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  1. Hey there, Masao! While I do not, unfortunately, have any characters that could entertain the thought and pick up the Roe here as a Retainer, I do simply do wish to say that that Roe's beard is glorious and compliments nicely with the outfit overall! I hope ya find what you're lookin' for!
  2. EDIT: I will be temporarily holding off on establishing future connections and contacts as of the moment due to the sheer number of requests that I've been given. I wish to get to know and give as much time as I can to those I've spoken to already to equally distribute my time for all and so I can settle in comfortably! So again, thank you for everyone that has took a glance here and for being so welcoming! Hey, folks! I’ve been here for quite a bit now, and after finally getting my bearings, I’m confident (and gotten off my butt) enough to make a profile for some of my characters! While I only have one now, I’m thoroughly testing the waters to see how he does. Should things bold well, I’ll be poppin’ in some other character ideas and concepts I got brewing for those to meet! I'd also like to say that, while I'm honestly new to Roleplaying on Final Fantasy XIV, I'm fairly experienced with the concept of RP in general! In the future, I'll be attempting to try my hand at making a fancy Carrd for Varus and future characters, yet till I become more familiar with how they work, I'll be sticking to the basics and dropping down information here. But I'll update this accordingly should I ever figure it out! Finally, I'd just like to give a big and appreciative thank you for those who stopped by to look at my ad. --Varus Ryder-- Other bits of Information: The majority of my characters are currently scattered across the many servers on the Crystal DC, taking advantage of the "Road to 60-70" EXP buff that characters get for being made on Preferred worlds. However, I'm not at all against 'Wandering' over to some of the more RP dominant worlds located within Crystal for in-game RP, so I'm very well capable of coming to you to set-up and RP it out as I honestly don't mind traveling over for convenience.
  3. (Down below is some details about myself! I'll be updating this when I can for edits such quality of life for better meaning, more information about myself, and adding more characters!) 1. Basic Info Primary Character(s): Currently Varus, +2 unlisted Characters: --Varus Ryder-- (And even more to come in the future?) Linkshells: Since I’ve only recently come to fully delve into FFXIV, I haven’t really looked for any Free Companies to join. Primary RP Linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (Light, Medium, Heavy): While I do try to generally match the speed and length with those that I interact with, I find myself consistently leaning towards the ‘Heavy’ side of the spectrum. As it was with past MMORPG’s that I’ve dabbled in, I’ve roleplayed every day under their settings: dedicating a good chunk of my hours to all my characters, plots, and stories as all other in-game activities just seems to come second. For me, the beauty of the RP is the creativity first and foremost and I simply love meeting and getting to know someone else’s characters; how our characters’ interactions will shape the other’s stories. I am of the belief that the roles we play in each other’s story could very well have impact on the possible type of paths the characters will take. Additionally, I’d like to say that while I do enjoy and value themes that revolve around the more casual, easy-going instances of RP: The positive, slice-of-life. But I do also enjoy the kind of themes that steer towards the more mature, realistic, gritty themes as well; the occasional emotional sucker punches that’ll leave us stunned for a hot minute, for the better or for the worst; the crude and the blunt. Views on RP Combat and Injuries: I’ve had.. What can be best described as a constant, rocky relationship with RP combat. Most other players that I’ve tried this with either always wanted to be in their own ‘spotlight’ or portray a character that could be seen as trying to equal an unbeatable warrior (For this case, we call this being a miniature ‘Warrior of Light’), or even both. This has led to several instances of god-modding and that’s a big no-no. Regardless, I have experienced some of the more better, satisfying ends of this; experiencing a few scenarios where the fight was completely fair, the outcomes reasonably expected (or even unexpected, but in such ways where it makes sense), and absolutely thrilling and worth the effort. So, I can do this with or without rolls, but I’m more considerably comfortable with rolls. I like the randomness to it and how it can speed up the encounter without trying to argue to bicker. It’s also because I enjoy having to be prepared for