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  1. Orianna Chant

    What do you do to find roleplayers while playing in game?

    Generally you either find them in the wild, notice their search info, or catch word of mouth from other players in the community. At least that is how I found people on Jenova when I started over a year ago.
  2. Orianna Chant

    New and Ready to Groove

    If you're willing to try smaller servers, jenova has a growing rp community. I can send you to our community discord so you can check things out if you would like!
  3. Orianna Chant

    Hexblade Feasibility?

    It's common lore wise. If you want a class to represent it I'd say Red mage. They mix conjury/thaumaturgy and use enchanted melee attacks. Which would work for what you're going for.
  4. Orianna Chant

    Rp friends in Jenova

    Of course! Hit me up in game sometime and I'd be happy to rp with you!
  5. Orianna Chant

    Rp friends in Jenova

    Hello fellow jenova player! If you're looking for rps, hit me up in game; My friends and I are always looking for more to join us!
  6. Orianna Chant

    Another Noob Seeking Help

    What Unnamed Mercenary said. If you'd like the discord to the Jenova rp community, I can send you an invite and you can come check us out before deciding where to go. There is also an Aether Rp discord that was made in preparation for the split with connections to all the servers that will be remaining on aether for rp.
  7. Orianna Chant

    New Noobie. Help find a RP server?

    Jenova is a good source of rp and end game. We have a community rp discord as well that you can join and connect with people. If you're interested in checking it out I can dm you the link to it!
  8. Orianna Chant

    New to FFXIV and wanting to RP

    If you're looking into jenova, I can help you there. We also have a huge rp community discord that you can join to help see the community and ask questions about the server as well!
  9. Orianna Chant

    Trial Account Rper with question.

    Hello! You don't have to hold off on RP until you get the game. While you may not be able to respond to tells, you can easily use ( ) to tell someone you are on a trial if they are nearby. Also using /roleplaying to get the RP tag infront of your character name! When you are on PC, hit O to bring up party info. Right click your name, go edit search info and then you can put RP in there.
  10. Orianna Chant

    other Golden Arcana <GOLD>

    Realm: Jenova FC Name: Golden Arcana Tag: <Gold> Leader: Orianna Chant Type: Heavy RP FC Active Times: 4PM - 3 AM EST Headquarters: Ward 5, Plot 1 Mist Application: Discord or In-Game Discord: DM for Discord information Introduction Home to the Eorzean socialites, monetarists, and upper echelons of the great cities, The Golden Arcana provides a place of luxury, entertainment, and cover for the wealthy and their illicit activities. Within the mist perched high above the Seagaze markets, the ritzy nightclub can be found bustling with activity. One can find the place with ease following the sound of music and and ebb and flow of patrons that flock to the venue. To the people who work the Arcana, this place is family. A home to those who have none, where the excitement never dies out. It’s early morning closing just a pause in the rhythm but never the end to their endless charade. One seeking business in the arcane, procurement in mage stones, illegal relics, arcane learning and alchemy can find their needs met here by the varied members who call this place home. OOC Golden Arcana is run by adults. It's a casual RP heavy FC. We're newly formed, and while our members do participate in content, we're more focused on story telling than content. Our story telling tends to take a darker route, we touch upon topics of a darker nature. At the same time, we also have plenty of light-hearted and bonding moments, but as an FC who's premise is operating at times on the other side of the law. Our company is filled with characters that tend to be on the medium to low power end spectrum. We are not gods, we are not an unstoppable force and we more than likely would not be a good home for characters of that nature. All members have a say and place in advancing our FC's story. We make an effort to include and take into account what everyone can bring to the table for plots both fc wide and personal. Also to note is we do not having a "ranking system" all roles that are not Lead or Adviser share the exact same rank privileges. They are separated by 'jobs' within the Arcana. RULES The Golden Rule: Be kind, be patient, be considerate. Remember that behind the characters are real people. Not everyone will get along, but arguments must be handled gracefully. No harassment or racial slurs will be tolerated within the company. Do not share other member's personal information and do not harass members for personal information. Remember to have fun and it is alright to say no if you are no longer having fun. This is a community and our goal is to enjoy what we do! This FC allows mature discussion topics but please remember to take all NSFW writing and chat to private channels. What are we looking for in characters? The Arcana is open to most types of characters however here is a brief rundown of roles we would love to see characters take on within our FC, Performers, Mages (Of all specialties), alchemists, void specialists, scholars, enchanters, dungeon delvers, and transporters.
  11. Orianna Chant

    Hello! New on Jenova!

    Late response, but hey there! If you're looking to get into rp, feel free to hit me up in-game; Orianna Chant or via dms I can send you my discord information.
  12. Orianna Chant

    Siren? Faerie? Others?

    This is a very late response, but is there a problem with the RP on jenova? All my rp is on Jenova, and I'm curious what your experience has been