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    Teatime is a relaxed, med-heavy, morally grey RP FC. Shroudrose Teahouse serves as a legit front for an information brokering business, employing characters from all walks of life. Discord server is open to guests.

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    Fly-by-Night is an OOC linkshell haven for roleplayers whose playtime tends to overlap somewhere with the EU daytime/evening, or those with friends belonging to a time zone far-far-away. Come and chill with us. We serve a cracking cup of tea or can even perform a lively rendition of Små Grodorna for your viewing pleasure while waiting for the Duty Finder to pop. Throw one of these magnificent beasties a /tell and we’ll see to the rest: Llyr'a Moui ▪ Melori Enara ▪ Ayricha Daakier

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    CARPE is a new RP community with the aim to provide people from across the Crystal Data Center a safe space for RP and making friends. We have a cross world linkshell, a fellowship, and a discord server where we post events for members to attend~ We are based in Coeurl at the moment, but open to everyone across the data center! <3

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