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  1. This is an extremely interesting way to think about things! FFXIV lore confuses me by how inconsistent it is sometimes. Under the 'fat cat' minion description; 'Despite convincing research by top academics from around the realm and beyond, most Miqo'te scholars refuse to believe that there may be some ancestral connection between their race and cats (fat or not).' Confirming that there is research to suggest Miqo'te and felines are linked far back somehow, though it definitely suggests also that some Miqo's dont like being compared to cats too! Lord knows! Interesting point though, thanks for the comment!
  2. I haven't met a Miqo yet that has ever said 'nya', and I think thats probably a good thing. Totally! I totally respect how people play their chars regardless of where their char is. <3333 I don't really see there as an 'invalid' way to RP... it gets realllllly close to becoming gate-keep-y if you try and restrict the way a writer works. (Within reason of course, if a char is creepy or predatory because the rper is and is stepping out of bounds or harassing or being foul then I can understand, but as for how a character moves, perceives, thinks, feels and acts within themselves? Total creative freedom should be exercised. :P)
  3. If you RP Miqo 'te or Au ra, on a sliding scale of 'A human with non-important additions' to 'Half something else entirely', where do you fall? It's always been a curious subject for me, because I meet a lot of RPers that seem to be on a scale of sorts and its interesting! Anything from half mumbling beastial Au ra to ones that are literally... Au ra that are just Hyur that look different. Some people have wild Miqo'tes with extended cat-like features, some don't. What sort of balance do you have between being 'human' and not do you have on your character? I really want to see what others are up to! I myself RP my male Miqo sort of on the beast-y side. He's Thanalan born and bred and I totally abuse the 'wild' aspect of him, from felid behaviors (IE, ear and tail actions) to vocalizations and more. He's a seeker, so I splice 'lion' and 'common cat' sort of. Its sort of like, in the public eye, hes a perfectly composed and normal man, but at home or with people that know him well he tends to get a little too comfortable and ends up being definitely more feline in his actions. I do this because I PERSONALLY feel like SE really ... didn't think too much about Miqo'te and I adore the idea that they are more than just people with cat ears. I like the idea of a race that is proud of its diversity. As canonically spoken by Ysh'tola... I am GREATLY in favor of the craze on tumblr of people drawing their Miqo's with more feline feet too, I adore it. Before anyone mentions anything to do with NSFW stuff, I'm sure some people love that aspect. But to some of us who just want to rp something slightly askew from lore, it merely makes things more 'interesting'. I don't expect lore fanatics to like this thread, so please, no hate or anger? Just discussion, thanks! Go wild. I really want to hear about other peoples chars! Dont be afraid to speak about your character. Thanks!
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