the unexpected, even despite having a history of rolling the butt end of the stick nearly every time (you might see that I’ve come to incorporate that with my first RP character, Varus). I’ll only feel truly confident and comfortable in doing Freeform combat when I know the person on the other end well enough to where they’ll stick to their character truthfully, and not try to stroke their virtual ego. Proper communication is very important here, and I don’t at all mind going into a fight where the encounter itself is already settled out-of-character to keep the pace just as fast and the outcome realistic. But as the saying goes, please don’t kill my character unless it’s something I’ve gave a deep, thorough consent with and talk to me over with some of the longer-lasting wounds. Views on IC Romance: I love this, I’m weak for this. Either it takes the mold as a fluffy romance that’s meant to be, or the shape of an angsty ship between the two which neither of them wish to admit the unbridled attraction that they share. It’s a powerful tool and motivator for the story, plot, and character development. But I can’t stress this enough when I say that this has to be ---Natural--- process; it can’t be forced. I’m not a fan of pre-determined romance, as it completely forgoes that ‘spark’ that characters can experience; a part which that I find to value highly and find very important to establishing and maintaining the romance between characters. Additionally, this isn’t something that should be overly obsessed with or primarily focused on should it arise. Focusing, devoting too much to this aspect rather soon could quickly lose its luster and burn out the relationship otherwise. Finally, I find it important to note that not ALL of my characters will view romance differently. Some may be bashful, even hopeful when the possibility of “The One” is present, whereas others may simply wish for the notion of love to go bother someone else, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be persuaded by some rather charismatic peoples to try to take a deep dive into the unknown if the conditions both favor it and promote it. Views on non-romantic RP (Family ties, etc): For Friends: I am absolutely, positively, completely okay with this! As long as it fits the narrative for the both of them and doesn’t contrast with the other’s story, let’s go for this! Not everything has to revolve around romance and relationships as I believe that what really make the most amazing of Roleplay experiences are the moments that we share with our friends, yeah? For Family: Now this is a topic where I take on a bit more reserved stance on. I have tried this before and compared to some of more foul experiences of other RP aspects, this one in particular has left a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s for these reasons why I’m not going to open up these possibilities with most, if not all, of my characters. Unless it’s someone that I know rather well enough OOC’ly and trust them that they won’t go about and fumble the origins of the family of my characters or even go in such a direction that contrasts the very nature of said family. But, I’m not against relations where the characters are brotherly/sisterly with one another, even though they’re not related by blood. Views on Lore: Ever since my more initial debut into the FFXIV RPC, I’ve been digging into and digesting what masses of lore that I can get myself into. It’s a bit of a personal preference for myself to follow the lore to the best of my ability, in hopes of avoiding coming into conflict with those with a like-similar mind. It’s also helpful as a means to avoid clashing with any of the actual game’s instances such as events and MSQ and what other people have prepared for their own lore and stories. As I do try to follow it to the best of my ability, I’m not against small tib-bits of some stretches here and there’s considering all I’ve read so far, there’s some blurr-y bits. TL;DR: I’m not going to go into the Quicksand and announce myself a/as The Warrior of Light and go prancing about besting Primal Titans in my spare time. Views on Chat Functions (/say, linkshell, etc): After some experimentation with a few of the chat functions, I plan on balancing the uses of both the /em and /say quite frequently. For the instances where my characters begin a conversation with an action emote, I’ll lead with an /em. On the occasions which my character will speak before any physical action, I’ll begin with the /say. I can’t really speak for the Linkshell as of the moment as I don’t have an RP FC, or any FC really, to mess around with. For party chat functions, I can see this being used in the type of areas where the conversation is more or less private in the more public open settings with small groups involved, otherwise whispers may be the go-to