, some landing on him as he groaned loudly. Wiping the grime off, he then quickly glanced around the path, eager to see how Asime was getting along.
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