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  1. With the new server segregation making it so Balmung and Mateus frands will be unable to visit the rpers on Jenova anymore. I want to throw out for people who will be remaining on Aether and looking for rp there. Also with my rp partner on Jenova splitting, I wanted to find some new connections for my characters. Message me if you're interested, the community on Jenvoa is growing and we're all very friendly and accepting of anything people want to do story wise. Orianna Chant -25, Miqo Sun Seeker [Doman Born] -Recently broken engagement -Monetarist, owns the Golden Arcana Nightclub with her Twin Arisato. -Looking for fellow Performers, security, procurers of illicit reagents/relics/magic. Arisato Masha -25, Miqo Sun Seeker [Doman born] -Ex Slave/Pit fighter -Helps run the Golden Arcana -Seer/Fortune Teller Irrion Nunh -27, Miqo Sun Seeker [Limsa born] -Ex Pirate/Slaver -Freelancer Yukiko Kahkol -23, Xaela -Lives in the steppes with the Kahkol -Helps refugees and those in need Shinjiro Kaisuiri -29, Raen [Doman] -Yakuza Brooklyn Fields -18, Midlander -Street rat, pure trash panda -Works at Cafe Carnations when not banned for insulting customers
  2. Orianna Chant

    [Balmung] LF RP Partner

    Recently got to make Orianna on Balmung, and I'm looking for someone to get into the rp scene with. ^^ I'm available for discord and in-game rps. Balmung Ori is a blank slate to Jenova version. I do have a preference for discord rps because it's easier at times. I'm down for pretty much any kind of plots and my posting style tends to match whoever I'm rping with. Discord; Beautiful Soliloquy#3068 IC Info; Name: Orianna Chant Age: 25 Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Alignment: Chaotic Neutral RP Hooks; -Recent heiress to the Chant fortune. Chant family are monetarists in Ul'Dah. Recently Orion and Ylisse Chant were killed. -Accomplished Alchemist; Often working around the law. -She's a performer, so catching her on stage is very likely.
  3. Orianna Chant

    Greetings, I am Wil-Ahn. Fellow newcomer to FF14

    Welcome to the game! If you're looking for rpers on Aether, Jenova has a strong rp community that you could join when Mateus and Balmung are locked or full during peak hours.
  4. Looking into hosting Jenova's first official performance rp event but a lot of our rpers have never done them. So I'm reaching out to see if there are any performance rp veterans who would be interested in coming to Jenova for a night and putting on a show for our community and allow people to experience other forms of rps and events. I myself have been looking to get into it, but have never hosted such an event, and would appreciate any help/advice/ect. You can contact me here, in Jenova on Orianna Chant or on my discord; BellCat#3068 I'm looking to host the event on 9/29/18 around 7 or 8pm EST
  5. Orianna Chant

    Looking for Antagonist

    So Ori is getting more and more established in Jenova, but I'm hoping to have at least a somewhat long term person to play a character to introduce conflict into Orianna's circle. You can find a lot about her here; https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Orianna_Chant Discord rps are fine! For in-game RPs I am on Jenova server. As a note; more serious plots like serious harm/ect I would prefer to be talked about ahead of time and planned!
  6. Orianna Chant

    JENOVA| LF RP Partner;

    I posted here once before but my current rp partner went mia, and I really want to rp and continue Orianna's story. I can rp on discord or in-game. I'm an EST player, I tend to be more active at night during the work week. I'm down for any kind of rp, though I have a preference for darker themed rps. (Obviously not all as that can be exhausting). Preferably with characters that aren't strictly lawful stupid. You can find my discord here: BellCat#3068 I'm also in-game on the Jenova server as: Orianna Chant Little bit about Orianna. Orianna is a miqote sun seeker, born in Doma and moved to Ul'dah as a refugee as a child. She's lived a lavish lifestyle, her adopted family being rather well off. Currently she managed the Golden Arcana a mage's collective, and practices some criminal activity. If you would like more details, I'll be more than happy to give you some. I just don't want to give away her entire history. ^^
  7. Orianna Chant

    Greetings, fellow roleplayers!

    Mateus is your next bet for busy rp server. If you want a server that's rp community is small but growing, Jenova is getting bigger and bigger.
  8. Orianna Chant

    Orianna Chant [Jenova]

