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  1. EDIT: Brief pause on taking new offers! I've gotten a lot of people contacting me already and am struggling to make time for everyone so until things calm down a bit I'm pausing accepting any further additions. Thank you all for being so welcoming, I look forward to all the RP we'll all get up to Hello all! Now that I've finished getting all their profiles looking all pretty I figured I'd make a post here to offer myself up for some potentional new RP partners! I primarily play on the Balmung server (but have a char on Mateus as well) and am pretty much open to RPing with anyone on the Crystal Data Center now that world visits are a thing. I'm also open to Discord RP (if not prefer it at times), and I probably could be talked into RPing in PMs here on the forums if needed. So plenty of options available as far as RP venues go! All my specific OOC info as well as a nice handy quick link list to my char's profiles can be found at https://ariaooc.carrd.co/ Please give it a read over before you respond here or contact me, thank you! While you can get to my char's profiles from that link above as well, for the sake of this post I'll list each of them individually with a little blurb and what I'm looking for each just for a quick glance under spoilers so the post isn't too crazy long. Visit their profiles linked next to their name for more detailed info! Cetah Naras - https://cetah.carrd.co/ M'kaiko Raesho - https://mkaiko.carrd.co/ Rose Typhoon - https://roset.carrd.co/ Yisugei Dotharl - https://yisugei.carrd.co/ Hitsu Kaisuri - https://hitsu.carrd.co/ Kihruh Churabe - https://kihruh.carrd.co/ While I'm happy to RP any of the above characters and creating lasting relationships for them, the first two, Cetah and Kaiko, are my mains and as such the ones I have the most focus on and am the most hopeful to find good, strong, long-lasting RP partnerships for (friendship, romantic, or otherwise.) Please look them over and if you think you have any chars you'd like to throw at mine just respond here, shoot me a PM, or see my contact info on my OOC site linked above. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi! Welcome back to you as well if I'm ever around on my mateus alts and see you I'll be sure to say hi!
  3. Would love to find more connections with other players, so gonna pop this in real quick. If you think we'd get along well feel free to comment or PM me and we'll figure something out. I. Basic Info Characters: Cetah Naras, M'kaiko Raesho, Rose Tyhpoon, Yisugei Dotharl, Hitsu Kaisuri, and Kihruh Churabe Primary character: Cetah is my main, but I play Kaiko fairly regularly too II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'm comfortable with any and will gladly match my partner. Views on RP combat and injuries: Only if it fits the story Views on IC romance: Love it, give me that sweet sweet romance. As long as it fits the story and feels natural, of course. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): family ties would be with friends only, but I"m always happy for friendship and otherwise for my chars. Views on lore: I tend to try and veer towards being lore abiding best I can. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm comfortable with whatever here. III. Other Info Country: USA (Northeast Ohio) Timezone: EST Contact info: Feel free to PM me for my discord information.
  4. Hello everyone! I've been playing the game again for a couple months now but hadn't thought to come back here until today. I've hidden all my old posts since I'm kinda looking for a bit of a fresh start. I'm looking for friends, RP partners, and possibly a FC and/or raid team as I find myself interested in raid healing for a static but I've never done it before so a little nervous there. My main is Cetah Naras (balmung) but I also regularly play M'kaiko Raesho (balmung) and a few others on occasion both on balmung and a few over on Mateus. I'll make a fancy RP profile/search post at some point to go more into what I'm looking for, but just thought I'd pop in here and say hi and put some feelers out. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!
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