for one-on-ones. My Writing Style: As I’ve touched based on so long ago back in my debut in March when I first joined the FFXIV RPC (and should how lengthy I’ve made this so far be any indication…), I write rather long and lengthy posts and despite not having RP’ed in such an extended amount of time (I’ve been on a 6 month hiatus), I doubt it would’ve gotten any shorter due to the break. Typically, I tend to post between 2-4 paragraphs per post, and sometimes reaching up to 6 depending if I’m setting the atmosphere for an RP scene (usually reserved for Discords to set up the environment between myself and another). I’ve tried numerous times to cut down on the bulk of it, but never really ever able to simple due that I’m a sucker for detail. So if you catch me out and about and get into with any one of my characters, I do apologize if I take a minute or two to post. III. Other Info Country: The United States Time Zone: I live on the East Coast, so I follow the Eastern Standard Time/EST/UTC -5. It’s also important to note that I’m more so primarily active between 5-6 PM to 2-3 AM throughout the week, and weekends fluctuate. Contact Info: The best means of contacting besides using the DM’s of FFXIV RPC, is through Discord. Though for reasons, I’d like to keep that personal info to PM’s. For those who wish to get in contact with me, throw me over a DM through here and I’ll get to ya as soon as I can as I frequent here off and on during the week. Preferences for the Platform for RP: While I do find and enjoy the type of environment that the MMORPG itself has to offer and as being an good platform for roleplay, as it allows for more group-orientated events and organizations to spring forth within (and have some of you seen some of the areas that FFXIV has? Some of the regions/spots are actually quite beautiful), I’ve come to quickly value and enjoy the type of environment that Discord can offer. It’s not only less restrictive in terms of the type of emotes that can be used, but also for those moments where we can’t always be on the game and we can post in punches at the times that we can. This, of course, is something that I usually do for one-on-one occasions. I’ve yet to try this for a group, to be honest. Outside of Roleplay: I stated that I did lean more towards the ‘Heavy’ side of the RP spectrum and find it as the main focus for my time and energy for FFXIV, I do also just enjoy playing the game and progressing through the content. When I’m not in the middle of an RP, that’s where I’ll usually be doing if the day is slow and I just want to see what comes next in the game’s story (At the time of this writing, I’m a quarter through Heavensward). With all of this said, I don’t at ---ALL--- mind helping others to get through their daily grinds. As I mostly just play tanks with a healthy blend between being a healer and DPS, I’ll get you through those long, tedious queues, haha!
  4. Hey there, Sav! Welcome to the RPC! To help out where I can, it’s true that the most ideal, or active, RP communities within the Crystal Data-center is either located Mateus or Balmung. However! I think it’s important note of the semi-recent update to the game that has allowed travel to different servers within your date-center, so even though you’re on Goblin, you can visit the worlds both Mateus and Balmung due to the simple fact that they’re also located within the Crystal DC. So it may not entirely matter in the grand scheme of things as to rather or not to move over to either of these worlds. But I think that it’s important to note that while you’re world hopping, some features may not work due to it. While some features may not be entirely too hampering for some folks, but it would wise to take a quick look of it to see if there’s something that may come in conflict when you’re out and about. (Here's a link for a pretty in-depth analysis of the World Visiting system that I actually use off and on.) https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/contentsguide/worldvisit/ As for Goblin, I’m not entirely sure. My own first-hand experiences with Goblin at all is just as a current housing world for several alts to take advantage of the “Preferred World: Road to 60” buff that people get for making a new character there. Though while I’ve been browsing the RPC every so often, I think I’ve seen actually a new, rising community beginning to grow there as I’ve seen some posts advertising about events being organized. I could be wrong, though.
  5. A big thanks for those who chimed in with my questions on here! It certainly clears quite a few things that I didn't know how to.. 'Interpret', perse. Especially with teleportation and the unconsciousness and death segments, as it were the areas I really didn't know if it was a simply a game mechanic, or something that could be utilized in-character.
