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  1. Still looking for Late Night / Overnight active players, linkshells, and Free Companies!
  2. The miqo'te wanders in, coughing at the dust... "Looks like this place could use a visit!" I would like to thank Ezra Elric for providing near-daily posts, RP, and amusing shenanigans since he approached me in August. It came at a time I really needed the distraction and he's proven himself to be not only a great roleplayer, but a wonderful friend as well. If you haven't had a chance to RP with him, I highly suggest you do! I would also like to thank Zhan'a Rakhin for all the story-driven glory that is the "Woven" storyline. It's really given me so many opportunities to explore Aultena's background as well as some of her deep-seated issues and fears. I look forward to seeing how everything pans out!
  3. Hey there, gang! I’m a late night / overnight player in the Central (US) timezone. I’m usually online between 8pm and 8am Sunday, Monday, and Tuesdays. The rest of the week can get iffy, just depending on real life plans, but I’m almost always available in some form or fashion via Discord. I’m very interested in finding a linkshell that’s active with people during the late night and overnight hours, along with individual night owls active during the same. Roleplayers are preferred, but PVE friends are good, too! I’m not currently interested in a Free Company, since I have one that I’m pretty happy with at the moment. My active main for PVE is a Bard primarily, with Astrologian in the works leveling. Aultena, herself as far as roleplay, is a fiesty miqo’te huntress out of Tailfeather, you can view her full profile here. Private Messages are welcome, or my Discord information is on the aforementioned Carrd. I hope to find some fellow night owls to hoot the hours away with soon!
  4. Entry Two By Ochon’s Weary Wanderings… these dream-jumps are really a trip and a half. The last time it happened, I ended up in a place called Eulmore, at a club called “The Beehive”… let me tell you. I thought no place could put the Quicksand to shame. I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Needless to say, I was exceptionally glad to get pulled back home. This next trip, though, was to yet another unknown place. It was beautiful with flowers everywhere and a gorgeous castle off in the distance. It was as idyllic a place as one could ever hope for. Karaan was there, but none of the others that I’d seen previously were. I wonder if they ended up in different places like I had. I prayed that none of them had to endure the Beehive. Gods, spare them that! We investigated the castle at the heart of the area, but found it shuttered and locked with no visible way in beyond the front doors. There were strangely no guards either, only a bizarre pair of bushes at the base of the stairs that looked like grotesque little men with wooden spears. Unusual topiary, to say the least. As Karaan and I stood outside the castle, we started to hear voices. They wanted to play a game, so they cut us a deal: One of us plays the game, the other is the prize to be won. If we win, we get the prize and the way out of this place. If we lose, we get stuck there, forever, to play with them for all time. No, thank you, I’ll take the challenge any day of the week! We decided that I’d be the Player and Karaan the prize, just in case they decided to send us swimming in the lake. Karaan can’t swim at all, much to my surprise, I offered to teach him after this was all over. It’s a survival skill no one should be without. Sillesti taught me that often enough, along with my parents. You never know where your quarry will choose to hide, so it’s best to be prepared for any terrain or situation. I played their game, which was easy enough. One silly children’s riddle, then I had to do something ‘daring’ but they made no stipulations. I chose to sing a silly pirate shanty and hop on one foot. Not something I’d normally do, but then, they didn’t say it had to be something dangerous. They seemed thoroughly entertained by it, as did Karaan. I just wanted to get us out of there. Imagine my surprise when the voices promised that we’d have safe passage through their kingdom for such marvelous entertainment. That’ll be a blessing in the future, I imagine. I departed with my “prize” and it was well in good time, Karaan started to fade and return to our own world. We said we’d meet up somewhere in reality, I had to teach him to swim, after all. Special Thanks Player of Karaan Nolan and orchestrator of fae-folk fun! Zhan'a Rakhin Mastermind behind Woven.
