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  1. It has been a while since I have done this but I have decided to go ahead and give this another shot. RP has been dying down for me a little bit, mostly do the Stormblood being over, some friends have returned to other games, others have been overloaded with RL matters, as I have been myself. So with Shadowbringers coming, I have decided to try and once again find a few more people to RP with, to seek out new contacts for my characters. I'm fine with any form of RP be it short term or long term. If anyone is interested you can either contact me on discord: Kurosora#3286, or in-game other any of the names listed. If you none of the listed hooks suites you and you have one of your own feel free to hit me up and let me know and we can work something out, I'm an open-minded person. ^-^ Elias Argentum RP Hooks: Sellsword/Mercenary: Since abandoning the Empire and coming to Eorzea, Elias has often worked as a mercenary, doing whatever it was he needed to do to in order to survive. Some of the work he has done consisted of escorting merchants. Throughout his work, as such he has met a number mercenaries and sellswords who offered him some advice here and there, and some who he has had the opportunity to work with. Garlean/Garlean Defectors: Elias is by far no Cid Garlond but a traitor is a traitor, and the man known as Margulis oen Ravilla is considered one. Like all traitors to the Empire, he is wanted for his crimes. Though his alias may not be well-known by those who serve the Empire there may be a few who might recognize him, either from his time in the military academy or his original station. Family: This can be discussed if anyone is truly interested. It should be noted that due to his act of treachery against the Empire his relationship with his family is now stressed and less than positive. Traveling: He does not like to stay in one place for too long and from time to time he gets a bit of wanderlust, especially if he hears about places he has not yet seen. His traveling between City-State gives way to the possibility of meeting interesting people such as; Adventurers, Merchants, or even individuals who are on pilgrimage. Kaiden Fortessa RP Hooks: Learning more about Ishgard: Kaiden still knows very little about Ishgard, while he has heard some things from his parents he is curious to learn about from others, presumably those who have once called, or still calls, the City-State their home. Voidsent/Voidsent Hunters: Since his encounter with a devious one, Kaiden has taken to hunting the denizens of the Void. He has traveled Eorzea with the intent of not only seeking others of like mind. Adventurer/Mercenary for Hire: One of the things he enjoys doing is traveling and being an Adventurer gives him the opportunity to do so, not only does he get to see interesting places but meet interesting people as well. He has also taken to working as a mercenary of sorts. He is often around the adventurer's guilds looking for anything that may catch his interest, and possible clients. Samurai mentor: Since witnessing two samurai compete against one another while in the Far East, during his trip there with his mate, he has taken a huge interest in learning how to wield the Katana efficiently.
  2. A bump, and I needed to update my Au Ra since I did a little name change.
  3. With the coming of Stormblood I have decided that it is once again time for me to try and increase my circle of friends to RP with once more. As always I have met some interesting characters to interact with, and have even established some lasting connections throughout of search for people to role play with. Unfortunately, with SE changes to the servers I have lost a few friends for a number of reasons, either from new found lag from the servers moving, and the inability to play with other friends on other servers, among other reasons that may have nothing to do with the game entirely (Some decided to try out other games). I am pretty much looking for anything to be honest, Rping LS, people to run things with oocly etc. I am in the EST timezone, and I am mostly on and available during the afternoon to evenings and so on. Mainly due to the fact I have a free schedule at the moment. With that said, I shall get to introducing my characters. Mind you all of my characters are mostly Adventurers, Monster Hunters, Sellswords/Freelancers. [align=center]Barulatai Malaguld[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Barulatai, or Barul as he sometimes allow people to call him, is a Xeala who comes from the Malaguld tribe. After an hunting accident in which he had lost a close friend who had been like a brother to him, Barul left his tribe and homeland in order to escape the shame as he as he felt responsible for the death of his kin. Since leaving Othard Barul has started a new life in Eorzea, worked on trying to get a better understanding of the people who lives in this foreign land. In order to pay for his travels around the realm Barul has taken up being both and adventurer and a sellsword, and even does a few odd jobs so long as the pay is worth it. [/align] [align=center]Kaiden Fortessa[/align] [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/IrSoWkc.jpg?1[/img][/align] [align=center]Kaiden is of mixed blood, being half Elezen and half Hyuran. With his physical appearance being that of a midlander a bit with small pointed Elezen ears (Think Hilda, if you would). His family hails from Ishgard but after falsely being branded as Heretics during the time of the Dragonsong war, and the murder of a member of another noble family, they fled and relocated to Gridania. For most of his childhood Kaiden believed himself to be from Gridania, and as such he has accepted the teachings of the Gridanian people. It was not until he had reached adulthood that he had been told of his real place of birth, his parents homeland. In order to learn more about the realm in which he lives, he had been traveling the land experiencing new things and seeing interesting places, he has been working as a Adventurer and Sellsword. Over last few moons he has been accepted into a Keeper of the Moon tribe, and has since sought to learn the ways of Menphina.