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  1. Smileyhat

    Au'ra lancer/dragoons - What do?

    My au ra character is one who has always been played as a samurai, even back when the class didn't exist in game. Before Stormblood launched I played her as a dragoon. There is a polearm that samurai were known for using called the naginata, There's a weapon you can get from centurio seals in Ishgard that bears resemblance to a naginata and I used it throughout the time I played my character pre-SB. So if you want to go the Doman polearm-user route, that may be a good option for you.
  2. Hey there. I've been RPing on Balmung more or less since ARR launched, with a few (extended) breaks thrown in here and there. That said, this will be my first time posting on here, but this seems like it must be worth a shot so here we are. I have several characters and can be a bit of an altoholic, but for now I'll focus on one character at a time. So without further ado... Meet Natsuki. She is a Doman samurai who enjoys poetry (and, in fact, will start writing it just as soon as I, as a player, stop being bad at it), is kind and even-tempered, and yet loves a good fight. Coming from a family with a proud samurai tradition in service to Doma, she now finds herself in the position of being the head (and only remaining member) of a formerly-noteworthy samurai family at the age of 20 after the rest either fell or went missing during the revolution. Having been sent as a refugee to Eorzea, Natsuki was spared this fate. She has since spent a significant period wandering Eorzea getting to know its people, and even at one point finding love - at least, until duty required her to return home once again. Unfortunately, after having returned somewhat recently from a break from the game, Natsuki has found herself not only bereft of friends, but also newly single. As someone who places a high degree of importance on her close relationships with other people, having no one to lean on has left her in a rather sad, lonely state. And thus, to the point of this ad: I'd like to find a few people who would like to meet our little lizard. This could be anything: old friends, new friends, a new romance? Maybe your character's Doman, and might have known her as children? Maybe she could have met your character somewhere behind the scenes during her time touring Eorzea? Or maybe you just meet her one day somewhere out in the world. And as much as I'd like her to meet some friendly faces, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to making a couple enemies, either. Garlean characters would be a strong candidate for this angle. Just to note on the romance angle: for one, Natsuki only likes ladies. But also I'm not looking to rush too headlong into one. I'm open to discussion either way, but it's also a let-it-happen sort of thing. That aside, if you have any ideas for how you might like your character to interact with mine, please feel free to shoot me an idea or two and I'd be happy to talk.