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  1. I spoke with Sanvi briefly yesterday. She seems like a very interesting RP'er. Unfortunately dinner took me away. I look forward to chatting and RP'ing with her. I hope others get in contact with you soon s well!
  2. Thanks for the interest Jmaaira, I sent my discord information to chat a bit more. Hope to chat soon!
  3. I've been roleplaying with Nanos for over ten years now. He's a very creative and thoughtful individual and anyone would be lucky to have him as a writing partner. I honestly can't say enough good about this guy. <3
  4. Well this should be fairly easy. 1: I'm a pretty flexible RP'er. I don't tend to stick to a single Archetype for my characters. If I had to choose a single more common one however. It would likely be "Take things as it comes". 2: No specific dynamics. I can say I'm not huge on "fight RP" seeing as I find it's often one sided and people in past MMO's tend to god mode. I do enjoy romantic entwining, friendships and crafting/adventuring partners. 3: I enjoy aspects evenly. If a story is interesting and keeps both parties attention I won't be complaining. So I guess the simplest answer is a compelling story. 4: N/A. I have no characters on Mateus yet. Hope it helps.
  5. Hey everyone, I recently came back to FF XIV and found myself without any friends on my old server. So I've decided to try my luck here and offer up the option of creating a new character for someone who needs another player to compliment their current main. I don't have a specific race or class/job in mind. I do however want to hear about what your hopes are for this new character. I should also mention I would only be willing to create a male character. I apologize for this being brief and as I get more information to share, I'll make edits to better detail the possibilities. For now, I'm an open book and want to hear everything. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from some people soon! Discord available by PM. Edit 1: A few small updates. Timezone: EST. Hours of play: Tuesday-Saturday any time. Sun & Mon typically after 5:30 PM. Servers: Mateus and possibly Balmung.
  6. Hey everyone! I joined the website years and years ago as you can see. I finally decided to jump in to FF XIV and get involved with some RP and game content. I hope to run in to some of you for potential RP and friendships!
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