[/align] [align=center]Daurion Vaulgard[/align] [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/UhkTHuv.jpg?1[/img][/align] [align=center]Daurion is a young man who once lived in Othard, born to a Doman mother and a Garlean father. He once went by the name of Delvantis Calphayus, but changed his name shortly after he fled Othard to come to Eorzea. During his time in his homeland he had been conscripted as teen along with a few of his friends and others of his home town. While in a Garlean academy he had been taught everything he needed to know in order to serve the Empire. When he was released from the academy he was immediately recruited into a survey corp. After four years of serving, Daurion's learned of his father's and a small band of Garleans plans to help the people of his home town escape the Empire by means of sea. A childhood friend of Daurion's also learned of this and reported to his superiors, and a fight ensued. While some had managed to escape others were either killed or captured. Upon arriving in Eorzea those who did escape lived as refugees and nomads. Taking what he learned Daurion became an adventurer and sellsword.[/align] [align=center]I also have a Miqo'te by the name of Sairen Lunaris is half Seeker of the Sun, and Keeper of the Moon. He is of a group of Miqo'te who once belong to the Wolf (Wah) tribe, but had broken off from the main tribe to create a new way of life for themselves. This group of Miqo'te had merged with a small band of Keepers whom have been of like mind. The two different clans had taken what they wanted from their original traditions and attempted to merge it into one of their liking. After the Calamity Sairen's village was attacked by Amalj'aa and the people were either slain or abducted. After having spent many days hunting the tempered Amalj'aa, and coping with the lost of his people, as well as looking for his sister, Sairen has been traveling the realm, doing work as a monster hunter, and an adventurer.[/align] [align=center]If any of these characters interest feel free to PM here, there is a chance that we can work something out or even plan something. You can also shoot me a tell ingame, whichever one is best for you! Naturally, I am an open minded person and I'm up for anything that may prove to be fun and interesting. As the title of the thread says, I am seeking all kinds of connections for my characters. friends, rivals, acquaintances, antagonist, etc. I check the site often, so it might be quicker to shoot me a pm, or just leave any details about your character, and I will contact you ingame.[/align]
  4. I mean, there's a couple things that they could do. They could re-implement the afk timer. No one needs to be afk on the server for hours, days, or weeks at a time when there are other players who want to actually play the content. They could address the issue of bots flooding the character creation the moment the restrictions are relaxed (causing them to immediately shut down once again). They could officially designate Balmung as an RP server, which would probably encourage some PvE guilds to move elsewhere. They could enable people to group with their friends, regardless of server, for things like dungeons and raids. The bot and afk timer issues, though, would be most helpful, in my opinion. I would have to agree with the afk timer thing. I find it crazy that people go to work or school and instead of logging out they decide to afk and just pointlessly stand around. In other games I have played, if you afk for a certain amount of time, the timer automatically boots you back to the character selection screen. And in my eyes that is something that FFXIV desperately needs, cause face it people do it because they are allowed to do it. I even seen people, who been afk, sitting in the same spot for an entire day. The bot issue definitely needs to be addressed more. Been seeing a helluva lot of characters with the names "wjnfignei" or something along those lines, stacking on each other or just running around the cities naked. I really can't say much about PVE groups though because some of those groups, those I've seen, are PVE/RP groups.
  5. I do not really do this often for others, but I am having the need of wanting to do something useful for a good friend of mine. I'm trying to find a rp partner, for my friend who does not have an account for the website, and unfortunately she has not had the time to do so and use the website. So I have decided to go ahead and make a little thread for her character in her stead, with her permission of course. I will rely any messages or response I get to and from her. I know a few might not be fond of this sorta of thing, but I will give this a try. I shall add that my friend is looking for a number of things, people who her character can hang with and talk to, individuals in which she can train with, contacts, and even romance. Whats more You can find her on the Balmung Server, she is in the EST timezone. The name of my friends character is Jade Rett, a Miqo'te girl who is half Seeker of the Sun, and half Keeper of the Moon. She has lived out in the Black Shroud with her mother, an inn owner, and several siblings. When she came of age she left her home to carve a path for herself, and see the rest of Eorzea with her own eyes. Jade can be described as somewhat of a mischievous young woman, dating back all the way to her childhood. She had a knack for getting into things she should get into. It can also be said that she rather stubborn as well, not taking kindly to what others tell her she can and can not do, if she sets her minds on something then she will do what she can to achieve it. Having been trained to fight by her older siblings, Jade enjoys training against others in order to better her own fighting prowess. She is also rather playful, taking great joy in teasing others for her own amusement, and getting into trouble. She likes to have a good time, whether it be hanging out in Ul'dah or having one or two drinks, as long as their is fun to be had she does not pass up the opportunity, she would rather enjoy herself to the fullest and deal with any consequence later rather than let it bother her. While Jade loves to enjoy herself, and play around she knows when to be serious. She can have quite the attitude when it comes to people messing with her, or those who she is close with, friends and loved ones, she does not hesitate to speak her mind or put to use what she has been taught. It should be known that she is a rather kind hearted person, especially when it comes to people she is close to, always willing to open up to those whom she feel she can trust. If you require anymore information contact Jade Rett ingame.
