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  1. Ryder K. Age 23 Race Miqo'te/ Sunkeeper Ryder is a young master in training Monk and Samurai, don't ask she went and found 2 teachers to teach each. She's young, sarcastic and always looking for adventure, rather that be in fights or with people. She's always trying to keep herself from being bored and in one place. Unless it's bed then she's all over that, cause she's lazy. Not one to being tied down she goes in life at her pace with only her thoughts in mind. Leaving the tribe life behind she seeks gil, power,, lots of power and freedom. Her home life before she left her tribe at 16 was standard, training in the arts and perparing herself to be mated for the tribe. To qoute her fully. " 'Buck that! 'Eh not staying just to be second to 'a bucket! " While her home life until she left wasn't horrible she didn't make it easy on her parents who just wanted her to not go against the order of things. But Ryder wasn't having any of that. Why go thur life following others when you can set your own path. She'd rather go thur life struggling to keep her own with the hope of winning then to live a life of safeness knowing all she did was follow a path walked already. My goals. Mainly to just find someone who wants to RP with me on wacky adventures. I want to build Ryder's plot overtime so longstanding I guess? I'm still new to this so if you have any questions on me or Ryder you can contact me on discords at ryder#9036. I'm ALWAYS online so hit me up. As for what kindof RP I'm open to any kind really. I don't have many hang ups on anything. I only ask you bare with me cause while I've RPed in the past it's never longterm and I'm still learning. Plus typing on a PS4 controller SUUUUUUCKS.
  2. I'm starting over with a new character and life. Remy Naka, age 21 young samurai and monk in training. Yes I'm no longer Sony Playstation. :c But anyway Here's Remy a sarcastic, mid tone, revenge seeking woman with a crave for sweets. Her backstory is simple and I will add more to it later. But Remy left her tribe to start her own when she was 17, she didn't like the idea of either being choosen or not choosen. She wanted to be the one choosing, to be in charge and she's held that want since she was small. As odd as that is for alot of her kin. A little bit after she left and settled in Kugane her tribe was attacked and wiped out. She only found out by returning there and seeing noone left. Nothing but dried blood and empty sheds. Her selfish goal is now something of a need as there's no home for her to continue on and she is the last of her bloodline. With that Remy suffers a huge bit of guilt that she's the last one left and often wonders if it's worth it. But she's not the type to sit in a corner about it. She takes her anger out in the field and lets her fist and sword bare those feelings. Because of this she's abit sarcastic and is abit withdrawn, tho with that said she's not a boring person. She jokes and is most of the time seen as a goof and tries not to live her life in the past. Her mind replays it but not her actions. What I'm looking for? Anyone that wants to RP anything from drinks, to a random test of strength even to something stupid or goofy. I'm not apposed to only one kind of plot. I just want to make stories and get some laughs and whatnot. As for any kindof romance? Maybe... so far Remy has a thing for midlanders and elezens. But if I haven't thought past that. Tho that's not my first goal, but it'll be fun to RP a relationship. Tho that if it comes to that must stay IC. No bleeds. Don't want it to get odd and whatnot. If I think of anything more I'll update, it'll also be cool if anyone can help me set up a wiki for Remy so it looks more legit. Being new and all that.
  3. Yeah I went back to miqo. I missed the kitty ears.
  4. I wouldn't be apposed to setting up an rp with your character. I'm just starting to get into the world of RP myself and new friends are always a good thing. sony#8573 is my discord if you wanna talk about things.
  5. Hello, I'm just getting into RPing on balmung and got a bit of plot down for my character -Sony/Espy.- If Sony is too odd of a name to say thats why I have Espy there as well, she replies to both. I don't know what I'm looking for in detail but it'll be nice to have more people to play off of. I also want to make a wiki page here but I'm so lost in the sauce so if anyone wants to help I'm all open. Let me know if anyone wants to help out or whatnot. I'll update this post with character details when I finish my wiki or get help. Thanks for reading. OH.. I'll post some pics of her in the meantime. Sony the samurai. Age 21. Sony is a young sock em to it drops lets jump into the fire without thinking girl with a sonic like persona to boot. She's loud, proud and extremely cocky.. until she isn't. Having grown up with a massive love for the martial arts, she set herself to learn the sword and the fist. She doesn't work persay and earns her gil from either robbing bandits or flat out going on quests into various dungeons to kill and loot. Her biggest thing is ofcourse adventure, she wants to beat the baddest foes and put herself to the test to get stronger. Tho other than that she actually has a side that isn't all bloodlust. Most of the time you can find her listening to people in the bars in U'ldah, mostly by herself as being new you tend to keep to yourself. She likes to think she's a heavy weight in drinking but 3 shots and she's mostly out. she does have a wall up for her feelings as not many people she'll let in close but if she does she'll likely spoil you. Aren't we all just teddy bears inside? I'm still working on her backstory but I got a few things I'm plotting so it'll be up soon. So all this is a very messy work in progress. What I'm looking for is mostly just friends to RP with on a daily bases, Friends, villains it doesn't matter really. It'll be nice to do something of a slice of life thing too, I wouldn't be put off by it. OOC of course I want more friends cause being new to this is scary really. I'm sure I made all kinds of mistakes so don't hate me T.T anywho if you wanna chat hit me up ingame. I'm always online as I have no life :D. Sony Playstation is my ingame name. - Yes I know. but I didn't think the game would let me pick that so I was shocked. And YES I promise I'm not a troll. T.T - "Here's looking at you super babe" Sony Espy 2018.