  6. Hey again! I'm starting to really pump out the writings here recently in hopes to further move things along to establish a character within community and to dive in! What I have here today, as the title suggests, is a rough draft I managed to type up about my first character, Varus. While it doesn't have the 'neatness' to it as of yet, it contains the general backstory for my character. And so, here it is: =============================================================================================== Backstory: Hailing from a small, cozy settlement that’s squeezed in the far-off corner of Western Thanalan and pitted against the sea that caresses its borders, the Silver Bazaar is where Varus calls home. This formerly bustling hamlet was a waypoint for traders for all manner of goods that arrived from across the seas. Fathered by part-time fisherman that finds his primary profession as a dockworker and mothered by a talented weaver, Varus comes from an honest, yet comfortable beginning. In his youth, Varus bore witness to the ceaseless wonders of the trade; discovering the many different peoples boasting a variety of backgrounds as they dropped anchor and preached their wares to the locals. On the occasions of when the merchants brought along their young sons and daughters, Varus was always the first to greet and to entertain them with play, as his fascination for those hailing from unseen lands never dwindled and his eagerness to claim friends as far as the seas could stretch. As Varus grew older and slightly more tamed from his more rambunctious childhood, he saw the beginnings of the rapid influx of Ala Mhingo refugees; unfortunate souls displaced by the marauding Garleans and their current occupation of Ala Mhingo. With their numbers rapidly swelling the community, this small hamlet grew into a large Ala Mhigan fishing settlement. While Varus’ fascination of folk from elsewhere was still a large interest to him, he grew ever bashful towards those that instead opted to find a home here within the Silver Bazaar; vastly unaccustomed with those who stayed instead departing some time later. When the Calamity stuck Eorzea, the massive destruction that followed the rising of the Seventh Umbral Era, the Silver Bazaar seemed relatively unharmed as scars were laid bare elsewhere throughout the continent. However, the Calamity brought with it a drastic change of the environment. What was once a settlement that prospered from the fishing dried up, as the fish disappeared from the usual spots. People began to leave the settlement as opportunity began to fade. What was once a glowing waypoint of trade quickly becoming dormant. Now, Hammerlea developers are beginning to buy up the homes and deeds of those of whom still stayed within the Silver Bazaar, aiming towards to rebuild the once bustling outpost to its ‘former glory’. With work being hard to come by and his parents being hard pressed to sell their home to the encroaching developers, Varus takes what little coin he has and sets his sights upon Ul’dah; the city that has turned sand into gold, in hopes of finding his own fortunate to assist his parents in maintaining their home, or perhaps to even move to Ul’dah. Currently, after spending some three twelvemoons (years) in Ul’dah, Varus has managed to join the Gladiator’s Guild that resides within its districts with the intentions of entering tournaments to earn gil. Taking the wins and losses as he can, he sends what money he can spare back to his home while affording the rest to his own person to maintain a lively hood within the city-state. In between his bouts in tournaments, he occasionally takes up jobs that involve clearing off beasts that threaten properties or that to simple deliveries. ========================================================= Is there anything too jarring or seemingly out of place with the story in terms of lore? Does it seem like it fits or stands well so far by itself or needs more work?
