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  1. UPDATED! Consolidating all of my characters to this single thread and added a new one, Mjara Ljanta. I also updated all of their carrds with new looks and more information.
  2. Boh I am sure he appreciates it ahaha.
  3. Updated the thread with another character available for rps, Marcelloix. Also added detailed carrds for both of them!
  4. Name: Ghoul Server: Malboro (Crystal), Mateus (Crystal) Timezone: Central Looking For: Long term or casual RPs in-game and on discord Type of RPs: Romantic, Platonic, Adventures, Enemies, 18+, etc Available Hours: Whenever, usually Discord: G H ♡ U L !#1313 Characters: Mjara Ljanta, Enoch Dotharl, Lady Lachelle, Marcelloix Dailemont I decided it was easier to consolidate all of my rp characters onto one thread, so here they all are! I am looking for long term or casual roleplays to be done over discord and in-game. I'm pretty flexible and relaxed when it comes to plotting. If you are interested in plotting with any of my characters listed below please shoot me a message on here or on discord! Click the image to be linked to my carrd character hub and see more information about each person.
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