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  1. Man if I was active with my crystal characters I'd offer to help connect you. That said, the best advice I can give is its not your character. It just takes a bit of hitting your head against a wall to find a group to get into. I'd suggest finding public events and throw yourself into them. Interact with who you can and eventually it'll just click.
  2. Welcome! And welcome to Jenova. There's a ton of us running around. We have a Jenova discord server for easy connections for our rp community that you can find here; Along with a discord to the whole of the aether community that we've been connecting with! If you have any questions or what not, feel free to track me down. Jenova; https://discord.gg/VzZUXsy Aether; https://discord.gg/waG8F7J
  3. Welcome welcome! I don't know if Faerie has a personal rp discord server but you can connect with other aether rpers from all the servers here! We're a friendly lot and always looking of cross world shenanigans! https://discord.gg/waG8F7J
  4. Anyone know types of poisons that are in the world? Been trying to research a list of known ones that exist in the game/lore but I have been coming up empty handed.
  5. Yes of course! I hope you get all the RP you want!
  6. Hello there! There is an RP community on Adamantoise! You can find the link to their discord to connect with their rpers here; https://discord.gg/YGbN6Nv There is also one for Aether in general here; https://discord.gg/QwNFcqQ
  7. There is definitely RP on Jenova and other Aether servers! We're just not all on one like Balmung and Mateus, and we world visit each other often for events! If you're looking for RP I'd be happy to introduce you to people around Jenova and Aether!
  8. I would say Arisato or Irrion would be the two that could handle someone getting into fights, and either join in or scold depending on the situation. It is all up to you, on who you feel may mesh better in a scene or we could do meetings with both and see how they play off each other!
  10. Well for male characters I got; Arisato Masha the twin brother to my main Orianna. He's a miqote, doman born and a seer. Recently he was blinded and is spending his current time adjusting to his life without sight. He's charming when in the zone and extremely calculated that he hides beneath humor and smiles. Second is Tyo'li Moon Keeper, Courtesan and practices things like aroma therapy. He's a gentle man, usually found in the Shroud when he is not working. I haven't gotten to play him too much so he's still developing. I have another male character but he is taken but he can be an interesting interaction; F'Irrion Nunh. He's an ex-slaver and ex-pirate. Recently had his wanted status taken care of by the Maelstrom and now works as a Privateer under another rper's character for now. He's very in the moment, doesn't let things bother him, but he's not one that regrets any of actions either.
  11. Well I have eight characters on Jenova so plenty to work with depending on the kind of interaction you are looking for! Two of which are going to be viera but female.
  12. Oooh. Make viera love! I'd be open for rping some of my characters with you! Im on jenova mainly.
  13. Oof yeah, I am not a mod on the server so I cannot control that. I'll see if I can get them to give a permanent link. ;w; https://discord.gg/3xpRcCZ This one should work for now.
  14. Here is the direct link to the Aether DataCenter RP Discord! https://discord.gg/QrgmVQ
  15. Hello! There are definitely Roleplay communities on the aether datacenter. There is not one server that counts as our rp server, instead all aether servers have been working on bringing together a place where we can meet and go to each others rp events, participate in stories ect. Migard is definitely the smaller of the bunch but there are still rpers there! The Aether discord link is in the document that Unnamed Mercenary posted! You can connect with other migard rpers and see other server communities!
  16. The Aether Community RP Discord is here https://discord.gg/uJjWbJ There are links in one of the channels that link to the various servers community RP Discords from there.
  17. Welcome! If you want to stick to rping on Aether datacenter, Gilgamesh and all the other Servers have united in a discord for community rp events and for finding one-v one rps and plots as well. I believe Gilgamesh rp community also has their own personal server discord for rpers as well.
  18. Awesome! If you're available in game tonight, we can meet up and I can help you out. It's a lot easier to explain and show ingame. I'll be running around on my main Orianna Chant.
  19. Ooh awesome! We've already been hosting things for cross worlders, so if you ever see people posting up looking for rp feel free to stop by and rp with us!
  20. Welcome! If you have any questions about how to get started or where to look for rp on jenova please don't be afraid to ask! I am also from jenova and there are quite a few of us running around and have fun together.
  21. Hey there! Jenova has a very sizable rp community about the same if not larger than Gilgamesh at this point. If you'd like a link to our community rp discord, I can send it your way and you can check us out for yourself before transferring around.
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