  7. Hey folks! I’m finally having a moment to catch some time to better delve deeper into the game since my more initial debut back in early March. Since then and now, I’ve been peeking at the many lore posts by Sounsyy and what other posts could be salvaged for use by Unnamed Mercenary (Much appreciation to both of them for the time they put forth). While I get the gist of most of the aspects of the lore that I can digest, there’s simply still so much more to pour through and some that remain to be.. Uncertain at best. I’ll be posting a list down below about some areas that I’m confused about or simply haven’t found too much on them as of the moment. 1. Dates: What’s the seemingly agreed upon date used across for Eorzea as of now? As of currently, the farthest I’ve ever gotten within the story lines and MSQ is the after-patch batches of the MSQ that lead up the Heavensward expansion, taking up the reins from the main story in ARR. I’ve realized that so far, we’ve entered the Seventh Astra era, as declared by the Grand Company leaders after the Warrior Of Light defeats the Ultima weapon. And to possibly expand on this, what was the date before the Seventh Umbral calamity impacted, and how long has the Seventh Umbral era lasted for? I know before then it was called the Sixth Astral era, but as far as I can gleam from a wide variety of sources, it seems to be around the year 1572. As for how long the Seventh Umbral era has lasted, would it be correct to assume for five years, give or take? 2. Unconsciousness and Death: I’m coming to a sense that both of these aspects are a rather interesting part of the lives of Eorzeans and outwards. As for being in-character, is it true that people, to a certain degree, once reaching a state of being ‘unconscious’, just simply ‘dissolve’ into Aether and get transported back to an Aetheryte Crystal (such as those in the various city-states, etc) or is this something reserved to the ‘Warrior of Light’ due to their possession of an Echo? Or if so, is it something that forcibly happens? With all this in mind and if that is indeed how unconsciousness works, what really defines death for a character? As seen in (something I’ve learned from various videos, among other things. I also don’t mind spoilers too much, so be free to use them if need be), what stems from a character experiencing unconsciousness to an actual death where they’ll be transported back into the ‘lifestream’? 3. Teleportation through the Aetheryte: I’ve seen a number of posts about this, though not entirely certain if I grasp it entirely. Is this a mechanic that’s widely available for anyone’s use, in terms of being in-character? Or is this something where only a certain kind of folk that possess the ability to truly make use of the feature of its teleportation? This is of course also taking in account about having attuned to other crystals throughout the world, as shown multiple times through game time. 4. The Lifespan of the Elezen: While I’ve discovered that races such as the Miqo’te and the Lalafell share a kinship in the sense of their lifespan with the Hyur, I’ve yet at all been able to find the lifespan for the Elezen. All I’ve been able to figure out about this race is that they live longer than the other races, but also seem to age slower? I have a character concept that I’d like to explore later with them being an elezen, but I don’t have the faintest clue with how to handle their age as I don’t want to make them too old, or also too young. 5. Food and Drink: Possibly not really a lore question, but it’s something that I also can’t seem to find in bulk. The most basic and commonly used is something that I’m searching for! While also including Teas, I’ve only been able to discover what I’ve been physically given in-game or found throughout the shops I’ve stopped at in the game. Is there a definite list for items such as these?
  8. Hey folks! I go by Jarret and I look forward to meeting one and all! I can't help at all being nervous with taking a leap here (hello, Anxiety), but here goes nothing! My MMORPG Background: I can say for certainly that my MMORPG career has been about for five years so far, with my very first being Star Wars The Old Republic starting me back in early 2014, the final years of when I was still in High School. Since then, I've dabbled in others like Guild Wars 2 that has come to hold a close spot to my heart, TERA, World of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls Online. Unfortunately with some of these, the latter few games couldn't hold me down long enough to really dig into and become committed. However, this is my first time delving head first Final Fantasy XIV, or /anything/ really Final Fantasy related. I've spied this game from afar for about a year, unable to really garner a sense as to dipping a few toes in or trying other MMORPG's out on the market. I have to say, I'm getting rather into the game so far with about six hours to my belt. The character creator and its customization is... Rather great compared to others that I've played with. