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  1. Updated with a new character, Divya Dei-ilja! Mainly wanting to search for RPs for her atm.
  2. Sure I'd be happy to RP Mana with him! Fee free to shoot me a message on discord~
  3. UPDATED! Removed two characters, added a new one, and changed Enoch's storyline.
  4. Sorry I'm not looking for enemy roleplays anymore, it seems to be all anyone has messaged me for;;; I have also changed Enoch's storyline and added/removed some characters. If you are still interested in some sort of rp just hmu on discord!
  5. UPDATED! Consolidating all of my characters to this single thread and added a new one, Mjara Ljanta. I also updated all of their carrds with new looks and more information.
  6. Updated the thread with another character available for rps, Marcelloix. Also added detailed carrds for both of them!
  7. Name: Ghoul Server: Malboro (Crystal) Timezone: Central Looking For: Long term or casual RPs in-game and on discord Type of RPs: Romantic, Platonic, Adventures, 18+, etc Available Hours: Whenever, usually Discord: G H ♡ U L !#1313 I decided it was easier to consolidate all of my rp characters onto one thread, so here they all are! I am looking for long term or casual roleplays to be done over discord and in-game. I'm pretty flexible and relaxed when it comes to plotting. If you are interested in plotting with any of my characters listed below please shoot me a message on here or on discord! ENOCH DOTHARL, Xaela Au Ra Male, DRK ( Discord RPs ONLY ) https://toyhou.se/1632360.-ffxiv-enoch MARCELLOIX DAILEMONT, Elezen Male, GNB https://toyhou.se/5001153.-ffxiv-marcelloix MANA ITEYA, Raen Au Ra Female, WHM https://toyhou.se/6018030.-ffxiv-mana DIVYA DEI-ILJA, Rava Viera Female, DNC https://toyhou.se/6184883.-ffxiv-divya
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