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  1. Nabi stood before the kitchen counter, staring at the cutting board. She had a bowl of salmon, broken into smaller flakes, and already the aroma of the spices was wafting throughout the kitchen. The steam from the rice was starting to diminish, and it would be cool enough for her to handle shortly. She took inventory of the sheets of nori that had been trimmed and stacked, and the smaller bowls with assorted contents that were lined up nearby. But something was missing. -- “What is this smell?” It was a question that Mimiyo was fond of asking
  2. “It started with me… so… if I can end it… with me… then…” Those were her own words. Beneath that mountain. It seemed a lifetime ago, when in truth only a few winters had passed, when Nabi was willing to give her life to save another. The decision wasn’t an easy one, by no means. As matter of fact, when she believed it was the only option left to her, it scared her to the core to accept it. But accept it, she did. What was the worth of her life, anyroad? Her suns were simple, selling herbs and medicines to strangers. She never struggled to survive, she had k
  3. “Do you hear them?” Nabi placed her left horn against the boulder, both hands also laying palms flat against the rock’s surface. She could feel its warmth through the scales on her cheek, it had been resting in the summer afternoon, basking in the sunlight. A smile broadened her lips, although it soon disappeared as she focused on her other senses, namely her hearing. But even after quieting her breath, almost to the point of holding it, there was nothing. Only the birds chirping to each other on a distant branch, and the rustling of leaves whispering in the passing breeze.
  4. I had this line art commissioned for Batuhan Kharlu and Arasen Kharlu! I love the stoic expression on Batuhan and the sly smile on Arasen. Very apt for those two. And i love the details of their horns, the unique scales upon their face, and the necklace of bones that Arasen wears. The artist cane be found here!
  5. (sometime before this happened...) It was but the briefest glimpse. If Nabi had blinked, or had she been only focused on her own fears, she would have missed it. But it was unmistakable. She saw doubt. Regret. Hesitation. Where her cousin’s amber gaze usually shined clear with focus and precision, it now looked to her searchingly, even as his larger hands held her own immobile. There was anger, it burned the brightest, but behind that cold heat, she saw a man adrift, swimming desperately for shore. She saw a man seeking reprieve. Nab
  6. Roen

    Roen and Khadai

    Since this was imported, all my descriptions were lost. The artist can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/jn3-gimorro
  7. “Mama! Mama, come look!” Nabi’s enthusiastic call drew Chanai’s attention from her work, as she set the mortar and pestle aside. There were various herbs and reagents organized in front of her on the desk, some soaking in oil and others chopped up or ground into powder. A small pot bubbled on the firepit nearby, filling the air with scents of windtea leaves and lotus roots, a sweet tangy scent woven in with the crispness of freshly cut leaves. Noting the time that was still left on the distilling process, Chanai wiped off her hands on her apron and rose from her seat, crossing the
  8. Stolen Kiss by Ruen You can check out more Ruen art here!
  9. Roen


    Roen let out a long sigh, her shoulders sagging. She set her pack down next to her on the ground, her gaze following the Tsenkhai until she could see her no more. A small frown furrowed her brow and she flicked Ashur a narrowed look. “I know some things about her tribe. But my friend was ever wont to speak of things only when necessary.” She rolled her shoulders, loosening the muscle there. The Xaela woman, as petite as she was, hadn't tired easily through their journey, even after travelling quite a distance. “But she knows that I am not wholly ignorant to the ways of her tribe. And so wh
  10. "Mama, what’s on my back?” Chanai was wringing a rolled up cotton shirt when a voice from behind made her pause. She wiped her brow on the back of her wrist, turning around to see Nabi standing just a few fulms behind her with a small bundle of soiled clothing in her arms. If it wasn’t for the question, the sight of the child trying to balance a pile of robes much too big for her small stature would have brought about an amused smile. But even the view of her seven-year old daughter trying valiantly to help her mother do the laundry, couldn’t alleviate the dread that settled in the
  11. Roen

    Shael and Anchor.jpg

    “I know they don’t like each other, but they trust each other when it counts. And I think eventually, a friendship can bloom from that.”
  12. Roen

    Cigarettes and Fireflies

    Album of cool art I've collected! Either commissions or just awesome art drawn by a talented friend. (I am looking at you Ruen)
  13. Commission: Standoff “I know they don’t like each other, but they trust each other when it counts. And I think eventually, a friendship can bloom from that.” By Drist
  14. Roen


    Roen nodded to Ashur somewhat reluctantly. Whether the woman answered her question satisfactorily or not, the Xaela was all they had. But Roen wasn’t about to admit that out loud and so early. At least, not until she was given a better idea of what they were dealing with. The paladin still wasn’t sure how much to trust her, but the Tsenkhai did speak of Kasrjin with a measure of familiarity. Was she his friend? Would she even answer if asked? Roen doubted it. “So then,” she sighed, the release of the tension in her shoulders just barely noticeable. “I suppose we are the foreigners
  15. Roen


    Roen listened and watched carefully. As far as she could tell, there was no deceptive air about the woman. Perhaps it was all masked by her confidence and the sure way she held herself, but small pauses and cracks here and there in her otherwise seemingly infallible countenance told her that she could believe the Xaela's words. Or at least, believed that their intent was aligned with one and another. Roen did finally stopped pacing, just studying the Au Ra across the fire with her arms crossed. She occasionally gave Ashur a quick sidelong glance, to gauge his reaction to it all. Hi
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