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  1. I wouldn;t mind doing a meeting of both if that's alright for sure, I enjoy having options, sorry if that makes anything troublesome to handle. I'll admit I don;t know much procedure on really starting any kind of rp this way and whatnot, I'm a little out of my depth and nervous.
  2. So sorry for the late reply, but ahh they all sound so interesting! Apollo could easily get along with any of them though I wonder if any could put up with his talent of getting himself into fights even though he should be studying to be a better Astrologian. He enjoys the stars and the lessons and warnings they give but he does also enjoy too much grabbing his fate and deciding to do whatever he wants anyway.
  3. I don't mind going with any kind of meeting and interaction but if anything were to delve into romance it would be with Apollo and another male, tell me about your characters?
  4. Im not sure what all different styles the vierra character creator will come with but I still plan to atleast make a basic headshot ref of him that can be slightly altered when I have a more concrete set of colours and hairstyles to work with for my idiot. Im just too excited to get to do something with Apollo, haha
  5. Basic Info Characters: Apollo, Nergui, tbaPrimary character: Apollo Brynhilder >> << Linkshells: Currently n/a Primary RP linkshell: Currently n/a RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium/Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Short of losing a limb I'm not going to shy away from some fights and injuries Views on IC romance: Currently none of my oc's are in a relationship and I'm not against sliding them into one, be it a fling or long term Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I'm never against more familiy for this loser or any of my oc's Views on lore: This is my first FF game and I do love it and the world. I will easily admit I'm no expert but I enjoy learning, I do plan to get both canon lore books/encyclepedias. As it is I'm fairly loose with it, mostly when trying to handle the general applications of my characters races and where they 'should' mostly come from. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I am not yet comfortable open world rping but I am ok with a party chat or something, I do mainly rp out of game on a client like Discord Other Info Country: United States Timezone: EDT (GMT -4) Contact info: Discord- God-Snack#8544
  6. Feel free to ask questions if there is anything about him you'd want to know that I dont have listed below Full Name: Apollo Brynhilder Nickname(s): "That Idiot" Age: 24 Sex: Male Race:Vierra* * Male Vierra have been confirmed by the creators but they will not show up in any cutscenes in their plans, As it is this means in game Apollo will appear as a female, obviously, but when I make personal art of him or manage to get refs, he will be male 100% in body and mind. Birthday: 10th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon Height: 5'10" Weight: 201 lbs Personality: Quiet and compasionate but always 100% ready to punch a primal in the face, cannot turn down a dare and you would never guess with his blank face but he loves to cause trouble and instigate shit Appearance: Generally short pink or blonde hair, he changes it so often, tan skin and amber eyes (things are subject to changes when I get the Vierra accessed but in general these attributes are staying) Scars or other markings:Scar across his nose and right cheek Deity: Menphina Orientation: Homosexual Marital status: Single Occupation: Traveling Trouble Maker and Primal Fighter, really he just likes to stick his nose into Garlean business Hobbies and interests: Collecting masks and accesories, sewing Brief Bio: I am keeping it vague right now as I do plan to flesh it out more when the Shadowbringers content drops and I get more in game lore about the Vierra, as It is i'll likely have it be that while being vierra he is native to one of the three main cities for ease, either because he was taken or his parents simply traveled to that place and settled down, as it is he is currently an only child, I do not mind adding in family if anyone is ever interested, his parents are dead and he travels on his own right now, simply going place to place and doing what he can to make it a bad day for bad people. Character's quote: “Sometimes there is nothing more soul healing than punching a Primal or a Garlean in the face, go out and do it today, healers orders~”
  7. Well if biting is all I have to worry about I'll be fine here with my idiot oc's and their dumb misadventures, thank you
  8. Hello, I'm not 100% sure how a really proper introduction goes but I'm giving this a shot. I'm God Snack and don't mind being called Snack or Red. This is my first time trying to do something like this but I really want it to work. Since starting FFXIV i've loved the lore and the world and my dumb character that gets to run around and just mess it all up. I'm hoping I can make good friends here and find new rp partners for my latest obsession, also really hoping I make too much of a fool of myself. My first MMORPG was Tera and while I do still enjoy the game FFXIV has taken a big art of my life and time, I've not played any other Final Fantasy game up until now and since getting XIV i've started trying Zodiac Age since that just came out I've been solo 1 on 1 rp's and large group based ones for almost 10 years now and will admit I have a lot more comfort in 1 on 1. I will admit I would prefer to rp off game and on a website like this or better through discord but I would not cmpletely turn down an rp over that My main Character that I've semi worked up a bckstory for is Apollo Brynhildr, a Astrologian who can't help but fight like a front line DPS idiot and loves to just mess up a Primal for fun in his off hours (I think I've fantasia'd him like 3 times already and right now his in game body is a female au'ra because Vierra will be female only and when I spend money on costume and cosmetics I'd rather 'he' already be able to wear them. No matter his in game look he will always be male though, since the creators have confirmed there ARE male vierra, they just will not be showing up in any scenes) Not gonna lie, I pretty much googled FFXIC oc template and it blessedly led me to this site, I really hope this works for me and I can make new connections and friends I am a medium to heavy roleplayer, at most given times I have 2-3 rp's continuing on daily, mainly in discord since group sights have kind of made me nervous, I will r anything from light fluff to heavy smut and violence but if it involves a pairing it's always 100% Homosexual, i'm sorry if that bothers anyone in any way In my real life I am going on 26, I don't want to hide my age and have it be a surprise for younger rpers, I work at a local gas station in the morning hours so from 6 am to 3-4 i'm offline and cannot respond. I tend to be online every night unless im on a trip out of town or spending the night out, i do try to give my rp partners heads up for this so they don't think i'm flaking I'm not sure what else to put, feel free to respond here or anything, I would love some feedback and suggestions for getting started. I am part of a free company already and do not plan to join any new ones Also my refs of my main character will be slightly older screenshots of when he was an Elezen and as of right now that is his base look until the vierra are playable and I can officially edit some things, for the most part his traits are always, tan, pinkish hair, gold/ember eyes, facial scars. I do like to draw so even with his in game look coming up to a change I'll make a fully official pic of him soon My discord is God-Snack #8544 feel free to add me but please let me know your user name and that you are adding me from this site
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