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  1. - bump - https://zeromusfeyrbrand.carrd.co/ looking for friends, enemies, or love? for my cinnamon roll.
  2. ALSO SIDE NOTE: I know people are afraid to rp with people like this because they abuse it with power and etc. Zero is NOT a fighter. He DOESN'T want to get his hands stained with crimsion unless he has no other option, he'd rather co-exist with others and is a precious cinnamon roll. IF he HAS to fight it's always based on rolls never just an attack AND he limits himself significantly to make it fair play etc. (I've been rping for a VERY long time XD since early 2000.) Why did I choose and Ascian? well fiance wanted a reason to justify fantasiaing XD that was it. and as for me-well it's
  3. Hey!!! Sorry this was so late :c I never got an email update or anything on the post @_@ I apologize I was just coming back to check and update my status's lol. I sent you a friend request over Discord at Eywa#8706 and I'd love to meet everyone and see how things go But also being on Balmung is no issue for me either TBH I might live on Bryn but I prefer to roleplay on Mateaus and Balmung since you know-almost everyone does it and I won't feel out of place lol.
  4. Zeromus is looking for an rp collective, group, or long term partner being displaced in time he would like to learn more of this realm so he could fit in and perhaps adapt while keeping his identity a secret. Those up to the task please let me know or reach out! More info about him is as follows. ASCIAN ALLIGNMENT: ZODIARK. LET IT BE KNOW, THOUGH HE WORSHIPS ZODIARK, HE HAS NO INTENTIONS TO DESTROY THIS STAR FOR SUCH THINGS. HE MERELY WISHES FOR THE RETURN OF HIS KIN AND HIS WORLD. THOUGH UNLIKE THOSE OF THE ASCIANS WE HAVE COME TO KNOW-HE IS NOT HOT HEADED OR ILL TEMPERED. MORE SO
  5. Hey everyone \o/ I’m going to put some feelers out there for anyone looking to rp with and just have some fun! I have a couple different ideas I would love to try out if anyone is interested or knows a group that is looking for some new bodies that being an FC / cross world welcoming FC via rp events/ link shell / discord / just a cwls/ or just a discord group. im open to switching across servers obviously lol. anyway! Here’s some of the things I’d like to try out first up I have Aurelia Feyrbrand! Which her carrd is aureliafeyrbrand@carrd.co I’d love to join m
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