  6. Had to go back and fix some things. Also, a little bump for my search thread.
  7. -throws out a net on all these characters- What do we have in the catch of the day... Oh, such characters! Are they still looking for new friends? :3 =3 Of course! They are always looking to make new friends! The more friends they make, the better and fun things will be!
  8. Raeje sounds like a interesting character, don't really see many characters who recite and write poems. Singers and dancers among other things but I've yet to have any of my character meet anyone who does poems. ^-^
  9. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to your little gathering, had to tend to some matters irl. So I greatly apologize.
  10. Ah, both characters do in fact sound rather interesting to be honest, especially the one who is your antagonist.
  11. Due to having tried the method of sitting in the quicksand to find what it was I was looking for, and getting no progress. I have created one of these threads before, a year ago, and have met some rather interesting people and some fun characters. Because of some unfortunate yet understandable events (end of subscriptions, hiatus, interest in other games, irl issues) I have lost contact with some of the people whom I have had my characters have the pleasure of meeting. however, there are some who are still around and like me they wish to increase their rp friend base. So now I am trying my hand at this once more, in hopes that I will have the same luck of meeting more interesting characters and the people who are behind said characters. I am pretty much looking for anything to be honest, Rping LS, people to run things with oocly etc. I am in the Est timezone and I am mostly on and available during the afternoon to evenings and so on. With that said I suppose I should get to introducing my characters! Mind you they are all Freelancers, but dabble in other things! [align=center]Amarakuro Loivissa (Amarak Malaguld)[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]One of my older character who I use to rp with quite often, however I have no had the opportunity to rp with him much. In order to fix that I had attempted to revamp his story all over again again, from scratch. He is somewhat of a work in progress but for the most part, in terms of backstory, everything has already been revamped. I am hoping to get the opportunity to rp with him more.[/align] [align=center]Amarakuro (Amarak or Amara for short he doesn't mind which one he's called) is my stubborn yet caring Xeala from the Malaguld tribe. After an unfortunate incident during a hunt in which he had lost a close friend, and brother, he left his tribe and the steppes of Othard and came to Eorzea in order to escape his shame that he felt. Amara now travels the realm as a freelancer and adventurer, during his travels he has learned a many of new things about the people of the land, but is intent or learning more. Despite the history between the people of Ishgard and the Au Ra/Auri, Amara has done some freelance working in Ishgard, having fought a small group of heretics from time to time, for one of the families that served the high houses. [/align] [align=center]Kaiden Fortessa[/align] [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/IrSoWkc.jpg?1[/img][/align] [align=center]I suppose I can say that Kaiden is a new character of mine, but not too new. I have been rping with him quite a lot and working out his story as I've done so. So far, he has met a few interesting people, but I hope to have him meet more.[/align] [align=center]Kaiden is of mixed blood, being half Elezen and half Hyuran. With his physical appearance being that of a midlander a bit with small pointed Elezen ears (Think Hilda, if you would). His family hails from Ishgard but after falsely being branded as Heretics, fled the country and relocated to Gridania. For most of his childhood Kaiden had not be told about the land of his birth and instead was led to believe that Gridania was where he was born, thus, he embraced the teachings of the Gridanians, learning of the elements among many other things. It was not until he reached his teens that he learned about his true birthplace, however, he was never told why his family fled nor was he told of Ishgardian ways. [/align] [align=center]Daurion Vaulgard[/align] [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/UhkTHuv.jpg?1[/img][/align] [align=center]Another one of my characters who is of mixed blood, and another one of my older characters. I have recently started getting back into using Daurion after having found a purpose for him once more. [/align] [align=center]Daurion is my laid-back, carefree half Garlean and half Doman. He was born and raised in a small town in Othard, thus meaning he was raised under imperial rule. He even served the Garlean Empire during his teen years, along side several other teens who were drafted in the service of the Emperor. For a while he worked as a scout, something his father, who was a pure Garlean, did not approve of. Eventually he and a few members of his home town managed to escape to Eorzea, where they lived as Nomads until catching word of Eorzean alliance. Though he was well trained he was prohibited from taking part in the battle of carteneau. After the battle and learning of his fathers demise he took care of his mother who fallen into depression. While in Ul'dah he met a Lalafell who offered him and his mother refuge in turn for their services, he worked as the woman's retainer and even formed a brother-sister bond with her. After his service he was allowed to venture out into the world in order to see more of Eorzea, all the while learning new things.[/align] [align=center]If any of these characters interest feel free to PM here, there is a chance that we can work something out or even plan something. You can also shoot me a tell ingame, whichever one is best for you! Naturally, I am an open minded person and I'm up for anything that may prove to be fun and interesting, and will increase my circle of rping friends. I am looking for a number of things from my characters, friends/rivals, contacts/clients, antagonist, flings. I check the site often, so it might be quicker to shoot me a pm, or just leave any details about your character, and I will contact you ingame.[/align]
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