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  1. Hi guys, I'm Byzantene and as the title suggests I am entirely new to roleplaying in FF14 and would like to try my hand at it! I did review the Intro to Eorzea thread, but it looks like the links to resources there are broken? So I thought I'd introduce myself and ask for help here A bit of background about me, I have RPd outside of XIV before. It wasn't until I started playing about a month ago that I fell in love with the world and discovered there is roleplay to be had here~ Not sure if there is a good thread describing how to begin RPing, but I would be so grateful if someone could help me to get started. I have a lvl 57 main on Gilgamesh, but I think I would like to create a new character for roleplay purposes on a different NA server (thinking Brynhildr, Hyperion, Lamia or Malboro? But I'm open to joining any North American server) so if there's a world you recommend I would welcome your expertise. Thank you and looking forward to having some fun
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