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  1. Hosting a little RP open house! If you're a night owl looking to find a spot of RP in the wee hours, we welcome you into our home where, hopefully, other like-minded night owls will congregate!
  2. Still looking for fellow night owls and late-nighters for RP and PVE shenanigans! My updated Discord information is listed on the poster in my original post, so feel free to send me a Friend Request!
  3. Hey there, gang! I’m a late night / overnight player in the Central (US) timezone. I’m usually online between 8pm and 8am Sunday, Monday, and Tuesdays. The rest of the week can get iffy, just depending on real life plans, but I’m almost always available in some form or fashion via Discord. I’m very interested in finding a linkshell that’s active with people during the late night and overnight hours, along with individual night owls active during the same. Roleplayers are preferred, but PVE friends are good, too! I’m not currently interested in a Free Company, since I have one th
  4. I'm sincerely appreciative of the compliment! I try to be thorough in what my expectations are as a roleplayer so people can decide up-front if I'm someone that's right for them to play alongside! Everything you've posted here sounds wonderful, so I look forward to talking to you further on Discord!
  5. You're more than welcome to send me a Friend Request @ writerholic#1384 anytime!
  6. I'm excited to see a late-night/overnight venue! I'll be sure to stop by, being a night owl and all.
  7. Aultena Sephimiri Balmung :: Crystal Aultena is a fiesty Keeper of the Moon miqo’te born and raised in the hunter-town of Tailfeather. She’s only begun her life as an adventurer, so the world is still a wonderful and terrifying place in turns. Her skill with a bow, along with hunting, tracking, and surviving in the wild are exceptional, but she has little to no skill with magic. She loves to play the guitar in the evenings to wind down and loves to cook. What I Am Looking For ––– ♦ Friends, acquaintances, and adventuring buddies! ♦ People who like growing things organically, p
  8. Still looking for Late Night / Overnight active players, linkshells, and Free Companies!
  9. The miqo'te wanders in, coughing at the dust... "Looks like this place could use a visit!" I would like to thank Ezra Elric for providing near-daily posts, RP, and amusing shenanigans since he approached me in August. It came at a time I really needed the distraction and he's proven himself to be not only a great roleplayer, but a wonderful friend as well. If you haven't had a chance to RP with him, I highly suggest you do! I would also like to thank Zhan'a Rakhin for all the story-driven glory that is the "Woven" storyline. It's really given me so many opportunities to explore Aul
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