    Orianna Chant Gender: Female Race; Miqote Clan: Sun Seeker Age: 25 Occupation: Mage/Entertainer/Alchemist Personality: Orianna is a young woman with many ambitions. She was raised on the stories of her Family and their legacy. She treasures her blood and name above anything else. She takes her own pride and her loyalties very seriously, they are at the very core of who she is and what she identifies with. She aspires to be great, in a way that the world has never seen. She prioritizes politics and people skills over the physical, but she is a persistent learner. She spends an absurd amount of time to bettering herself, though she rarely admits that she is not already exceptional. Her sheltered life within the walls of the Chant manor have left a weakness, a naivety that she is desperate to fill and rid herself of. This weakness can crack her stony surface. She believes she is separate from the rabble, those who are meant to be subjected to the rule of others. She is a queen, even if she does not hold the title of one. Her blood runs with the purple of royalty through her veins. Those who rule are meant to rule- they are strong, intelligent, capable of forcing this to their will. The Peons are peons because they are unable to be anything else. She will never be a peon. Orianna understands that a woman must be a lion and a fox both. There is a time to be vicious and strong, to force others into their place and display her strength for all others to see. There are also times where one needs to stay quiet and watch, to learn and to show her power in a different way. Manipulation is her specialty. Yet Orianna is not invulnerable to the manipulation of others. Her limited experiences open her to such attempts and she keeps a wall up between herself and outsiders. Orianna idealizes better men and women in a hope that she will overcome them, she knows she will. She is aware that she is not the smartest or the most capable even if she doesn't admit it. She takes to surrounding herself with people who cover her own faults with their strengths. She is charismatic but reserved, offering a cold presence to those unaquainted to herself. The things about her outward displayed are controlled, years of reaching upwards towards the standards of perfection have left her with an acute awareness of how she portrays herself to others. Orianna has her own ideals and does not subject herself to others without an intense occurance. Her loyalty is extremely hard to gain, but it is a powerful force. She will do anything for those she pledges herself to, so long as they stay in her good graces. It is easy to disappoint her and those who are not her blood can be easily discarded. She clings to family for they are all she has, all that have cared for her. She knows she is not infalliable but only barely. Orianna is a private person, at times she is dramatic because she wishes to make a point. But her own feelings, her true feelings, are often a mystery outside of her closest confidants. Orianna fears a great deal, for both herself and others, for she knows that without fear she is simply stupid and unreceptive. Still she wears a thick coat of armor that she only sheds at her most base. Orianna likes to be noticed, to genuinely laugh. She likes to be close to people. She likes to be wanted, even needed. She can go out of her way for others if she is motivated to, be it for personal gain or because she genuinely cares for that individual. Orianna loves deeply and well, but she can be frivolous with partners.
  9. Orianna Chant

    Orianna Chant [Jenova]

    I. Basic Info Characters:Orianna Chant, F'irrion Nunh, Ninimu Nimu, Yukiko Tsurugi, C'ierra Irrion Primary character: Orianna Chant Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I adore all types of rp. Though I tend to do more heavy rping in my downtime between raiding. Views on RP combat and injuries: I don't mind rp combat and non serious injuries that happen on the fly. However anything serious I would prefer to be talked about ahead of time and death is completely off the table. I tend to prefer dice rolling but I also have fun having our rp fight in the wolves den as well. Views on IC romance: I don't mind romance plots, but Orianna is a fickle character and things probably won't end well for those who try and pursue her romantically. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I am totally up for anyone who wants to try and play siblings, cousins, long lost friends, ect. Provided it is talked about ahead of time. Views on lore: Lore is nice but it's not everything. If you want to bend it a bit, I don't mind honestly. Provided it's not something to make your character over powered. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I use all types of communication. Though LS are more for organizing than actual rp chats for me. III. Other Info Country:US Timezone:EST Contact info:BellCat#3068 (Please message me ahead of time before you add me)
  10. Orianna Chant

    Ori's Art Trash & Pixel Commissions

    Figured I'd post here in case anyone wants some art of their characters and use this as a place to just post my ffxiv art. I accept Paypal only for commissions. Minis; 100x100 or 200x200; Small Chibi Icons; 5-10$ No examples yet Portraits; 10-15$ Depending on Complexity. +5$ for animation if desired. FullBody; 500x500px 20-25$ depending on complexity +5-10$ for animation FullBody Large; 35$ No animation. Character Rooms; Character in a small room. 40-50$
  11. Orianna Chant

    Hello from Jenova!

    Ori here, been trying to get into the rp scene and hoping to find more Jenova rpers or anyone to rp with. I've been rping for about 15 years now, mostly on forums and very recently got into rping on mmos. I started on WoW and moved to FFXIV a year ago. I rp a lot in my free time though quite a bit of my time is taken up by raiding with my static. I love to create new stories with people and developing Orianna. I myself recently got out of college for game design and art, and spend a lot of my freetime working on art pieces or playing games. Here's a little bit about my character; Orianna Chant is a Miqote Seeker of the Sun who was born in Doma but moved to Ul'dah during the Garlean oppression, she was adopted by a merchant family who was friends with her parents. She grew up better than most in Ul'dah and always had a talent with magic that she was able to expand upon in the great city. Eventually she moved out back to the east but her adopted families ties keep her traveling back and forth on business. She currently is starting up the Golden Arcanum; A group for mages that is being developed icly.