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  1. Quiet, almost breathless humming eased through the quiet of the library accentuated every few heartbeats by the slither and tock of a book being slid home into its place on the shelves. Upon investigation, the source of the sounds was a viera of indeterminate age, but the vivaciousness in her movements and her countenance made her appear young and eager. Large, sky blue eyes scanned the shelves with a quick, knowledgeable air before making a small “aha!” sound and sliding another book home into its place on the shelf. Several books needing to be returned home sat on the table behind her.
  2. Often have I seen these glimpses of another’s memories, though I don’t yet understand how or why I see them. It comes upon me randomly with no true rhyme or reason and has since I was very young. Always, it’s a memory of the past, not some portent of the future. So I can only wonder what it is I’m meant to glean from these fragmented pieces of psyche. Most recent were memories of an elezen man called Abe, though I can’t seem to correlate who they belong to. Not Erimmont, nor any of the ladies at the Red Lantern. Not Bojan or Ludovraint. Nor can it be Khargis. Nothing seems to matc
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