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  1. Hi there! My boyfriend and I are both long-time WoW RPers and we're looking to get into FFXIV RP! I've played FFXIV for quite some time now, but he's still fairly new and we were looking for recommendations regarding the least populated- but still active- RP server for NA. I've heard a lot of talk of Jenova and currently, that's where we're looking of going. We're both on Ultros and really have just struggled to connect and interact with other RPers on a more serious sort of level. Meme-y RP is fun and all but...there comes a point when I'd like to just get back to my more serious IC roots. What recommendations on Ultros do you have, if any? Are there any Linkshells/FCs/Discord(s) we should try to connect to? Is Jenova a fairly reliable source for RP? What about housing there? What does that currently look like? Much gratitude to everyone in advance!
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