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that two of the six hours have been spent making a character! My RP Experience: While I started playing MMORPG's back in 2014, my 'real' first experience with roleplay didn't start till late of 2015 that spilled out onto the beginning of 2016. But similar with my first MMORPG being SWTOR, it was also my first platform for my RP experience. At first, I didn't know if I could get wrapped into it as the essence of it sounded strange to me. Though over the several years of playing the game, I've became absolutely hooked into it; meeting amazingly creative people and the stories that they led and crafted for themselves and others to dig into that also managed to fit into the lore. Over time, I've found some pieces of roleplay in Guild Wars 2 and later a rather bustling community within The Elder Scrolls Online. But with ESO, I couldn't simply get myself wrapped into its lore and with Guild Wars 2, I couldn't find a group to stick with to tether me longer onto the game. Now getting off the trip and landing here, I can comfortably say that I have three years of experience of roleplay in my time of MMORPG's. While I am aware of the possible revenues of forums and chatrooms, I find that all of my experience is nearly constantly within the MMO itself and that of another medium; Discord! My Character Ideas and Information: Ho boy.. Where do I begin? I am a shameless alt-oholic. (Well, somewhat embarrassed but it'll be our secret, perhaps?). With having so many ideas and inspirations from so many excellent sources, it's absolutely maddening to realize that I won't be able to employ them. Though with the tropes that I have played with more thoroughly, I know I have my favorites! These regarding to the more playful/mischievous, wise, sweet, stoic, book-worm, shy, out-going, and noble-esque characters. With this being said, I don't at all mind creating characters to meet others! I love to get to know other people and their creations as I can get lost in it. Unfortunately, I can see already that Final Fantasy XIV isn't all that merciful to folks like me that enjoy exploring the many possibilities of characters and should choose wisely and use character slots to the best of my ability. Varus Ryder: A young Hyur hailing from the bustling commercial hub of Ul'dah, Varus comes across as a lighthearted, positive, charming young man. He possesses a sense of humor that relies on his verbal agility and his fondness of absurdity and can appreciate when that humor be matched; but he isn't always quick on the trigger as depending on the scenario, he can become lost for words and adorably awkward. He's fearlessly loyal to those that he can claim to be a friend. I have a few more ideas of characters as well, but I have to learn more about the lore about the game to be comfortable to do so. But! Stay tuned, as one involves a book-worm and another that embodies mischievousness! (Note: Since I'm absolutely new to the game, I know next to nothing considering lore besides witnessing what I have in the starting areas of game time and a few searches within Wikipedias. But despite this road block, I do wish to learn what I can from the lore, so I can make fun, interesting characters that can follow it respectively.) How did I learn about the Coalition?: Interestingly enough, I learned the Coalition through the exploration of Google! I knew there had to be a roleplay community out there for Final Fantasy XIV, as it wouldn't make any sense otherwise despite there being no page for them or about them on Enjinn. After a few searches, stumbling in a few tumbler webpages on the way, I found this lovely home. What kind of a Role-player am I aiming to be? (e.g. Light, Medium, or Heavy): I actually quite fine with the whole spectrum, as I believe it depends on the situations that my characters find them in. I enjoy casual banter here and there, but I love long, in-depth stories! However, I do find it important to note that I do find myself more often then not within medium-to-heavy type scenarios. I am a paragraph writer. So if your character does get into a conversation with mine at a bar or another casual place, don't fret when I take a minute or two to respond, haha! Anything from Real Life that I'm comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) I have a weakness for fantasy-themed readings: Be it a book or on a webpage, I love to read stories that take place in a setting of fantasy. It's actually what helped push me into roleplaying in the first place, to experience beautiful stories with other people. I have a cat named Loki: And he embodies the namesake quite well. He's 13 years old and still as lively as ever, causing mayhem by knocking things over and crying constantly if he doesn't get attention the very instant he wants it. I love him to death. He also cries whenever I'm on the phone or talking to people online through mediums like Discord, just to say hello. I am currently in College, with a Major in Computer Science: I'm actually currently taking a class in HTML and CSS that I'm enjoying. When I was getting my bearings on this website for the time that I've been on it, I can say I can appreciate how extensive all of this is. Other Tid-Bits of Information: As mentioned above, I do have a Discord! But I do wish for those that may want it to PM me on here for it. But as for everything else, this is everything! As of currently, I am on the server 'Coeurl'. I am aware that there will be a kind of 'world-hopping' to be implemented somewhere down the line soon for the game. For RP opportunities that may be limited till then due to server differences, I do apologize. I hope I get to know a few of you along the way! If anyone wishes to talk possibilities about characters meeting, please don't hesitate to PM me on here, as I truly do cherish the opportunity. But I am aware of servers and the part they play.
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