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  1. Thank you! Unfortunately it says the link is invalid.
  2. That's awesome! I'm so glad to see others on Aether willing to roleplay! I'll try to get in touch! Edit: I couldn't find any discord link for the Aether directory, only for the Crystal one.
  3. Hi! A few weeks ago, before I knew of the datacenter moves, I decided to settle myself as a completely new and fresh player on the Aether datacenter, on Midgardsormr. Mainly because I have friends on Midgardsormr to just, play the game with. But also because I wanted to be able to experience roleplay and I was told it was possible to move between servers on your datacenter temporarily and you could also join linkshells within your datacenter. So I was confident this was the way to experience best of both worlds. Now, I noticed they moved all but one or two roleplay servers from the Aether datacenter, into another datacenter. And I understand some quite enjoy the fact this happened. But I don't.. because I was looking forward, to be able to roleplay. Now, I feel like I am very limited or can't. But is this true? Is there no roleplay community left on the Aether datacenter? Are there maybe linkshells I am able to join to get in touch with fellow roleplayers who are left behind in Aether?
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