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  1. If you're still looking for partners, I'm looking for both friends and enemies for my boy! He could possibly stand to meet a hot-headed gambler during his travels if you'd like~
  2. Well, I've reached out a few times, so I feel a little more confident finally posting my own RP ad~ I'm Duo. I'm still new to the FFXIV community. I was introduced by my best friend early last year and am just coming to the end of Heavensward. And I've gotten rather attached to my character and would like to find him some new friends. Character Carrd: Morn'star Ambrosia Short Info Main Class(es): Dark Knight, Summoner, Culinarian Gender: transgender male (he/him) Age: 19-24 depending on when in his timeline you meet him Place of Origin: Ishgard
  3. So, I don't have a whole lot of FF specific art just yet. If you wanna see a lot more of my stuff, just o to my DA. But I'll be posting what I do have for FF here. The first image is my character's voidsent form, because I'm a sucker or dragons and wolves and anything of the sort. There's some Ishgardian dragon's-blood lore and Ascian rigmarole in there to explain it, as well. But that's a lot of fluff text to excuse me having a big fluffy noodle. Second image is some doodles I did for me and some friends. Characters shown along side Morn' are Tori, Muun, and Hy Hy. We'
  4. The funny thing is that this is actually entirely how I set up my character already. I joined FF because my best friend played, and their character is very firmly the WoL in their own verse. I rarely identify with the "Main Protagonist" in stories, so when I started crafting Morn', it was just my first instinct to write him as a side-character. I never expected to get into this enough to actually start writing out his quests. His intro involves his parents stopping the WoL to beg for help finding their missing child, thinking that the Heretics kidnapped them. And it eventually lead
  5. Advanced apologies for my general head-emptiness, I possess one single braincell and he has anxiety. I'm Shinigami-of-Excellence, most of my friends call me Duo. You can call me that, Ambrose, Luce, or any of my characters' names. I draw and write things occasionally. I'm an avid roleplayer and started about ten years ago when I was fifteen in The Incredibles fandom. Since then, I've done most anything someone can do with RP in the broad strokes of it, save for in-game MMO RPing. I adore character design and psychology and love to play with character chemistry. Without
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