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  1. Heyo! I read your post the other day, but did not see you online! I'll keep on eye out for you, and hopefully we can speak soon! I have had a few others ask for RP with me, but if anyone is still interested in my character, please do not be shy! I will be very busy this week but hopefully I will have time for everyone in time! Thank you to everyone who has responded with interest so far ♥
  2. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you all! My name is Sherrydile, and I've been looking to get out of my comfort zone and seek out others to roleplay with outside of my Free Company (much as I adore them all). Let's jump in with a little bit about my character, shall we?! Lucilynn Faust is a foreign-born Raen hailing from Hingashi, more specifically Kugane. She is an up-and-coming author, whose romantic fiction work was brought under the spotlight briefly in some reader's circles for last cycles release of her newest book "Sunset of Scales"; a romantic story of a Gyr Abanian woman finding an unlikely partner in an Ananta Bowmaiden after rescuing her from certain death. The story is praised for its believable characters and their interactions, as well as breaking the barrier between "civilized" races and beast(wo)men (this topic being the most divisive, some loving, some loathing). Other than that, Miss Faust is also a librarian for the occultist shop known as The Sable Tree, based in Gridania's Lavender Beds, and has recently signed up with the Adventurer's Guild at her boss' behest. She is gentle, and ladylike and often timid in the company of strangers, though some times she tries to play it off. Luci can be very passionate, if not absorbed by her hobbies, not just those in writing, but of costume making, reading, and watching shows at the theater as well. Her idealized view of relationships can make her difficult to be friends with as she can be picky and critical of traits she deems negative... Sometimes even calling upon hunches that make her seem like oil to water. This is but a taste of what my hug-mlem has to offer, you can find a little bit more information about her over on her wiki page. I really encourage you to read through it to get more of the full picture, it is short, I promise! So, the meat; what am I looking for for Luci... I am mostly looking for friends for my character, this can either friends from Lucilynn's time growing up in Kugane, or can be totally new friends! If it is the former though, I would prefer some OOC communication beforehand. I am also, to a lesser extent, looking for a romantic partner for Lucilynn as well. I originally made her for slice-of-life oriented RP, including this. And even though my character might be more busy now, I still would like to attempt romance focused RP with someone trustworthy. That being said, please stick around until the end and read about my OOC information before some of you get too excited! Roleplaying Hooks! How could your character come to meet Luci? Lucilynn works at the Sable Tree as the occultist shop's librarian. If your character happens to have an interest in the occult, they might happen to meet the store's librarian, completely disinterested in such topics. Maybe your character just has a yearning for knowledge, the Sable Tree has many books, and Lucilynn is their keeper! Despite her workplace being in Gridania, Lucilynn still lives in Kugane and visits her home city often. It's not impossible to meet her on her afternoon walks, or waiting for sushi at a sushi bar. If your character is the type to read magazines or newspapers, perhaps they might have stumbled upon an article featuring the young author, interviewing her on her book and its recent explosion into popularity... She does not seem to do well when speaking to the interviewer. Or... Maybe Lucilynn is about to meet one of her biggest fans, someone who has read not only her one good book, but all the mediocre stuff as well! OOC stuff, about me, etc! I work very early in the morning! I am usually available from 3pm until 10pm, with some days being available as early as noon (All times presented in CDT as of this writing). Since this is a retail schedule, the days in which I am off or available vary, and on occasion I might be able to stay up later, but this is not the norm and does not occur often. OOC communication is very important to me, and this applies to more than just working out a time to RP. While it is fun to be able to drop into an RP and to let it go where ever it pleases, there are often times where I feel it's important for players to guide the roleplay a bit. I cannot read someones mind, and if we have cool ideas, we might never get to them without some player meddling. That being said, on the matter of potential romance partners, ideally I would like to know if this is a goal for our characters, and get a general idea, and then see how well characters get along with each other in RP. A bit of a halfway between pre-determined partners and organic relationship building. And finally, though I don't really think I need to say it, I will; I don't really ERP, I can, I have, but generally I prefer not to. And don't say "I can change your mind." I hate that, SO MUCH! That's it! You can find some more OOC info on Luci's wiki page, but it is mostly more of the same. I think that is all I needed to say! Thanks for reading this far, and if you're interested in RPing with me I hope to hear from you soon! You can let your interest be known here in the thread, through private messaging, or you can try to add me on discord (Sherrydile#2409) though I might not accept friend requests right away, it would be easier to let me know who you are here first! And I succeeded in doing this before bed! Good night, see you tomorrow!
  3. Name: Lucilynn Faust Type of date desired: Romance? Romance. -If romantic, gender preference: Female Brief description of your character or character's service: Lovable, naive, a little bit shy, and hopelessly romantic, these are but some of the traits that make up Lucilynn Faust, a foreigner from the coasts of Othard. An amateur author featuring tales of love, loss, and adventure, Miss Faust is an ambitious bookwyrm with a desire for something more! Given her bashful nature she likely would not have been here... If it had not been for her foster mother's meddling.
  4. Thank for the warm welcomes and helpful suggestions for my character, I think I have a good idea of what I want! I know the name doesn't follow typical Raen naming conventions, so would it be believable that an Au Ra were to travel from Orthard to Eorzea and adopt a name they believe is more inconspicuous? I don't believe I've encountered it in-game, but in real life it happens all the time, so I'm not sure. Also Aya, I think I might've ran into during my more talkative wallflower moments, nice to see you again (maybe, I can't remember :V)!
  5. Yes! Hi! I'm Sherrydile, also known as "Lucilynn Faust" on Balmug. I've been playing FFXIV for a few months and have been wanting to break into the RP scene, I've done some lurking, both on the site and have attended roleplay events as a wallflower but I've been hindered in actually attending and interacting by my own timidness! Anyway, I'm going to fill out that template thing, since that's easy. MMORPG Background: I've played my share of MMOs, most of my time was spent in WoW but last year I just gave up on the game and MMO hopped for awhile, mostly playing TERA and Blade and Soul, but neither could really hold my attention for too long despite BnS being rather fun. I had played FFXIV about two years before and the game didn't really click with me until now. Other than that, I've tried a few other MMOs but none have lasted nearly as long as the ones I mentioned above. RP Experience: I'd say I've been RPing for at least three years, maybe more, most if not all of that time spent in WoW. I think I'm okay at roleplay, I try to keep my spelling and grammar in check and I try to come up with fun and unique ideas for characters, but no one is perfect, right? Character ideas/info: It's kind of up in the air since I fantasia'd to Au'Ra, I thought about tying that into my character but it seems the opinions of fantasia usage are split between loathing and tolerating so I'm apprehensive to try that. All I know for certain is that Lucilynn is an amateur writer with a cold and serious outer shell accompanied by ambitious and bizarre insides. How did I find out about the coalition?: When I RPed on WoW, I used to run a tumblr blog to accompany my character and their hijinks. Some folks I followed left WoW to pursue other games like FFXIV and that lead to sharing information on websites and resources for roleplaying on FFXIV. What kind of a roleplayer am I aiming to be?: Medium seems to be the best, I want to be able to do everything the game has to offer and so far all I have been doing is content and glamour hunting. Anything in my life that I feel comfortable sharing?: I work nights and I really should have gone to bed by now. And that's that! I'm excited and nervous to be here and I'm looking forward to making new friends and have fun roleplaying! Also goodnight! I'll be back later to meet some of you!
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