  5. >>> SPOILER WARNING <<< Entry Two I think the roasted miacid we had for dinner was bad. Like, really bad. I had the weirdest dreams I think I’ve ever had. I saw snippets of Karaan Nolan’s family, on some beach somewhere with a woman and a pair of twins. They looked and seemed happy. They talked about going North somewhere. For these Eorzeans, that could mean just about anywhere, really. Then I saw snippets of some elezen riding a white chocobo and a trick being played on them both during a joust. Then I remember a dream of one of father’s old challenge hunts, where I had til sunset to find him, wherever he’d hidden in the Chocobo Forest. I hadn’t thought about those in ages… The weirdest part was when I ‘woke up’ in some desert somewhere. I didn’t really wake up, I don’t think, but it was the realest-seeming dream I ever remember having. In this strange desert, I remember seeing the stars and how they were unlike the stars I recalled when father taught me how to navigate by them. These were strange, unfamiliar. Not in places I was taught. Stranger still, Karaan was there along with an elezen dragoon that introduced himself as Irridias Velnyx. They went on about magic stuff that went over my head, but it had something to do with ‘shared consciousness’ – why we all had similar dreams – and our aether being confused or something. I don’t know. I never understand half of what mages say and most of the time it seems too far-fetched to really believe. This was no exception. The only way to go was forward, though, so we scouted the area and eventually found a small – very small – settlement nearby. It seemed to be populated with… sick people. Afflicted with some kind of malady that turned their skin a strange shade of white from what I could see. I didn’t get any closer than I had to to investigate. Disease is a hunter’s worst nightmare; it keeps us from food and money; it gives us away to prey and sometimes makes us the prey if a predator feels and smells we’re weak enough. Father never let me go on a hunt, ever, if I had so much as a sniffle. He said it was life or death out there and illness led to death more often than not. And I’m not ready to die. Thankfully, we didn’t linger long in the quarantined area, making quickly for a market town that the dragoon had seen from one of the cliffs over the hamlet. I have never been so glad to move on from a place. The market was a much better place, Mord Souq, the kobold called it when Irridias spoke to one. The place seemed to put Karaan on-edge; he wouldn’t stop patrolling and scrutinizing the citizenry. Me, I took in the local cuisine. It was… interesting, let me tell you. He called it mushloaf and it certainly was that, but the cactus paste inside was filling and even slaked my thirst, so I suppose there are benefits to eating such a thing in the desert. It wasn’t long after that Irridias started feeling strange, he said something about how he was being pulled back and that he’d find us wherever we were in the world – both Karaan and I still being in Tailfeather. Me at home and Karaan over in Priorfaix’s barn. I faded not long after, though I couldn’t help but tell Karaan he had a cute family. I woke up at home, in bed, Sillesti’s snoring audible even from his bedroom. I didn’t feel any worse for wear, though I wasn’t at all hungry, which I usually am in the morning. I resolved that I’d get up and find Karaan, see if he had a dream like mine. He might think me foolish or crazy when he hears, but the dragoon in the dream said we’d shared the experience. I only hoped he was right…
  6. Entry One Sillesti had me working on bandersnatch hides all afternoon, stretching them on the racks for curing. I know what he’s trying to do and I get it, but I really wish he wouldn’t. Just the smell of them brings back bad memories. It makes me sick at my stomach… I was eternally glad that some noble-turned-ruffian came calling, looking for a hunter to track some beastie down with him. I didn’t even care about the particulars, I just wanted to get away from those bandersnatch hides and all the memories they evoked. He called it an “odd creature” and, having seen it up close, I’d have to say this noble doesn’t travel Dravania much. Dragonflies are pretty common in the Forelands, so we’re used to dealing with them. A bit of silencing powder to keep it from calling for reinforcements and a few serrated arrows to cut through its hide and the job’s done. I don’t know what kind of fights this noble has gotten into before, but he certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Not at all a practical sort of hunter. He could have just as easily sliced through the thinner wing membranes instead of jumping onto its back to carve at its withers. Ah well, I suppose I can give him points for style? It was good to get out and hunt, though, to have something else to think about besides … things I’d rather not think about. It wasn’t particularly lucrative, but given that this was a simple hunt with no real effort on my part, it didn’t really feel right to charge him like I did something significant. Seems like he has more business out here in the Forelands, though, other “things to clean up” as he put it. His family has a ‘summer house’ out here somewhere that is likely overrun with either creatures or cultists. He seemed unsure that I’d take a job hunting people, but people ruin the balance of the world just like some animals do. So long as I’m not hunting them for sport; I don’t kill just for the sake of killing. There has to be a purpose, a reason. Not just that someone wants them dead. He seemed agreeable to that, so I think we’ll get along just fine. Me and this Karaan.
