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  1. Thank you so much, Orianna! I thiiink I've already joined it? From the list that Unnamed Mercenary so graciously pointed out for me. I think I'm pretty much stuck to cact as that's where my closest friends have gone but I'd really love it if I could make friends cross world, especially with the fabulous new world visit system in place.
  2. Wowowow, thank you so much! That is incredibly useful. I'll be honest, this forum is a bit more confusing than others I've been on with finding things. It seems like, if you're on Balmung or Mateus then there's no problem but otherwise? Good luck. But, perhaps most of that lies with me and being illiterate with this particular forum. Anyway, I truly appreciate your help. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for letting me know~ Do you happen to know of any RP discord servers for any of those servers? Perhaps I'm just bad at this but I can't find any community place where people have been posting this kind of thing.
  4. I was quite excited for the world visiting system....until I found out that, pretty much, raiders and rpers would be split. This is pretty huge since my friends are hardcore raiders and don't want to stay on Crystal. :T So I'm wondering where I might find some communities in Aether? I've heard Jenova has a decent rp community. Anywhere else? Also, could I get some discord servers or something? n__n; Thanks!
  5. Newly moving to Cactaur with the data center changes and hoping to find some people to RP with. ;__; Obviously with the world visit system, it could be any server on aether though. I've been roleplaying for 10 years now but I've not done much RP on FFXIV. I'd really like to, though! Style: Literate, Multipara/Novella, 3rd person Example of my RP (non-ffxiv): My main character is a female miqote but I've been considering to make a male miqote alt... (for reference, I'm a female irl but often play male characters). Her personality isn't set in stone yet but in general, I think she'll be sweet with a bite. She is a supportive type character and idolizes tank characters as they prevent people from getting hurt while she can only help once they've already been injured (as a white mage). She also admires the strength of DPS. I have a tendency to create characters based mainly around the type of roleplay in mind though, so her character is not strongly developed as of yet. (I tend to have the default personality be the one from the RP I find most enjoyable to play but I am very flexible). Some people may not like this kind of approach and if you're one of those types then I'm sorry. ; ~ ; But, I enjoy having some flexibility and being able to RP as different types of characters without having to use entirely new characters every time. If you tell me a bit about your character and the types of RP you enjoy having, I could work out a personality/background for my character that I think would make for an interesting dynamic with yours~ Please let me know if you'd be interested in RP! Important note: I do not date online, please don't RP with me if this is your end game. However, I'm open to romance in RP as long as it's understood that I AM NOT my character and I'm married irl. I hate that I even have to say this but it's a common struggle in other rp communities I've been in.
  6. Hello! n__n So, I'm a bit new to roleplay on FFXIV but I've been roleplaying for almost 10 years now and I've been playing FFXIV on and off since ARR closed beta. I originally started out on the Excalibur server, but when I moved to Japan for study I decided to make a new character on Tonberry out of concern for my connection. However, more recently I made yet another character on Zalera. There were a few reasons why I moved to Zalera. One being that I missed conversing with other Americans quite a lot. There was nothing wrong with the people on Tonberry of course, but I somehow only managed to find a few Aussies. Anyway, the other reason was that I had dreamed of a house. I originally opted for Mateus since I heard it was the new unofficial RP server but it became obvious that any hopes of a home there would not be realistic. At any rate, here I am in Zalera. I main white mage and am quite into crafting/gathering. I've saved up enough money for a medium house and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 4.1 haha. But the one thing that has definitely put a damper on my excitement is the fact that there are virtually no roleplayers on this server. Unless you have all eluded me.... D: I do have a character on Mateus as well as Gilgamesh, too. But the idea of leveling them up and going through all of the story for a 4th time is a bit daunting to say the least... Are people ok roleplaying with alts though? Hmm... Also, I typically have always done literate roleplay in the past. How exactly do people usually go about roleplaying while on FFXIV? But uh... hello! Nice to meet you all, I hope I can find some people to rp with. n__n;;; Feel free to ask any questions you may have for me too! (Even if it's just about Japan or something, that's cool too.)
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