  6. :O I just found your page and we're both on balmung. I'm currently making my profile as I type this but I'm also looking for more friends OOC and IC. I'd love to talk about our characters and make up plots as thats all I do really. - I write and draw comics in my free time so I love making characters- My Discord is sony#8573 and yes. I even read your wiki. I'm always free so you can hit me up on discord or ingame. Which ever is easier for you. Ingame name is sony playstation. - don't worry... I actually have a RP name I'm going to use. I just wasn't expecting to RP OR expecting the game to actually let me use Sony playstation...-
  7. I wish I had headphones to listen too - ah ha yeah yeah ooh weee YOLANDA- Yes I'm old. T.T
  8. I changed my main to from a miqo'te to an Au ra... Hope she meets the standards. O: Honeybuns are awesome.
  9. Ko says hi to the kool people here. So "hai"
  10. I don't play to far into the cat like features on my character too much, I do play with her tail and ears tho. Not so much in a cat like way but more in the fact she has a tail and she uses it from time to time. Most of it is played for laughs like swating a hand away from her butt or something she wants, to being pretty expressive. I even had talks with people as they asked how strong it would be, like I figure it's stronger than people think as it's a lion's tail so it's most likely pretty firm. - and all tails to my knowing have bones so they aren't going to be so soft to the touch to get the owner turned on. I don't get that.- She's not getting red from you touching her tail.. that tail WILL hit you tho cause it's still her tail. The only thing I do do is depending on the nature of the RP and how she feels and who she's with, changes how her ears and tail reacts to people or person. If it was a close friend they would get away with playing with her tail to a point, if it was a crush of something then it'll have a different effect. Like your arm being touch by that super girl you love etc etc. A stranger.. that tail is moving at sonic speeds to your face smacking you at the speed of sound... followed by a snap punch. Cause she's a monk baby.
  11. I feel odd cause I'm a male who only makes females in games, I actually get ALOT of fack from friends cause I don't make males. I just find males in games boring to look at and too big, What I like cute pattable things. The thing is tho I also write and draw comics so I have no problem writing for either gender as I don't write gender. I write characters. Tho my biggest flaw is I like younger characters.. 16 to at most 21. My main comic book main character is 16 years old but he's also a 4 foot talking martial artist raccoon who gets into end of the world fights everyday sooo... age isn't really a thing to me either. - I pretty much write fighting/adventure comics- In FFXIV my main is ofcourse female and I've been told the few times I have RPEd that people mistake me for a girl IRL which is odd. Seeing as I write her like a young 19 year old martial artist looking to get stronger by foolishly jumping into fights. So gender doesn't really pop up much least for me. The 3 times it DID pop all of them were odd because the other person thought I was an actual girl. One person even said the way I use my emotes she thought I was another girl. I think what trips people up the most is I don't run around in bikinis, She wears the red jacket with the tank top, the shorts that come with it, with the kitty sleepy hat, and ofcourse... my fav item in the world. THE MOOGLE SHOES! Maybe that's why....
  12. Ki wong is ananime character in my mind.. so it's all plot. Jokinig aside - kindof- she's a monk, she can most likely block most of the bullets with her fist or aura so you'll need a gun over the level 70 or her ilvl. I'm sure if I'm rping with someone tho the rules wil change but for now, it's plot. And a bit of gameplay. Cause from what I seen, she's jumped off cliffs longer than the empire state B. Been hit by all kinds of mechs monsters, demons, GODS.... she's not scared by a bullet. Now bad breath and silence... those can burn in all hell.
  13. Hello everyone on the forums and Mateus. I'm Ki wong and extremely new to the game and everything else here. Was directed to come here as I do have an interest in trying RP out and want to make connections and whatnot. Hope I'm doing this right also, tho knowing me I'm doing it wrong. But if anyone wants to start a chat, run a dungeon, or help a very new player out in the world of RP hit me up. Ki wong ingame. I like to wear slippers everywhere.
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