  7. Aultena Sephimiri Balmung :: Crystal Aultena is a fiesty Keeper of the Moon miqo’te born and raised in the hunter-town of Tailfeather. She’s only begun her life as an adventurer, so the world is still a wonderful and terrifying place in turns. Her skill with a bow, along with hunting, tracking, and surviving in the wild are exceptional, but she has little to no skill with magic. She loves to play the guitar in the evenings to wind down and loves to cook. What I Am Looking For ––– ♦ Friends, acquaintances, and adventuring buddies! ♦ People who like growing things organically, particularly relationships. I don’t like making things up out of thin air and I don’t like romances that flourish overnight. Put time and effort into creating things! ♦ In-game, Discord, even Google Docs RP (All are acceptable!) ♦ Lore flexibility. I’m not as well-versed in FFXIV lore and I don’t need/want people around me who want to hammer the Nth of the lore and make roleplay feel more like homework. As long as it’s a good story and an engaging character, that should be enough! ♦ Late Night/Overnight Friends. I tend to keep late hours, so people who are around/available between 8pm and 8am (Central US Time) are ideal. Hooks --- ☼ You need something hunted. Aultena is a trained huntress out of Tailfeather and the daughter of a pair of successful Huntmasters. She has had years of training since childhood on how to survive and track in the wild. ☼ You need something gathered. Along with her hunting skills, she's also good with foraging, both from plants and animals. Along with this, she's also taken up mining to make the most of her outdoor forays. ☼ You are/were a Tailfeather Resident. Aultena and her godfather, Sillesti, are well-known in the small community of Tailfeather. Other residents of the township are welcome to know Aultena and anything written herein. ☼ You are/were an Ishgard Resident. Aultena frequented the markets at the Jeweled Crozier as well as the stable yard in Ishgard, selling caught chocobos, animal pelts, various plants and the like. You are welcome to know her personally or obliquely through market hearsay. What I Am NOT Looking For ––– ♦ DM/PMs RP. I tend to forget Tumblr DMs/PMs, but direct Tumblr threads and any other medium, as noted above, is fair game! ♦ Drama. If you’re a person that can’t keep your IC and OOC separate, don’t seek me out. ♦ ERP, gore, extreme violence, torture, horror, et cetera. I have a pretty stressful life, I RP and play games to relax and these topics don’t contribute to that. ♦ Roll-based systems. If I wanted to play D&D, I have plenty of other venues for that. About Me ––– ♦ I’ve been roleplaying for almost 30 years now. I love discussing roleplay ideas and implementing them. I’m not worried about “spoilers” or ruining immersion by discussing and planning storylines OOC. Planning ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute ideas that are fun for *them* so everyone has a good experience. ♦ I tend to be patient with people of all roleplay styles and experiences. Just be courteous if you need to AFK mid-RP for an extended period or reschedule the scene. ♦ I am a 40+ year old woman with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. This means I may need to cancel plans last-minute depending on my pain levels/fatigue or I may need to leave mid-scene. This is NOT an indicator of interest – or lack thereof – I have a disease that needs careful tending and I have to listen to the needs of my body before anything else. Availability ––– Timezone: GMT/UTC -5 or Central (US) Time. I’m mostly avaliable from 8pm to 8am, Sunday through Tuesday. Beyond that, my schedule gets pretty unpredictable and difficult to manage. But if I schedule to do something with you, I will follow through to the best of my ability! Discord: I almost always have Discord on in some form or fashion. If I don’t answer directly, then I’ll answer as soon as I’m able!
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